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You have a great idea for a startup and you are looking for a trustworthy technology partner who could implement it? Well, further search is completely pointless. You are already in the right place and the right people are at your service. The only thing left is to contact them.

About 90% of startups end in failure. Disappointing statistics, but do not rush to give up. The good news is that we know how to get into the remaining 10%. To do this, your startup needs a strict plan of actions regarding IT-related questions as well as professional developers to bring it to life. We can provide both.


We have already made more than 30 startups possible, and we are aimed to keep up the pace.

Our services include:

Costs reduce

We have already said how important a clear plan of action is. That’s why we offer IT-CONSULTING - a service that allows to understand precisely the specific needs of your startup, provide evaluation, planning and recommendations to develop a product that will bring the ultimative result. All in all, you get exactly what you’ve expected so, let’s discuss every single detail and nuance of your startup.
Efficiency increase
software development
Our company will help to create really high quality and usable MVP for your startup. But at the initial stage, we are ready to participate in the development of PoC (Proof of Concept), as well as test your idea for relevance using the most advanced analytical tools available such as The Value Proposition Canvas by Peter Thomson and many others. Finally, let’s create a minimal viable product that will allow you to get meaningful feedback from users and investors, understand what they need and don’t create something, that they are not interested in and for which they are not willing to pay.
Risk Mitigation
software development
During custom software development process we create high-quality integrated IT solutions that are fully customized to meet the startup founder’s needs and provide a complete software product. We provide a full range of IT services: custom development process (using Agile-methodologies (Scrum and Kanban), design, testing, deployment and further support of the application. As a result, you get a ready web or mobile product that meets all the requirements and expectations created individually to your business idea.
Get Services for Less
Our team doesn’t stop at software development itself, but also continues to provide comprehensive supervision and maintenance of the product after its launch. We want nothing could prevent the success of your business. Our technical support ensures productivity, high-quality upgrades, customer experience reports and many other features that are extremely important for any startup. Moreover, we provide lifetime code warranty which is completely on us!

Massmedia Group is a company
that helps startups to succeed

Each company is first of all the people who work in it. In MassMedia Group we have top: project managers, business architects, web designers, team leads, software developers on the front-end and back-end, QA’s, marketers. Your success is their direct responsibility and they won’t let you down under any circumstances.
Years in business
Projects delivered on time
Professions experienced in
320 MWh
of electricity we've used so far
It's equal to Dnipro’s hydroelectric station’s daily output or 24 hours work of 140 350 light bulbs.
We will highlight your idea, be sure about it!

MassMedia Group's
advantages and guaranties

High-quality product  guaranteed
code warranty
MassMedia Group is confident in the quality of it’s services, so we provide clients with a lifetime code warranty free of charge. Using the experience of our senior and middle software developers and the best manual & automated testing tools, our company provides you with a full-fledged project, with no bugs or defects.
Experienced & skilled  developers
Our consulting services include strategic consulting, which is assistance in adapting future software to the business model and forming startup plans, as well as tactical consulting - architectural, operational and implementation planning, which will enable startupper to gradually develop a detailed plan and create MVP as well as a full-fledged application. Consulting allows to bring all our 12 years of experience and expertise to the project, answer startuper’s questions and show the quality result upon completion.
Awesome  price-to-quality ratio
level professionals
MassMedia Group was founded in 2007 in Ukraine with one goal in mind: to provide customers with the best unique software development services and high-quality solutions. Over these many years, we’ve been developing our company in order to continue achieving that exact goal. Working on various longstanding projects using various methodologies, our experienced software team have amassed a great amount of practical skills, that can be successfully implemented specifically to your needs.
Always in touch
Really good technical partners offer honest and open pricing, which means you can see how much each stage of development costs and so understand what you are paying for while receiving a legal internationally recognized contract in which all your requirements are documented. Our experts can deal with even the most challenging projects, without requesting sky-high payments,as European and American IT companies do.
We respect your privacy
We are
always in touch
Our company understands how important it is to keep in touch with our clients, so we’re doing our best to adapt to our client’s time zones and answer their questions in no time. We put communication above everything so even our chatbot Mr. Scrummy is always glad to offer you help. Even If you are contacting us when our office is closed, our managers are ready to collaborate with you 2-3 hours after our working day ends. As our experience shows, it is enough to conduct joint high-quality and productive work with American partners.
Custom solutions
Reliability and
security first
Our software company is aware of how significant data security issues are for everyone and we believe it’s an ultimative point, without it cooperation is impossible. So, when signing a contract, we use official American data protection laws so that the non-disclosure and protection of your personal data is guaranteed not only by us but also by The United States Law. Also, we keep our data on European and US servers, which are completely safe and reliable.

Custom software solutions
that really solve problems

Our software development company always seeks the best and least twisted solution to client’s problem. Moreover, conducting a thorough technical and logical IT-consulting, we provide our services at every project stage: from planning to maintenance. So we are engaged not only in development, but also provide all our experience to help with ideas, advice and features that can improve your startup in general.

We’re not trying to look like some Jack-of-all-trades. We simply combine our expertise with gigabytes of knowledge and honestly say what we are ready to deal with. Fields we work with include:

Outsourcing services
Finance and
IT solutions
Outsourcing services
Banking and
Your privacy
Law and
Education &
Human Resources
Always available
Outsourcing services
IT solutions
We have extensive experience working
with clients around the world.
We from Ukraine


Many of them are ready to vouch for us.



Financial application

Defero is a service that allows authorised users to receive a report on financial activity. The report is updated on a monthly basis using a statistical and objective assessment. During registration, user undergoes a two-step registration procedure, which first confirms identity through authorization in the bankID system, and then adds a phone number and password to the system.This way it's possible to register only 1 time and only under a real name. After the log in procedure clients can see their own Score, as well as the average Score in the place of living in particular and in Norway in general. The user can also view the dynamics of the Score during the selected period, as well as see the statistics of income and expenses.
SaaS Legal Tech Platform

A SaaS platform which helps companies and lawyers solve their legal problems. Sket provides a way to automate the creation of advanced legal documents, liberating matter intake and client information exchange from email, and offering subscription based legal service models. They also provide an innovative way to automate legal process outsourcing offerings and volume claims, which allow your firm to deliver solutions for online legal process outsourcing, or make volume claims handling a reality.
CRM system

Inkasso - is a system for employees of financial companies which helps them account for debtors of banks and other institutions. The system allows them to contain and manage various types of data about debtors, track payments, send messages and create reports. It has the ability to synchronize with banks, insurance organizations and mail services and import data from .xls or .csv files. Inkasso's functional features include implementation with single page application approach, AMD API which allows to download additional scripts if needed, and more.
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