Your software partner for a progressive business

We want to help marketing companies evolve and expand their business, methods of income and expertise by partnering up and allowing you to offer your clients IT solutions.
But how can we help you earn more from existing clients and expand into a new field of business?
Let me start off with a short example.
Some time ago we got a request from a company who wanted to enhance their data integration and analytics processes by integrating a specialized CRM system into their work.
What company?
A medium-sized marketing company which was mainly focused on creating marketing campaigns, branding strategies and specialized content for their clients. They offered a variety of different services, but soon realized they clearly lacked useful IT solutions.
What did they want
to achieve?
Allow themselves and their customers to get a better conversion rate by offering easy-to-use web-applications
Offer the ability to simplify the work processes with custom CRM-systems
Combine marketing strategies with IT solutions to increase revenue
Enhance their analytics processes by integrating custom software
What types of
problems did they
No proper knowledge and
experience in web-application and system development
Hiring an in-house team
of expert developers is very expensive
Professional freelance developers are hard to find,
combine into a team, and work long-term with

The steps we took in
more detail:

Step 1:

Expectations - Before starting any development or design work, we made sure the expectations were clear. We had a call to discuss all the details and set-up a plan to follow.

Step 2:

Communication - We discussed any new additions, features or changes whenever the need for them arose. Whether it be on slack, skype, or a different messaging application, we were always easy to reach.

Step 3:

Development - Keeping all the deadlines in mind, our developers worked on every task diligently. They thought about the best approach to every problem and spent time creating and filling out the project.

Step 4:

Testing - Tested all the added features to make sure everything was working properly.

Step 5:

Project release - After making sure the project was compliant with all the requirements and standards which were set for us, we deployed the project and it became open to public use.

The results:
These results could be used for more than just benefiting your business. You can also offer these
solutions as an addition to your existing marketing services.
With the specialized CRM system, it took less time to collect and analyze advertisement data. Using the data, employees were then able to refine the marketing solutions for better results.
The work process became simpler and easier to learn. This allowed more time to be spent on creating new marketing strategies and content.
The success of the system became a great example to their clients, and enabled them to offer these types of systems in their list of solutions.
Breaking into the IT field created a much larger clientbase than before. More clients meant more income was generated.
You, your partners and your clients could achieve the same results. Nowadays, having up-to-date software and web-applications is an extremely important part of any business. That’s something we’ve come to know quite well.
But, who are we?
MassMedia Group is a software development company which helps marketing companies increase their revenue and overcome their competitors by offering something different - software solutions for them and their clients. Solutions like:

  • SaaS - platforms
  • CRM | ERP
  • UI | UX web design
  • E-Commerce marketplaces
  • Analytical systems
  • Mobile apps
Why work
with us?
There are many reasons why we’d be good future partners, here’s just a few of them:
We offer up to 10% from every project we create for your clients. You’ll earn more and make your clients happy at the same time.
You’ll be able to offer your clients not only an extensive marketing plan, but custom software to go along with it. A nice website makes customers think more highly of the product itself. And happy clients equals more recommendations for you.
You’ll expand to being an all-around business, because the products we create will incorporate the marketing solutions your company offers. This would allow you to sell from-start-to-finish solution “bundles”.
You’d have your own dedicated IT department. This means you’ll be able to help your clients solve any issues they may have in the IT-field.
So, what next?
Why don’t we talk over Skype or Hangouts so that I could share the most common mistakes people make when thinking about expanding their business into the IT territory with you.

This will let you know what to avoid. I will also gladly answer any questions you may have about software development, and how you can generate more revenue by just adding software solutions to your mix.
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