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Custom logistic software solution that’ll rocket your business to success

Were you looking for a reliable IT-partner for custom logistic software solution development? Then you’ve found them! Our 13-years experience in the field of custom logistic software solutions development for companies all around the world, business approach, and lifetime code warranty allows us to create valuable and qualitative IT-products. Our logistic software is fitting in the logistic market at its best. We, as a team, create and maintain IT solutions on every stage of their lifetime. We provide our clients with expertise and the best possible way outs for optimizing the software’s workflow. And this client service along with maximum involvement makes us a reliable IT-partner for you.

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What solutions for logistic companies does software development provide?


Implementation of your unique idea


Getting a competitive advantage


Business processes automation and digitalization


Company’s profits increasing


Increasing the number of clients


Improving client service


Complex innovative evolution


Technical and business expertise in the process of project creation


Possibility of IT-product scaling


The cyber-security level

What MassMedia Group offers?

MassMedia Group is a reliable IT-partner for custom logistic software solution development. We develop a logistic application within our custom software solution service which provides you with complex IT-consulting, lifetime code warranty, and customer service. This is what allows us to create qualitative IT-products, and you - to be sure in our developments. The whole process of creation and maintenance will be simple, reliable, and oriented to your business goals and needs.

We also work in a “support service” mode, so you can contact our team anytime for better management of your project or finding the optimal solution for its improvement. We do not deviate from the requirements set out in the contract and provide you with a lifetime code warranty. Contact us to experience the benefits of custom IT solutions for yourself!

Benefits of MassMedia Group as a logistics software development company

Confidence in quality

You can check the quality of our products by reading our customers’ feedback. We have been creating unique custom projects for companies all over the world for 13 years now. Our team is always in touch with the customers. We support the project at all stages of the development and after, as well as we’re ready to answer any questions you may have. We use the most appropriate methodology for your project so that the finished product can be successfully integrated into the enterprise workflow. Besides, the IT-consulting service allows you to build a detailed project plan and avoid possible mistakes. Quality assurance at all development stages ensures the seamless work of the software after project delivery.

Approach from a business perspective

MassMedia Group has an IT consulting service that also includes business analysis to transform your unique business needs and goals into the software. Based on the consulting conducted, we create a detailed specification and TOR, by which our specialists will be working on the project. This determines the quality of our software and allows us to create an IT product capable of optimizing your company’s workflow, as it will perfectly fit into its needs.

Safety and reliability

Our reliability is not just about the NDA and our experience. MassMedia Group team sees the client’s feedback as the main indicator of our reliability. We always work so that we are recommended! You can check our portfolio and recommendations on reliable services such as Clutch. We also adhere to the values of trusting relationships with the customer, so we make a transparent plan for every development and are always interested in your success.

Maintenance and IT-consulting

Our IT consulting service helps to plan a custom logistic software solution development to the smallest detail, which works to reduce the number of emerging errors. Our experts provide professional expertise to help you properly assess the business needs and select the most needed features and modules. This allows you to evaluate the compatibility of certain IT solutions and your needs. We can also help you analyze your IT environment and cybersecurity levels so that a technical solution based on them will reach its maximum effectiveness.

Communication and customer service

Our company is always online and you can check it by clicking the Watch Online button on our website. You can always watch the creation of your logistic software solution in real-time. Our team works on each project with maximum involvement to become your reliable IT partner. In addition, our specialists work in the "support service" mode and are always ready to answer your questions.

Lifetime Warranty

We provide a lifetime warranty on our code, which is extra proof of our reliability as an IT partner. If there are any problems or shortcomings in the operation of the logistic software solution from MassMedia Group, we are ready to fix them at the company's expense.

MassMedia Group services

We will develop for you:

Logistics platform

Take the opportunity to combine all logistics processes in one platform. This way you have a complete system to manage all logistics processes, from transportation to distribution. The logistic software solution can be used to predict the time of delivery, automate the supply chain, and data operation. Also, such a solution can speed up data processing, which reduces delivery time and works for maximum customer satisfaction.

