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Looking for a professional remote RoR development team? Search no more as our specialists will save your time and money by creating an ultimate web app efficient both drom tech and business side. Feel true power of outsourcing with MassMedia Group

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Advantages of RoR development


High development speed


Complex business logic is easier and more transparent to implement


High reliability and maintainability of solutions






Consistency in development and clean code



Ruby on Rails development company that glitters on the market

Many successful projects on RoR
A close-knit team of RoR specialists
Technical and business approach
High-quality customer service at all stages of cooperation
Reliable communication
Lifetime warranty for the code in the contract
13 years of experience and expertise

What will you get by developing your RoR project with us?


Comprehensive approach




Security and reliability


Communication and customer service


Business-oriented approach


Implementation of AI, ML, Blockchain


Lifetime Code Warranty

Our Ruby on Rails development services

Full-stack RoR Development

Working with MassMedia Group gives you an opportunity to develop a custom complex solution. We offer a full range of development services from requirements gathering and SRS creation up to maintenance and additions of new functionality to the finished product. Our end-user-oriented business approach to software design and development allows us to create user-friendly interfaces. We also test every line of code using both automated tools and manual testing to improve the quality of the software.

Start-up Development

We provide fast application development services on Ruby on Rails to help you launch MVP as soon as possible. This allows you to split product development into several parts, releasing first the product with the most important functionality for testing on users. At the same time, we build scalable web architectures, so you don't have to worry about the traffic of hundreds and millions of users when your product grows.

Software Migration to RoR

We can migrate applications written in other programming languages to RoR. The prospects of this framework will provide excellent support for such a solution for many years to come and will allow for adding new functionality to it in the future.

Implementation of ML and AI

With MassMedia Group, you can use the most advanced solutions, including machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) services to create the most advanced software on the market. The implementation of these solutions allows you to strengthen your software with image recognition, recommendation, and forecasting systems, giving you a competitive solution.

Stages of Ruby on Rails Software Development


  • IT consulting, which includes figuring out the ideas, requirements, and desired competitive advantages of your business
  • with the help of a comprehensive business evaluation, we find out what kind of Ruby on Rails app your business needs. This way you’ll be able to implement the desired functions and optimize the workflow with maximum effectiveness
  • finding out which Ruby on Rails app and in which configuration is optimal for your business
  • you have a part in every decision made during the development process
  • approving the strategy of creation, development, and implementation of Ruby on Rails app
  • carrying out a transparent estimation of the necessary resources and work for the custom Ruby on Rails app development
You'll get:
  • the complete transformation of your business ideas into a technical action plan. We do all this to create a customized and tailored Ruby on Rails app for your business
  • recommendations on the most appropriate IT products for your business based on an analysis of your ideas, business needs, requirements, and targets
  • an approved work plan for the project, with deadlines and transparent estimates
  • a detailed plan to seamlessly integrate the IT product into your business processes


  • creating a development schedule
  • approving the cost of work
  • discussing additional legal and business requirements from the customer
  • signing a contract
You'll get:
  • a contract that includes all the results of the planning phase
  • a contract that meets international standards, if necessary, adjusted to your country's legislation
  • nondisclosure agreement
  • lifetime warranty on our code, which is included in the contract

Design & Prototyping

  • taking all your business requirements into account when working on all aspects of the IT solution
  • creating a detailed plan for the Ruby on Rails app integration to optimize your business processes
  • creating step-by-step IT product integration and an optimization strategy tailored individually for your business
You'll get:
  • a unique IT product that is designed to meet and fulfill your individual business ideas, goals, needs, and requirements
  • a ready-to-use Ruby on Rails app prototype that is your property
  • ready-to-use Ruby on Rails app prototype with a high level of reliability and cybersecurity
  • the possibility of further Ruby on Rails app prototype improvements. With this, you’ll be able to turn it into a complete comprehensive IT product that will have functionality tailored to your business needs


