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What are the traits of a high-quality finished software? Smooth operation, well-established analytics, and potential for further development. It takes a set of complex measures on organizing operation of the finished product, setting up the analytics systems, and collecting customer experience to track the effectiveness of the IT product. And that's exactly what MassMedia Group team guaranteed with software maintenance.

IT-project launch guidance

Project maintenance services include

Software maintenance

One of the main functions of software maintenance is to ensure the smooth operation of your product. We carefully monitor user experience to ensure the software runs smoothly and unexpected issues, if any, are eliminated as soon as possible.

Addition of small useful features

If a product is released with certain functionality, it doesn't mean that new functions can’t be added. The final solution can be accomplished with some new small features if you need them. If you need to update your software, adding new complex functionalities, we can provide you with tech and business recommendations for further improvements.


The software maintenance also includes regular analysis of performance and effectiveness. We use advanced analytical tools to measure software success rates. We can also provide a collection and analysis of user experience to measure success and improve the performance if necessary.

types of maintenance we provide

Corrective maintenance

The elimination of system failures and the correction of errors/defects detected by users or with the user error messages.

Adaptive maintenance

Adaptive actions, such as porting software to another platform hardware or software compiler to an operating system or new processor to meet new requirements. The main purpose is to keep the software up-to-date and meet the needs and requirements of the user and business.

Perfective maintenance

It is aimed to improve, modify, and update the IT product to make the software work for a long period of time. This includes improvements in speed, product structure purity, increased reliability, and performance, as well as the addition of small new features. Its purpose is to reduce the cost of using the system and improve its ease of maintenance.

Preventive maintenance

Here we find and prevent problems that may seem insignificant but may cause serious inconveniences in the future.

Corrective maintenance

A proprietary enterprise-level system that will make your company's unique processes more efficient and manageable is the key to your business developing and improving.

Adaptive maintenance

The IT product, which is created as part of enterprise software development, takes into account all the features of the company for its promotion and optimization of work processes. Custom enterprise software also improves management and control, in order to achieve strategic and innovative goals faster, better and cheaper.

Perfective maintenance

Enterprise software allows you to make a comprehensive increase in the productivity of your business.

Preventive maintenance

Enterprise software allows you to make a comprehensive increase in the productivity of your business. It also allows you to outperform your competitors by improving supply chains, resource management, business planning and other processes. This is software that 100% meets your needs and requirements.

Depending on the urgency, maintenance services may be provided

  • Immediately

    We work in troubleshooting mode when it’s crucial to solve the problem immediately. MassMedia Group’s skilled team never gives up in critical situations. Isn’t it great to have a reliable rescue team when something goes wrong and fixing the problem is crucial?

  • Urgently

    Do you need to fix the bug as soon as possible, but it is not spelled out in the maintenance schedule? No problem! We can carry out additional works, make changes to the contract, and create the patch at the time you need.

  • On schedule

    Scheduled comprehensive checks of your software, which are carried out according to a predetermined plan. The frequency of these checks are written in the contract. They usually occur within short intervals of time.