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Fintech software development services from MassMedia Group

The creation of complex technological solutions for financial management, quality guarantees, comprehensive approach, and expertise in creating fintech software is what working with MassMedia Group is all about. Through the analysis from both business and technical points of view, we transform your idea into a full-fledged product in the shortest terms possible. Let's take a step to success together!

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What business problems does Fintech software solve?

Implementation of a unique FinTech idea as an application

The development of custom solutions allows us to transform unique ideas and business models into a specific web or mobile application. Creation and implementation of such software provide opportunities to increase profits, reduce costs, improve user service, and increase the number of users. Due to the closure of industry-specific needs, the target audience increases, having a positive impact on further development of the company. Such software will be a strong competitive advantage and will help your company to become a leader of the financial industry.

Digitalization of financial processes and operations

Nowadays, there are hundreds of new companies all over the world developing original solutions for their clients. Over the past few years, the attitude toward the FinTech industry has changed significantly. In 2015 FinTech companies declared themselves as a "revolutionary alternative" to the traditional financial services, trying their best to get large companies as partners. Now the business giants are the first to meet the startups. Businesses and clients have become well aware of the prospects of new players and their services. FinTech has made many areas of the financial industry more accessible and convenient:

  • Regulation

    In this area, technologies are used to help banks ensure regulatory compliance in the easiest and most cost-efficient way. The same category includes technologies that help regulators supervise banks in real-time.

  • Insurance

    Technologies are changing insurance models. Traditionally, in order to calculate the cost of auto insurance, let’s say, the client had to answer numerous questions in questionnaires. Now for the preliminary calculation, you can simply enter the registration number of the car. Modern systems pull up information from open databases and immediately give out an estimated cost of insurance.

  • Personal wealth management

    Services of robot-consultants intended for a premium segment of the mass market. They aim to combine money management at the micro and macro levels.

  • Providing loans by individuals to each other

    The challenge of technology for peer-to-peer (P2P) lending by individuals is providing a link between those who have money and those who want to borrow it. In doing so, risks are reduced through the use of real-time analysis tools.

  • Crediting small and medium businesses

    The use of financial technologies has significantly transformed this sphere. Innovations include p2p loans, interest-bearing financing of unpaid accounts, and crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is another area in which technology makes it easier to obtain financing.

  • Expanding access to financial services

    One of the most interesting areas of financial technologies application is attracting about 4.5 billion people to the system of financial services, who previously had no access to it.

Implementation of advanced technologies

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and IoT can be called three whales of the FinTech industry. Without them, it is almost impossible to imagine modern financial or banking services. They provide an opportunity to develop and implement chat bots, virtual consultants, recognize voice commands (although the level of development of this technology isn’t high enough), automate processes, and make predictive analytics (credit scoring, fraud monitoring). In general, AI, BigData, and IoT open options for different services and companies for millions of new customers. But the main purpose of these technologies’ implementation is personalization, security of transactions, personal approach in service, saving time of clients and companies, and creation of reliable feedback. In one form or another, these technologies are present in all the key trends of the FinTech industry.

Improving customer service

The emergence of new payment systems such as Dwolla, Stripe, WePay, and BlueSnap, as well as systems from Samsung, Apple, and Google have opened up new opportunities for e-commerce. With the advances of these technological solutions, businesses have almost no problems with making payments, transferring payments from one currency to another, or selling or buying goods and services for cryptocurrencies. All transactions are performed almost instantly with a high level of security for both the client and the platform.

Authentication and identification of users, KYC

The stumbling block of a large number of services is authentication and identification of users. On one hand, clients have the possibility of problem-free authentication in the service or application. On the other hand, it is impossible to simplify this procedure too much, as security will suffer. Modern technologies provide an opportunity to use the methods of authentication and identification, which were previously unattainable. First of all, we are talking about biometric methods, when a computer system recognizes a person by face, retina pattern, voice, or fingerprint. Adaptive authentication allows the service to significantly reduce risks, improve security, and recognize "good" users and simplify their work with the system.

Transaction security

According to statistics, the growth in the number of transactions with bank cards is increasing by about 14% annually. This is largely due to the introduction of such technologies as biometrics and contactless payments. Nevertheless, there are still problems. One of them is the false triggering of the security system when a legal payment is evaluated by the cybersecurity of the bank as a fraud. About 93% of fraud cases in online and mobile transactions are associated with unauthorized withdrawals of funds from the cards of bank customers. For high-quality servicing of transactions carried out by clients, behavioral analytics are used, an important part of which is artificial intelligence, working with BigData, machine training, technology for monitoring the security of client devices, biometrics, monitoring transactions, and data management technology.