Warehouse management system

With the warehouse management software, you will be able to control daily operations in the warehouse. Also, such a custom logistic software solution will allow you to manage daily warehouse operations, which will free up your time for more important tasks. You will be able to carry out automated control over the goods shipment, reception, and storage. In addition, this software optimizes the delivery process, which increases their satisfaction with the service. It also gives recommendations for replenishment, which rationalizes the cost of resources.


Transport management

Logistic software for cargo, vehicle, and transport equipment management. Thanks to a modern customized approach, transport and trade are linked in a single business process. This simplifies the entire system: both internally for business, and externally for your customers. Such a solution reduces the possibility of errors and emergencies in the shipment of the goods and helps to attract customers.

Air and sea freight

A custom logistic solution for freight processes improvement helps companies manage cargo movements. This custom logistic software solution is also capable of creating and managing documentation for cargo movement. Cloud-based logistics solutions are most effective for these purposes. Custom IT products will be tailored to your company's specific needs in freight forwarding.


Telematics will be useful for your company if you need to ensure qualitative communication between transport and headquarters over the network. This way you can monitor the cargo movements in real-time, which provides better control over the delivery. In addition, with the telematics systems’ ability to transmit location and fuel, you can effectively respond to unforeseen circumstances out of the office.

Fleet management system

Such a logistic software solution will help you to manage all the corporate vehicles. With it, your employees will be able to perform specific vehicle management tasks, such as developing optimal delivery routes and keeping the entire fleet operational. A custom IT solution like this will significantly improve your logistics processes, your supply chain in particular.

Our technologies


The custom logistic solutions: development process


  • IT consulting, which includes finding out the ideas, requirements and desired competitive advantages of your business;
  • with the help of comprehensive business evaluation, we find out what logistic software solution your business needs. This way you’ll be able to implement the desired functions and optimize the workflow with maximum effectiveness;
  • finding out what logistic software solution and in which configuration is optimal for your business;
  • you have a part in every decision made during the development process;
  • approving the strategy of creation, development, and implementation of logistic software solution;
  • carrying out a transparent estimation of the necessary resources and work for the custom logistic software solution development.
You'll get:
  • the complete transformation of your business ideas into a technical action plan. We do all this to create a customized and tailored logistic software solution for your business;
  • recommendations on the most appropriate IT products for your business based on an analysis of your ideas, business needs, requirements, and targets;
  • an approved work plan for the project, with deadlines and transparent aesthetics;
  • a detailed plan to seamlessly integrate the IT product into your business processes.


  • creating a development schedule;
  • approving the cost of work;
  • discussing additional legal and business requirements from the customer;
  • signing a contract.
You'll get:
  • a contract that includes all the results of the planning phase;
  • a contract that meets international standards; if necessary adjusted to your country's legislation;
  • nondisclosure agreement;
  • lifetime warranty on our code, which is included in the contract.

Design & prototyping

  • taking all your business requirements into account when working on all aspects of the IT solution;
  • creating a detailed plan for the logistic software solution integration to optimize your businesses logistics processes;
  • creating step-by-step IT product integration and optimization strategy tailored individually for your business.
You'll get:
  • a unique IT product that is designed to meet and fulfill your individual business ideas, goals, needs, and requirements;
  • a ready-to-use logistic software solution prototype that is your property;
  • ready-to-use logistic software solution prototype with a high level of reliability and cybersecurity;
  • the possibility of further logistic software solution prototype improvements. With this, you’ll be able to turn it into a complete comprehensive IT product that will have the functionality tailored to your business needs.


  • making of a presentation with recommendations for creating new versions of the logistic software solution, based on the analysis of the market and competitors;
  • transferring the logistic software solution to the end-user after the release;
  • generating documentation on a custom logistic software solution.
  • teaching your team how to work on a new logistic software solution, if necessary.
You'll get:
  • a custom logistic software solution that is based on your business ideas and needs, and addresses your business problems;
  • trained team to work with the new logistic software solution;
  • additional data security measures;
  • a demonstration of the logistic software solution, its unique features, and its compliance with your requirements
  • ready-to-use logistic software solution made exclusively for your business and is legally your property
  • optimized and automated logistics processes in your company
  • the ability to implement innovative AI, ML and Blockchain technologies in a custom logistic software solution
  • cost reduction for software implementation