  • testing the product at each stage of the project to ensure its optimization and quality control
  • developing the optimal architecture for your custom Ruby on Rails app
  • writing the program code of your custom Ruby on Rails app
  • IT consulting and customer services to support your custom Ruby on Rails app at all stages of its operation
You'll get:
  • a Ruby on Rails app that is ready to work, built based on your requirements and fully meeting them.
  • non-stop control over all stages of project development
  • constant communication with our team, which will allow leaving feedback regardless of the time difference
  • strict compliance of the project work with your requirements at each stage of development
  • testing and quality assurance of Ruby on Rails app at all stages
  • expert consulting on the creation, development, support, and management of Ruby on Rails app
  • to suggest the best solutions in case of problems and implement them by our team
  • project work strictly according to contract


  • making of a presentation with recommendations for creating new versions of the Ruby on Rails app, based on the analysis of the market and competitors
  • transferring the Ruby on Rails app to the end-user after the release
  • generating documentation on a custom Ruby on Rails app
  • teaching your team how to work on a new Ruby on Rails app, if necessary
You'll get:
  • a custom Ruby on Rails app that is based on your business ideas and needs and addresses your business problems
  • trained team to work with the new Ruby on Rails app
  • additional data security measures
  • a demonstration of the Ruby on Rails app, its unique features, and its compliance with your requirements ready-to-use Ruby on Rails app made exclusively for your business and that is legally your property
  • optimized and automated processes in your company
  • the ability to implement innovative AI, ML, and Blockchain technologies in a custom Ruby on Rails app
  • cost reduction for software implementation


The MassMedia Group team works in a "tech support" mode, providing you with answers to all your questions about the Ruby on Rails app development. In addition, we support software products after the project is completed and provide a lifetime warranty on the code. Our team is ready to set up analytical tools to help you determine the quality of the Ruby on Rails app’s performance.

You'll get:
  • confidence in the reliability of our software, thanks to a lifetime code warranty
  • additional measures to ensure the custom Ruby on Rails app reliability and security
  • tools for gathering data and analysis of customers’ experience to evaluate software performance
  • product support from our team in 3 modes: immediate, urgent, and on schedule
  • preventive, corrective, and adaptive maintenance for improving the performance of your custom Ruby on Rails app
  • product effectiveness analysis from our company in order to improve its productivity

New versions development:

  • your business needs and requirements analysis for new versions of the Ruby on Rails app development. It is to fit them into your company’s workflow better than the previous ones
  • the market and competitor materials (provided by you) analyzed for finding the best solution
  • presentation from our business analyst with recommendations for new versions of the Ruby on Rails app. It is based on your and our market research and recommendations
  • Ruby on Rails app’s new versions which will be developed according to the changing needs of your business
You'll get: Development of the custom Ruby on Rails app new versions which will
  • meet your business goals, ideas, and needs
  • update your Ruby on Rails app to fit in the changing market needs
  • give you a competitive advantage by integrating innovative technologies into your Ruby on Rails app
  • take into account customer experience on the previous version, as well as new market requirements

Our Ruby on Rails software development expertise

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Why should I choose MassMedia Group?


By choosing MassMedia Group, you get a comprehensive approach and expertise at all stages of project creation. Our specialists have 13 years of development experience behind them, and in the process of software creation we take into account both technical and business aspects of the future solution.

Do you implement advanced technological solutions such as AI, Blockchain, and ML?


Of course. Our specialists will carefully analyze the technologies that can potentially improve your solution. If the analysis proves the expediency of these features implementation, they will be added to your solution.

Do you provide quality assurance for application development?


All products developed by us are covered by a free and lifetime code warranty. It implies that MassMedia Group will fix all problems, if any, at its own expense, provided that no changes have been made to the code by third parties.

Do you have sufficient expertise in application development in Ruby on Rails?


Yes. We already have many successful RoR projects on our account, which you can see in the portfolio section.

Contacts and Info

Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi, Stepana Bandery Street 1/1, 4th floor, BC “PARUS”

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