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Healthcare app developers - enhance your business and make people healthier

Our developers create reliable, unique, and innovative healthcare apps that will help you succeed in the rapidly growing medical and medtech industries. Our first-class software development, expertise, and an integrated approach will help you beat and get ahead of your competitors!

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Medical app development company: benefits of cooperation


An opportunity to fulfill a unique medical idea


Digitalization of a medical institution planning, management, and control


Optimization of your business processes


Using the most advanced technology


Multifunctional Marketing Tool


Competitive advantage in the great competition


Compliance with regional specifics

Healthcare app development to boost your business

MassMedia Group helps startups and healthcare businesses reach new heights and overcome challenges using our first-class software and 13 years of experience in the market. During this time, our developers managed to work with a large number of medical projects and are sure that we must exceed expectations! That’s why MassMedia Group does not simply write the code, but acts as your reliable technology partner. Our developers show maximum involvement in the healthcare app development process and take care of your idea and data security. We also provide a full range of services for the software development and support at all stages of a medical project.

Starting with a detailed analysis of the customer’s business requirements during IT consulting, optimization of existing processes, expertise throughout the project, and up to development with first-class specialists, post-release project support, training your staff and developing new versions of the product for its further development. You can really rely on MassMedia Group to develop your unique IT product and be sure of the result, as we provide the highest level of customer service and a lifetime warranty on our developers’ code.

Benefits of working with our healthcare app developers


This service will give you the opportunity to plan a project in a high-quality manner, to avoid major mistakes and unnecessary expenses during the implementation process, as well as to obtain the expertise of our company at all stages of cooperation. You’ll get a comprehensive assessment of ideas and risks feasibility, the formation of tactics and technical assignment for healthcare app implementation, which will allow you to get the exact product you need.

Reliability and safety

Our developers carry out all the necessary measures to protect IT product’s data so we store it on secure American and European servers. We use additional security tools, including double authentication and development of an individual admin panel with the proper level of access protection, which is especially important for healthcare applications. Additionally, we conclude an agreement with the NDA in accordance with the your country laws and guarantee the fulfillment of obligations and non-disclosure of information for internal use.

Business oriented approach

Our business analysts transform your goals, business needs and requirements into technical assignment and on its basis form a clear task for our healthcare app developers. Thus, we can develop an IT product that perfectly suits your company and optimizes the your business work.

Code Warranty

Our medical app developers guarantee the quality of the code and give a lifetime warranty on it - this means that if bugs are detected in our code, we will eliminate them at our own expense and as soon as possible. Of course, provided that the code has not been changed by third parties. This gives you confidence in the smooth operation of the medical solution, which is especially important for the healthcare industry.

On time and on budget

With the help of IT consulting, we define the architecture and functionality to clearly plan our goals. All this gives us the opportunity to not only perform the tasks well, but also to exceed your expectations.

Advanced service and communication

We treat the client as a partner, maintaining constant communication and discussing the project. Despite the difference in time zones, our healthcare application developers are in constant contact with our customers and ready to adapt to your work schedule. You can check the quality of our work in the portfolio and customer reviews on Clutch.

The implementation of new technologies

With knowledge of various basic modern technologies, our programmers can create firmware and software for the platforms you need. Moreover, our developers are ready to implement the most advanced technologies, such as AI, ML, Blockchain.

Complete solution within one company

As our developers’ experience shows, the constant search for contractors to implement the various stages of a single product is a blow to efficiency, given the time and resources spent. That’s why we offer the most comprehensive range of services: IT consulting, architecture planning, development, implementation, commissioning, support, staff training and assistance in training to work with the platform. Our healthcare web app developers guarantee the best service possible throughout the project life cycle.

Our healthcare app development services include creation of:

Unique custom healthcare apps

We are ready to develop a completely unique healthcare application that will cover all your business needs. To do this, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your business needs and a detailed discussion of all the necessary functional requirements. MassMedia Group’s developers are ready to take on the task of any complexity, even if your vision of the project doesn’t fit into the standard framework and views!

