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The friends advised me to contact MassMedia Group when I planned the expansion of my transportation business. I ordered my company website development and online advertising as well. I had my beautiful modern looking website and search advertising running just in one week! I have already compensated website costs, so, draw your own conclusions. PE Zadorozhnyy Valentin, Bus.km.ua passenger transportation



Thank you very much!

Our company turned to MassMedia Group about three months ago. We wanted them to create a promo-site, that would really help us in business, not just be a dead weight website to waste our budget. We were very glad both with the cooperation with this company and the result we received from them. The workers of the company turned out high class professionals that not just completed the task they were given, but also offered their own ideas, which were interesting enough for us to implement them in the project. MassMedia Group turned out a reliable partner and we will recommend them to all our partners.

You guys are great!

Aleksej Syryk, CEO of the Benzon Co.

IT-company “MassMedia Group” has developed 3 landing pages and more than 10 Web Banners for our company. The results are satisfying. Full steam ahead MassMedia Group and many exciting new projects on the way!

Head of Internet projects department, Marijko Andriy. New Products Group

New Products Group

Once we have worked with the IT-company MassMedia Group, in updating the design of our site. We would like to leave positive feedback – reasonable cost, friendly manager, a positive response to requests for changes. We were pleased to have a choice of several options for the main page design development. Recommended!


Price comparison service «UkrShops»

We express our gratitude to you for the professionalism and high quality of work and competent, flexible and businesslike approach to cooperation. Ability to create individual project, the maximum involvement of specialists in the progress of the order development (from detailed consultation to the stage of finalizing) and quick response in creating site visualizations made our interaction very effective. We greatly appreciate our relationship and look forward to our future cooperation. We thank those who worked with us for their kindness and understanding.

Labazyuk Sergiy

Personal site of the deputy of Ukraine

You can really trust this company! In the process of our continued cooperation you have always managed to meet our requirements and satisfy our desires. Your amazing ability to turn ideas into something material arouses only admiration! We are very grateful to you for your cooperation, we’ll recommend MassMedia group to all our friends.

Vishinsky Petro, manager

Vishinsky Petro, manager

Fast-food restaurants «Big Burger»

Our company is a medical one. Finding professionals on website creation is not a problem nowadays, but not all of them would agree to a medical-themed work. The guys from MassMedia Group agreed. We were greatly satisfied with the website design quality and professional filling. The site works for us and our customers perfectly. Thank you!

Matyash Oleksandr

Matyash Oleksandr

Medical clinic

We would like to thank MassMedia Group for creating our website (http://www.cemresurs.net), professional attitude and creative approach. The work has been performed efficiently and in time, all of our comments were considered. We wish you interesting projects and rapid development. We recommend services of the MassMedia group!

Andriy Mandzyuk, manager

LLC «Cem-Resurs»

We have asked the MassMedia Group for the development of the website on the recommendation of our friends. We have signed a contract for the development of the website and the MassMedia Group created it for us. We are satisfied with the work, the site effectively works to this day. We recommend working with MassMedia  Group to our colleagues, friends!

Boris, CEO of SCF «Aton»

Boris, CEO of SCF «Aton»

SCF «Aton»

We want to thank your entire team for the responsible and professional work in carrying out the project. We appreciate the results of the work, as well as an integrated approach, accountability, professionalism, and express confidence in continued fruitful cooperation with MassMedia Group.Anna Verzhbitskaya, manager

Anna Verzhbitskaya, manager

Cosmetic online store «4make Up»

The online store “33 seconds” expresses our sincere gratitude and deep appreciation to you and your employees for the fruitful cooperation in the development of our site and its support. High qualification, experience and expertise of your organization helped us to solve the set tasks in the shortest possible time and with proper quality. We believe in keeping of existing business and friendly relations, and hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation. We wish you successful development and reaching of new heights in business.

Sergiy Bartetsky

Online store «33 secundy»

I am grateful to you for the development of our website. A lot of my partners and tourists say that the website is easy to use and obtain information. It is bright, attracts attention, and most importantly – is made with the soul! I am grateful to my friends from the Olympus Company who gave me your contacts. I thank you for the quick response to changes and adjustments, without which I could not run. You are customer oriented – and this is critical, this is what other similar companies lack. In the future, I hope to continue to cooperate with you in the provision of services to promote your site. Thank you for your cooperation.

Tatiana Ursulenko, manager of travel agency «Kavkasia»

Tatiana Ursulenko, manager of travel agency «Kavkasia»

LLC «Kavkasia»

Our company first addressed the MassMedia Group company four years ago with the goal to develop a site that actually generates sales, and not just hanging as a dead weight, killing the budget. All of our expectations have surpassed themselves, sales growth amounted to + 90%, even not in the season, when normally we were losing. We plan to order some more websites for the related projects in the MassMedia Group company.

