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High-quality product quaranteed
High-quality product
MassMedia Group software development company tries its hardest to create fully customized products and services which fit your needs. Using the best manual & automated testing tools, our QA engineers provide you with a full-fledged project, with no bugs or defects. Moreover, our IT company has many senior software developers, who check and assist other programmers through every stage of your project’s lifespan. We’re confident in the quality of products, and give clients a lifetime guarantee for IT services we provide, free of charge.
Experienced & skilled  developers
Experienced & skilled
MassMedia Group was founded in 2006 in Ukraine with one goal in mind: to provide customers with the best unique software development services and high-quality solutions. Over these 12+ years, we’ve been developing this ukrainian IT company in order to continue achieving that exact goal. Working on various longstanding projects, our experienced software programmers and IT specialists have amassed a great amount of practical knowledge, that can be successfully adapted specifically to your needs.
Awesome  price-to-quality ratio
price-to-quality ratio
Our experts can deal with even the most challenging projects, without requesting sky-high payments, but instead offering a lower price than European and American IT companies. This fact explains why the amount of American and EU companies, collaborating with software development companies from Ukrainie, has increased by 51% this past year. If you want to obtain high-quality software services and products for a lower price, collaborate with our Ukrainian software development company.
Always in touch
Always in touch

Our company understands how important it is to keep in touch with our clients, so we’re always ready to adapt to our client’s time zones and answer any of their questions. In other situations, our chatbot Mr. Scrummy is glad to offer you help. Even If you are contacting us when our office is closed, our managers are ready to collaborate with you 2-3 hours after our working day ends. This way we overlap with American working hours.
We respect your privacy
We respect your privacy

Our IT company respect how significant data security issues are for everyone and that it’s difficult to just “take our word for it”. So, when signing a contract, we use official American data protection laws so that the non-disclosure and protection of your personal data is guaranteed not only by MassMedia Group but also guaranteed by The United States Law.

Our software developers work in MassMedia Group’s office, which means project managers and CTO have the opportunity to control every stage of every task and test the quality of the written code. This eliminates the risk of going past the deadline. Our IT software development company is confident in its punctuality as we deliver more than 95% of projects on time.
Expertise in different  fields
Expertise in different
Our clients' fields of work and interests are quite different, so while working on their projects, programmers have become experienced in different spheres, such as: advertising, e-commerce, entertainment, law, education, finance, banking, healthcare, etc. Because of this, MassMedia Group is capable of adapting to and working in any of customers’ fields.
Advanced custom  solutions
Advanced custom
Our software development company always seeks the best and simplest solution to client’s problem. Moreover, conducting a thorough technical and logical analysis, we provide our services at every project stage: from planning to maintenance.

We keep our data on European and US servers, which are safe and reliable. Moreover, software development team is more coordinated, balanced and effective because of efficient management. This fact allows us to successfully finish more than 97% of projects, which are prosperous and client-oriented
Online E-Commerce Boutique

Our software development company produced an online store which is focused on exclusive aique luxury closing for young ladies. This handmade outfit is being created to present tender natural beauty of young girls applying simple but special designs. The purpose of this project was to create a website which would picture the values of company, as well as their priorities - the usage of finest fabric and impeccable attention to details. Thus, we created a present-day and delicate design with a high-speed and easy-to-use store.
SaaS Legal Tech Platform

Check out what our team has generated at the world of jurisprudence. Meet a SaaS legal tech platform which makes possible the creation of online systems to provide self-service legal drafting. The platform enables consumers to facilitate their appearing legal issues via process automatization of creating individual legaltech offering. The composing of business legal documents, the delegation of offerings and solving the number of complaints is now much-simplified.
Mobile App Design

Our software development company produced the design for an app that enables the booking of driving lessons with relevant instructors. The purpose was to build the easily operated and pleasant looking interface on the one side which would differ from other apps by it creativity on the other side. As a result, we came up with the app which met all expectation of a client, with a wonderful theme and tints’ solution which nothing but pleases the eye.
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The secret to success isn’t just great, clean code, it’s the heart and soul that programmers pour into their work. This is what separates us from other Ukrainian IT companies. This is what makes us the perfect candidate for helping your business evolve and thrive with our services.

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Despite conflicts with Russia, why Ukraine isn't a bad place to invest

Fortune, JUL 8, 2014 16271 views

Ukraine’s situation is somewhat unique. For decades, the country served as the USSR’s technology hub. Although their economy is currently struggling, a solid tech infrastructure and a fantastic education system (one of the finest in Europe) is still firmly in place. Ukraine’s well-developed telecommunications, legal and tax systems and a stable rate of market growth make it a very attractive outsourcing option for businesses worldwide.

Despite a war, this Ukrainian city's tech sector has tripled in six years

ZD Net, JUL 19, 2016 7812 views

Almost 90 percent of the tech sector's revenues come from software outsourcing, and companies working for foreign businesses thrive. Some of them, such as N-iX, have doubled their staff in the past two to three years. Andrew Pavliv, CEO of software-development outsourcing firm N-iX, says that The talent pool is the city's greatest asset. Lviv has skilled and creative developers, with a good command of English, who are willing to work overtime if necessary to complete a project, according to the IT Cluster report.

Will the next Silicon Valley be in UKRAINE? Technology startups are making waves across the US and Europe

Daily Mail, NOV 24, 2014 12738 views

Ukraine exports around $2 billion (£1.27 billion) in software service and development each year, a figure expected to grow by 85 per cent by 2020. It has more than 4,100 firms that outsource skills to other countries, and its IT industry is growing by a quarter each year. At the recent Investor Day Central and Eastern Europe (IDCEE) conference, 19 Ukrainian startups were awarded either cash or mentorships with other firms. These included Petcube, Looksery and GoodHotels.

Why Building R&D In Ukraine Is A Great Idea

Forbes, SEP 7, 2017 4178 views

If you decide to open an office in Ukraine, you won’t be a pioneer. In fact, the Eastern European country already hosts teams from Boeing, Ericsson, Siemens, Oracle and Magento. Tech giants such as Snapchat, Opera Software and Wargaming operate offices in Ukraine as well. The country also ranks among the world leaders in terms of outsourcing, holding the 24th position, according to the Global Services Location Index by A.T. Kearney. Moreover, 13 Ukrainian outsourcing companies made it into the world’s top 100 in 2017.

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