  • conducting tests on every stage of work to ensure the software optimization and quality control;
  • working on optimal architecture for your custom logistic software solution;
  • writing the code for your custom logistic software solution;
  • IT-consulting and client service are aimed to maintain the quality of your logistic software solution on each stage of work.
You'll get:
  • ready to work logistic software solution, that is built on your requirements and corresponds them;
  • non-stop control on each step of project development;
  • constant communication with our team which will allow you to leave feedback;
  • strict compliance of the work with your requirements at each stage of development;
  • testing and quality assurance of logistic software solution at all stages;
  • consultations with experts regarding the development, support, management, and post-release evolution of logistic software solution;
  • suggesting the best solutions in case of problems and implementing them by our team;
  • project work strictly according to contract.


  • building a presentation, where we show recommendations for new versions of logistic software solution development based on market and competitor analysis;
  • transferring the logistic software solution to the end-user after release;
  • generating documentation on e-commerce application.
  • teaching your team to work on a new logistic software solution, if there is such a need.
You'll get:
  • custom logistic software solution based on your business ideas and needs, which is aimed at solving your business problems;
  • trained team to work with the new logistic software solution;
  • data protected by additional cybersecurity measures;
  • demonstrating the compliance of the logistic software solution with your requirements, and its unique capabilities;
  • logistic software solution made for your business and is legally your property;
  • optimized and automated logistics processes in your company;
  • possibility to implement innovative AI, ML and Blockchain technologies in a custom logistic software solution;
  • cost reduction when implementing software into business processes.


The MassMedia Group team works in a "support service" mode, providing you with answers to all your questions about the logistic software solution development. In addition, we support software products after the project is completed and provide a lifetime warranty on the code. Our team is ready to set up analytical tools to help you determine the quality of the logistic software solution's performance.

You'll get:
  • confidence in the reliability of our software thanks to a lifetime code warranty;
  • additional measures to ensure the custom logistic software solution reliability and security;
  • tools for gathering and analysis of customers experience to evaluate software performance;
  • product support from our team in 3 modes: immediate, urgent and on schedule;
  • preventive, corrective and adaptive maintenance for improving the performance of your custom logistic software solution;
  • product effectiveness analysis from our company in order to improve its productivity.

New versions development

  • your business needs and requirements analysis for new versions of the logistic software solution development. It is to fit them into your company’s workflow better than the previous ones;
  • the market and competitor materials (provided by you) analysis for finding the best solution;
  • presentation from our business analyst with recommendations for new versions of the logistic software solution. It is based on your and our market research and recommendations;
  • logistic software solution new versions which will be developed according to the changing needs of your business.
You'll get:

Development of the custom logistic software solution new versions which will

  • meet your business goals, ideas, and needs;
  • update your logistic software solution to fit in the changing market needs;
  • give you a competitive advantage by integrating innovative technologies into your logistic software solution;
  • take into account customer experience on the previous version, as well as new market requirements.

Get white paper on custom logistic software solution development

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I don't know what logistic software solution my business needs. Can you help me?


Our IT consulting service can help you decide what logistic software solution you need and in which configuration. We can also help you analyze your company's business needs in order to select the necessary features, select the best methodology, and create a detailed plan of software implementation.

I'm afraid that my company's team will not be able to work with the logistic software solution. Can you help me teach my people to use new software?


Yes, we provide training to the client's employees after the development. We will provide your team with all the necessary materials and help them to master the new digital environment.

I already have a logistic software solution, but I need to upgrade it. Can I contact you?


We can upgrade the existing custom software, or we can create a new version based on your requirements and the market needs.

How can I be sure of your reliability?


With the additional security measures on storage servers and user verification. You can also be sure in complete confidentiality thanks to the fact that we sign an NDA contract with each customer. Also, we work strictly under the contract, which guarantees our compliance with all conditions during the project development.

Why should I work with you and not with another developer company?


Because we are ready to become not just a technical performer, but your IT partner. We are ready to support the project even after the release, our team works in the "support service" mode, and we are always in touch despite the time difference. You can also always monitor and control our workflow in real-time via Watch Online stream on our website. We have maximum involvement in our clients' projects and are always ready to continue working on it even after the delivery.

Contacts and Info

Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi, Stepana Bandery Street 1/1, 4th floor, BC “PARUS”

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