Electronic Health Record Applications (EHR)

This type of medical software contains detailed patient information. Usually, electronic health records contain data on the patient’s demographics, medical history, laboratory results and allergies. EHRs offer healthcare providers with many benefits, such as cost savings, better patient care and increased efficiency. Unlike paper records, EHRs provide quick access to patient information and centralized card management.


Healthcare CRM

Healthcare CRM is software that helps healthcare organizations more effectively and efficiently acquire, develop and maintain customer relationships. CRM allows medical staff to manage patient’s data, provide patients with up-to-date and timely information, and use marketing strategies as a starting point to learn more about their clients. The best choice in this case is custom CRM development for the broadest coverage of the medical institution needs.

Medical Diagnostic Software

Software for medical diagnostics allows real-time exchange of information between doctors and institutions. Such systems make it possible to quickly and reliably diagnose diseases in a hospital setting.

Appointment planning apps

The appointment planning system already has been used in many hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions to maximize staff efficiency and minimize patient waiting times. Patients register by logging into the online platform, where they are given a number and schedule. Due to this, patients do not line up in the hospital, which reduces crowding, improves the overall atmosphere and increases the level of staff work satisfaction.

Hospital management software

Hospital Management Software (HMS) processes all patient data, information about doctors and medical staff, and hospital bills. The HMS system helps managing all departments of the hospital: reception room, laboratories and so on, which increases work efficiency.


E-prescriptions allow healthcare providers to send prescriptions directly to pharmacies. Software for electronic prescribing provides great benefits to both patients and doctors, in particular. It minimizes errors, gives more time for patient care and negates the risk of prescription loss.


Telemedicine software can make life easier for both doctors and patients. Consulting systems like these allow you to unload hospitals, isolate risk groups from places of potential danger and protect the staff lives.

Urgent care applications

Emergency care applications allow patients to receive the necessary treatment bypassing the waiting room. With these applications, patients can get answers to health-related questions, read articles and even track their illness and find out when it is time to seek emergency care.

Refinement of the existing medical software

One of MassMedia Group services is the new software versions development. Our developers are ready to improve your medical software and add new features using the latest technologies, such as AI, ML and blockchain.

Our technologies


Healthcare app development process in details


  • With the help of IT consulting, we find out ideas, requirements, desired competitive advantages of the client;
  • We conduct a comprehensive assessment that will help us understand what kind of healthcare app the client needs. It helps us implement the desired functions and optimize work processes;
  • Make a decision with the client which healthcare app is suitable for the business needs, and in what configuration;
  • Approve the strategy for creation, implementation and development of the healthcare app;
  • Estimate work and necessary resources;
  • We sign the NDA with the client before the start of cooperation.
You'll get:
  • Technical action plan for creating a healthcare app that is perfectly suited for your business, built by transforming yours business goals;
  • Assessment and recommendations of the most suitable IT products for the client, based on ideas, business needs, goals and requirements analysis;
  • A detailed development plan, with deadlines and prices;
  • A detailed plan for the product integration into your company's work process.


  • Create and approve a development schedule;
  • Affirm the cost of work;
  • Discuss additional legal and business requirements on the customer’s side;
  • Coordinate and sign a cooperation agreement.
You'll get:
  • Non-disclosure agreement on internationally recognized templates;
  • An agreement that includes all the results of the planning stage;
  • An agreement that meets international standards; if necessary adjusted according to your country legislation;
  • A lifetime warranty on our developers’ code, which is mentioned in the contract.

Design & prototyping

  • We develop the internal architecture of the software, taking your requirements and wishes into account;
  • Our developers create a business process optimization plan taking into account the implementation of the created IT product;
  • We create tactics for software integration into work and product optimization. Our developers work on everything from internal logic to the UI.
You'll get:
  • A ready-to-use prototype that fully meets the ideas, goals, needs and requirements;
  • Prototype, which is fully client’s property;
  • A prototype that has a high level of cyber security and reliability;
  • A prototype that can be improved and developed into a full-fledged IT product, with the configuration and functionality that the client needs.


