Custom Software Development by MassMedia Group

The main goal of Custom Software Development is to create unique applications that are perfectly suited to your individual needs.

Custom Software
Development Services

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Mobile app development

Development of custom software for mobile devices, as well as development of adaptive mobile applications with the ability to integrate with cloud and local storages for offline use. As a result, you get a custom mobile application for the most popular operating systems with a user-friendly interface.

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Web app

Development of custom software for web-environment. We are ready to develop a reliable custom software solution that will not only bring the idea to life or increase the innovativeness of the business, but also improve your internal processes, will be convenient for the user and increase competitiveness. As a result, you will get a product developed from scratch with the functionality you need.

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The experience and creativity of our UI/UX designers team will help you get an understandable, convenient and functional design for custom software. We rely on your ideas and our offers, as well as on a creative approach, proven and innovative tools, along with a deep understanding of your goals and needs during product development.

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Before reaching the end user, any code written in our company goes through many stages of verification. Unit tests, code reviews, verification by QA engineers both manually and automatically, as well as project managers checks are all necessary testing steps which any custom software passes through. All in all, you will receive a product that has been thoroughly tested for bugs and undocumented features. In addition, our code has a free and lifetime warranty.


The custom software development
process consists of several key steps

Needs identification
Identification of key customer requirements and tasks that custom software will perform.
A detailed discussion of your future product, IT consulting at all stages of the project development, the use of your needs and our expertise to write a clear plan of action and their estimates, elaboration of custom software architecture and writing down all of the above in the contract.
Thinking through your custom software to the smallest detail, as well as developing a prototype and/or MVP.
Development, testing and documentation 
Turning a prototype into a product, adding functionality, developing UI/UX-design for mobile and web environments, approving the work done, as well as multi-level testing and deployment of a finished, complete product.
Deployment and maintenance
Deployment of finished software with the ability to add new features and ensure its smooth operation, collection of user experience.