Work with blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Many FinTech-startups are closely connected with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Distributed registry technologies are used in business for fast and efficient approval of transactions, tracking the issue of shares, cross-border payments, reporting, currency exchange, etc.

Fintech software Development company that’ll keep your gears turning

By transforming the ideas, goals, and requirements of our customers into real working products, we have already developed more than 400 diverse projects. The solutions we create will meet your needs, from both a business and technical point of view. We also offer our clients a lifetime code warranty, quality customer service at all stages of cooperation, reliable communication, and a comprehensive development approach.

The result will be a high-quality project that will allow you to bypass your competitors and strengthen your position in the market. Just contact us and find out what it means to work with MassMedia Group!

What do you get while developing a Fintech software with MassMedia Group?

Quality FinTech solution

One of our work cornerstones is an individual approach and understanding of the client's business specifics. This allows us to create the best high-quality solutions using a methodology that fits your processes best. We accompany the project at all stages: planning, prototyping, creation, maintenance, and development of new versions. Solutions developed by us are already bringing real benefits to our clients, which you can see by viewing feedback about us on Clutch or Extract.


We provide IT-consulting services throughout the entire project development period, which helps to evaluate, analyze, and plan the development of software product features, from both a business and technical perspective. In this way, you will get the best-quality fintech software equipped with features that fit perfectly into your business processes. In addition, our specialists will analyze your infrastructure to form a truly reliable, secure, and functional solution.

Security and reliability

The reliability of our products is ensured by the expertise of our specialists, responsive customer service, and thorough testing at all stages of solution development, as well as documented quality guarantees. In addition, every employee signs an NDA, so you can be sure that your corporate secrets are safe. Also, one of the main rules of our company policy is to work with maximum transparency and devotion to each project. Contracts we sign are made in accordance with the legislation of your country or international standards. In addition, our team regularly reports on the work done and planned, and our lifetime code warranty is one of the determining factors in our reliability.

Communication and customer service

We constantly provide feedback to analyze your suggestions and form an approach to improve the software. Our managers have a time limit to respond to the client, along with ongoing scheduled reports and a personal tech support. Moreover, you can always see how we work on your project by clicking the ‘Watch Online’ button on our website. It is the approach with maximum devotion to each project that makes us a truly good IT partner.

Business-oriented approach

We create solutions in such a way that all your business needs, goals, and requirements are properly transformed into software. We can do this very precisely thanks to detailed technical assignment. This determines the final quality of the IT product, which in the future will be able to optimize the work of your company and bring it to a new level.

Implementation of advanced technologies

We offer our customers the most advanced technology stack available on the market. We can enhance your software with AI, ML, Blockchain, and other solutions if their implementation is appropriate. In this way, you can become the owner of a breakthrough solution that will help you to outperform your competitors and strengthen your position in the market.

Lifetime code warranty

MassMedia Group provides a free and lifetime code warranty. The written contract guarantees the prompt correction of any unexpected issues with the product, provided that the code has not been altered by third parties.

Our Fintech software Development Services


Meet ever-changing customer needs, increased regulatory pressure, and increasing security threats by updating your banking systems with MassMedia Group banking software development services. Our software solutions will help you reduce operating costs. Moreover, it can increase employee productivity and improve customer service. Form and implement an upgrade plan for your existing systems, update your bank cashiers software, redesign outdated bank databases, implement Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, and explore other innovative banking technologies with our experienced banking software development team.

Digital payments

From credit card payment processing to electronic payment services and electronic wallets, MassMedia Group opens up new opportunities for you to generate revenue from payments. Reduce your operating margin by integrating new payment gateways into your system. Gain additional profit from mobile wallets and data monetization. Make bulk credit card payments at a lower cost with a modern, reliable solution and scale your core business with our digital payment development capabilities. The area of payments can be divided into many areas, each of which has a place for automation and new technologies, including mobile wallets, mobile payments, online ordering and payment, electronic money, and payment infrastructure.

Crediting and alternative financing

MassMedia Group helps develop credit platforms that customers can easily customize, integrate, and extend. Using these platforms, borrowers can get money quickly and effortlessly, so they can focus on their business rather than looking for funds. We help clients tie their credit platforms to banks to optimize their end customer financing. Our clients receive everything they want from development, including transparency, a flexible architecture built from scratch, and specialized experts in financial services.