  • Program code creation and conversion;
  • Multilevel testing, optimization and quality control;
  • IT consulting and customer service at all stages of healthcare app development.
You'll get:
  • A product which functionality and logic fully meet your requirements;
  • Control over the development process at all stages
  • Constant communication with the developers team, which allows you to leave feedback regardless of the time zone difference;
  • Your requirements and wishes will be taken into account at each stage of development;
  • Testing of product development at all stages to prevent errors, and a lifetime warranty on the code;
  • Consultation on the creation, development, support and product management at each stage of the project, with the solutions offering and implementation;
  • Optimal solutions in case of problems;
  • Strict adherence to the contract during development.

Product deployment

  • Preparation and presentation for the client;
  • Release and transfer of IT-product to end-users;
  • IT-product deployment and establishment;
  • Formation of IT product documentation;
  • Teaching the team to work with the created IT-product.
You'll get:
  • Business ideas and needs conversion into an IT product aimed at solving them;
  • A trained team in your company to work with a software product;
  • Additional measures for data protection and user verification;
  • Demonstration of IT product capabilities and compliance;
  • IT product flexible for further development, which is made individually for the client and is their property;
  • Business processes optimization and automation;
  • The introduction of new technologies, the benefits of AI, ML and Blockchain;
  • Cost reduction when implementing an IT product in a client’s business.

Finished Product Maintenance

We support our developments even after the completion of the project, setting up analytical tools, working in the “Tech Support” mode and providing you with a lifetime warranty on the product our developers created.

You'll get:
  • Lifetime warranty on the code as an indicator of our developers’ services quality
  • Ensuring the reliability and safety of healthcare app;
  • Customization of analytics and tools for collecting customer experience;
  • 3 modes of product support: immediately, urgently and on schedule;
  • Comprehensive service and IT product improvement;
  • Software performance analysis tools.

Finished Product Development

  • Analysis of customer requirements for new versions of healthcare app;
  • Analysis of customer materials by market, competitors and competitive solutions;
  • Creating a presentation with recommendations for developing new versions of the product - based on our market research and competitors, existing customer research and recommendations;
  • Development of new, improved healthcare app versions.
You'll get:
  • Creation of IT product’s new versions;
  • The product maximum compliance with the goals, needs and your requirements;
  • Actualization of an IT product in the market;
  • Introduction of a number of innovative solutions;
  • Improving competitive position.

Our clients reviews

Andrey Ilyasov

Andrey Ilyasov

CEO, Hospital Medicine Partners

The app was developed within the arranged period of time. They had good communication, reasonably proactive.

Our healthcare app development projects


Dental practice software

The goal was to create modern and safe software that will facilitate the daily practice of dentists. Our medical app developers were able to optimize installation and maintenance, as well as develop an intuitive interface by creating new communication options.


H&P Builder

HP builder is a web app aimed to ease and fasten the admissions of patients and primary assessment in particular. Its functionality helps doctors to go through the obligatory stages of the check out by showing the fields one by one and not letting to proceed without having them filled in. The algorithms of the app help doctors to make assumptions on the patients' diagnoses. Choosing parts of the body one examines, complaints of the patient together with the Primary assessment results, the system gives hits on what else has to be done, asked, checked.

You can always learn more about the development of medical applications from our experts

All you need - is to click on the "Talk with an Expert" button below, and you will receive a detailed consultation!

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Does healthcare app really has to be custom? Why not use a turnkey solution?


As the experience of our customers shows, only custom software can fully cover all the needs of both the company and users. While speaking about healthcare industry, there is no room for neglecting even a single aspect, as we are talking about people's health and even their lives. Also an important point is that custom solutions provide an increased level of cybersecurity and data protection, which is drastically important for the medical sector.

Can you update already existing healthcare apps?


Of course, the development of new versions for existing solutions is on the list of our services!

Do you develop medical software using advanced technologies such as AI?


Sure. Our experts are ready to develop healthcare apps using advanced technologies like AI, ML, blockchain and many others.

Do you have any quality guarantees?


We do. Our healthcare app developers provide a free and lifetime code warranty.

Contacts and Info

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