Yaroslav Kashtan, manager

Yaroslav Kashtan, manager

Online store «Dance Planet»

Our organization has been cooperating with MassMedia group for several years. During the years of cooperation, we noticed the professionalism of the company’s employees, their careful attention to customer needs and a high culture of communication. We would like especially to highlight the integrity of the team’s work. We are planning to cooperate with MassMedia group in the future and would recommend this company as the best partner in the sphere of site development.

Ivan Kashtan, manager

Online store «Modern Dance»

The hotel complex “Fortetsia” has long been using the services offered by MassMedia Group. Thanks to competent solving of our problems and professional counseling, we have succeeded in developing of our business. We consider it necessary to note that all of the above mentioned indicates a high level of professionalism of the team in advertising and website development. We recommend MassMedia Group company as a reliable and professional partner for the websites development.

Pilipchuk R.M., manager

Pilipchuk R.M., manager

Hotel and restaurant complex «Fortetsia»

We chose the IT-company MassMedia Group on the recommendation of our friends. We had different business issues and addressed the studio several times, and each time everything was performed correctly and quickly. The most interesting feature was the creation of a 3D-site tour, we liked it very much. And the most useful one was the collection of contacts during registration. The main value of these services of the studio – relevance at the time of the site creation. The company follows the latest IT trends. At the time of the site creation, the unit appeared very attractive and helped to open a window in the office for visitors. This, in turn, made us closer to the visitors. We were expecting such results and our hopes came true. I would recommend my friends to create a site in this company since the work and support quality is of a high standard.

Oleg, manager

The manufacturer of children’s clothes «Suzie»

8 years ago we addressed MassMedia Group (Software Development Services) for domain-hosting services, and since then they have been our partners in this sphere. They have never disappointed us in the course of our cooperation!

Taras, manager

LLC Rabensteiner

I ordered a number of websites for business in the web studio MassMedia Group, as well as promotion in social networks and advertising. I’m pleased with the result, the websites are effective, working up to 200%, the advertising is also worth it.

Vladimir Glazunov, Manager

Echantillonneur – Luxury French cosmetics

About 10 years ago we ordered a flower theme site for our wedding floristic studio “Natali” in MassMedia Group. The guys coped with the task in a high-quality manner, taking into account many nuances and, in general, created the website that we wanted to see. In fact, even better. A few years later, we again turned to MassMedia Group to update the design of the wedding floristic and decor studio “Natali” – everything was done perfectly.

Studio manager, Yuri Ryabchun

Studio manager, Yuri Ryabchun

Studio wedding floristry «Natali»

We addressed MassMedia Group on recommendation with the purpose of development of the Internet-catalog of our products – bed linen. The studio accomplished the task in a professional manner and we got a great website.

Svetlana Meschanina, manager

Online store bedding «Kari-San»

Компания «tri-da» выражает благодарность компании MassMedia Group за своевременную работу нашего сайта. Отмечаем удобство и простоту сотрудничества с MassMedia Group, понимание «с полуслова», и особенно хотим поблагодарить Вержбицкого Сергея Владимировича – директора, с которым мы всегда работаем. Спасибо Вам за Вашу работу и надеемся на дальнейшее, такое же продуктивное сотрудничество!

Irina, manager

Интернет-магазин сумок

We have been working with the MassMedia Group (Software Development Services) for more than 7 years. During this time we ordered the development, updating, and redesign of our 3 sites, each time getting the high-quality and profitable product. We wish you success and prosperity!

Constantin, lead manager

TM «Klast»

We cooperate with the company MassMedia Group for a long time, the guys took up the development of our website from scratch, even less than that, although they coped with the task excellently (the process is under way), I am also pleased with the site traffic, and profit from the customers who found us through our website. I look forward to our further mutually beneficial cooperation!

Victor, manager

TM «KlastTuft»

Travel agency SABRINA has been cooperating with MassMedia Group for not a long time, but during this time your company has already established itself as a worthy partner. We work mainly in the field of sales. Since then, the number of customers has rather increased, thanks to you. We worked with a manager who clearly explained your company’s services, as well as helped us in solving our problems. It’s nice to work with a team of courteous professionals who are always ready to help.

Travel agency


We chose MassMedia Group for the development of the website due to the low price. We also liked the solution that offered us after the set of issues and challenges. We also liked the approach to the client. We got what we ordered and would like to see. Recommended to all!

Nicholas, manager

Studio of wedding decor «Happy Wedding»

We thank MassMedia Group for the timely response to our requests for the development of the site and advertising services. Site works wonderfully, the business grows, clients are happy. Thank you very much for a job.

Dmitry Kiselev, manager

Ltd «Flavors of Health»

The website macagrotech.com was developed in 2005. In the process of the development were considered 4 goals:

  1. It takes place in the Internet space
  2. Present the company as a subject of entrepreneurship
  3. Reveal in details the prospects of alternative energy
  4. Present an innovative product, a heat generator of TSU series

These tasks have been solved.

Bolonkіn Vitaliy Mykolajovych

manager. JSC «Makagroteh»


Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi,
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