Big Data and AI

MassMedia Group helps clients explore a growing range of opportunities that can offer Big Data in banking and financial services. Working with us, you will get a business and technology consulting partner as well as a development team. MassMedia Group can help you create a viable line of artificial intelligence and financial services and incorporate them into your operations. Take advantage of all the benefits of Big Data in your financial solutions — access real-time analytics, act on analytics immediately, and stay ahead of the competitors.


The financial services industry is merging with technology as customers demand more and more advanced features to improve user experience. But along with increased mobility and digitalization of services, FinTech's solutions bring new security threats to banks and financial companies. To improve cybersecurity and risk management, the FinTech industry has introduced strict policies and rules to be followed in the global distribution of financial services. MassMedia Group helps its customers develop software that improves information security and risk management by setting up all the processes to obtain international certifications and meet global standards.

Technologies that our FinTech software developers use


FinTech Software Development Process


  • providing IT consulting, which includes figuring out the ideas, requirements, and desired competitive advantages of your business;
  • finding out with the help of comprehensive business evaluation which FinTech software solution and in which configuration is best for your business needs; this way, you’ll be able to implement your desired functions and optimize workflow with maximum effectiveness;
  • approving the strategy of creation, development, and implementation of FinTech software solution;
  • carrying out a transparent estimation of the necessary resources and work for the custom FinTech software solution development.
You'll get:
  • the complete transformation of your business ideas into a technical action plan. We do all this to create a customized and tailored FinTech software solution for your business;
  • recommendations on the most appropriate IT products for your business based on an analysis of your ideas, business needs, requirements, and targets;
  • an approved work plan for the project, with deadlines and transparent pricing;
  • a detailed plan to seamlessly integrate the IT product into your business processes.


  • creating a development schedule;
  • approving the cost of work;
  • discussing additional legal and business requirements from the customer;
  • signing a contract.
You'll get:
  • a contract that includes all the results of the planning phase;
  • a contract that meets international standards. If necessary, it will be adjusted to your country's legislation;
  • nondisclosure agreement;
  • lifetime warranty on our code, which is included in the contract.

Design & prototyping

  • taking all your business requirements into account when working on all aspects of the IT solution;
  • creating a detailed plan for the FinTech software solution integration to optimize your business processes;
  • creating step-by-step IT product integration and optimization strategy tailored individually for your business.
You'll get:
  • a unique IT product that is designed to meet and fulfill your individual business ideas, goals, needs, and requirements;
  • a ready-to-use FinTech software solution prototype that is your property;
  • ready-to-use FinTech software solution prototype with a high level of reliability and cybersecurity;
  • the possibility of further FinTech software solution prototype improvements. With this, you’ll be able to turn it into a complete comprehensive IT product that will have functionality tailored to your business needs.


  • we test the product at each stage of the project to ensure it’s optimized for you and meets quality control standards;
  • developing the optimal architecture for your custom FinTech software;
  • write the program code of your custom FinTech software;
  • IT consulting and customer services to support your custom FinTech software at all stages of its operation.
You'll get:
  • FinTech software that is ready to work, built based on your requirements;
  • non-stop control over all stages of project development;
  • constant communication with our team, which will allow you to leave feedback regardless of time difference;
  • strict compliance with your requirements at each stage of development;
  • testing and quality assurance of FinTech software at all stages;
  • expert consulting on the creation, development, support, and management of FinTech software;
  • our suggestions on the best solutions in case of problems and their implementation by our team;
  • project work strictly according to contract.


  • making of a presentation with recommendations for creating new versions of the FinTech software solution, based on the analysis of the market and competitors;
  • transferring the FinTech software solution to the end-user after the release;
  • generating documentation on a custom FinTech software solution;
  • teaching your team how to work on a new FinTech software solution if necessary.
You'll get:
  • a custom FinTech software solution that is based on your business ideas and needs, and addresses your business problems;
  • trained team to work with the new FinTech software solution;
  • additional data security measures;
  • a demonstration of the FinTech software solution, its unique features, and its compliance with your requirements;
  • ready-to-use FinTech software solution which is legally your property;
  • optimized and automated FinTech processes in your company;
  • the ability to implement innovative AI, ML, and Blockchain technologies in a custom FinTech software solution;
  • cost reduction for software implementation.


The MassMedia Group team works in a "support service" mode, providing you with answers to all your questions about the FinTech software solution development. In addition, we support software products after the project is completed and provide a lifetime warranty on the code. Our team is ready to set up analytical tools to help you determine the quality of the FinTech software solution's performance.

You'll get:
  • confidence in the reliability of our software due to a lifetime code warranty;
  • additional measures to ensure the custom FinTech software solution reliability and security;
  • tools for gathering and analysis of customers experience to evaluate software performance;
  • product support from our team in 3 modes: immediate, urgent, and on schedule;
  • preventive, corrective, and adaptive maintenance for improving the performance of your custom FinTech software solution;
  • product effectiveness analysis from our company in order to improve its productivity.

New versions development

  • analyzing your business needs and requirements for new versions of the FinTech software solution development. It is to fit them into your company’s workflow better than the previous ones;
  • analyzing the market and competitor materials (provided by you and our specialists) for finding the best solution for new versions;
  • providing a presentation from our business analyst with recommendations for new versions of the FinTech software solution;
  • FinTech software solution new versions which will be developed according to the changing needs of your business.
You'll get:

Development of the custom FinTech software solution new versions which will

  • meet your business goals, ideas, and needs;
  • update your FinTech software solution to fit in the changing market needs;
  • give you a competitive advantage by integrating innovative technologies into your FinTech software solution;
  • take into account customer experience on the previous version, as well as new market requirements.

Our clients reviews

Eigil Arff Tarjem

Eigil Arff Tarjem

CEO Defero AS

MassMedia Group excels at understanding our business. We have an open dialogue. Even being offshore, they speak English quite well. They’re honest and let me know if their team disagrees, which is something I appreciate and value. MassMedia Group delivered on time for all sprints. Their prices are competitive, and they’ve always completed work as expected in a high-quality manner.

Syed S. Hussain

Syed S. Hussain

Chairman of the Board, Myscore AS

All the people we have been in contact with have performed to the best of their ability and have provided good input and alternatives in difficult situations. They're service-minded people who spend time understanding the customer and the product. We have made many changes along the way and the team has met our expectations without any sort of hassle. Very understanding who really looks for and tries and understands the value of customer's products and piety.

Todd Zusman

Todd Zusman

CTO Greek Life Finance Management Co

MassMedia delivers high-quality code that requires few iterations. Highly proactive and timely in their approach, they continue to be valued partners. Their expertise and proven success has acquired a lot of trust to work across the company's development projects.

FinTech products developed by MassMedia Group


Myscore AS

CRM for Small and Medium-sized Financial Companies

MyScore AS is a service that is used to collect data and credit information for B2B and B2C clients. MyScore delivers high-quality enterprise data and provides professional and approved credit reports for small and medium-sized companies. The reports are used in private and public tenders, bidding processes, against partners, or as a fine visual representation of how your company is doing.



Mobile (PWA) App for Financial Management

ROI is an application that aims to improve user's financial situation. It meant for everyone who wants to get insights of their economy and build a passive income to change their net worth. User needs to insert data about their income and outcome to the app and it will automatically count how much money this user may have in the future if they will take a loan and/or invest. Unlock your full financial potential!



Android and iOS mobile application

Defero is a service that allows authorized users to receive a report on financial activity. The report is updated on a monthly basis using a statistical and objective assessment. During registration, the user undergoes a two-step registration procedure, which first confirms identity through authorization in the bankID system and then adds a phone number and password to the system. This way it's possible to register only once and only under a real name. After the login procedure, clients can see their own Score, as well as the average Score in their place of living and in Norway in general. The user can also view the dynamics of the Score during the selected period, as well as see the statistics of income and expenses.



Financial CRM system for keeping track of debtors

Inkasso is a system for employees of financial companies that helps them account for debtors of banks and other institutions. The system allows them to contain and manage various types of data about debtors, track payments, send messages, and create reports. It has the ability to synchronize with banks, insurance organizations, and mail services and import data from .xls or .csv files. Inkasso's functional features include implementation with a single page application approach, AMD API which allows to download additional scripts if needed, and more.

Let's start the development of your FinTech solution right now. Just press the button and our specialists will take care of the rest.

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Why should you work with us?


We provide a comprehensive approach to the development of FinTech projects, and we have more than 13 years of experience in creating complex software solutions and have a high level of expertise in all aspects of interaction with the finance industry. Moreover, it is a matter of course for our specialists to ensure maximum client involvement in the project and provide the best client service possible.

Can you implement AI, Blockchain, ML, or other advanced technologies in our project?


Yes. If in the course of the analysis we reveal the expediency of implementing such technologies, we will certainly include them in your solution.

What are the quality guarantees of the final product?


We provide our clients with a free lifetime warranty on the code. This means that our company will fix all problems, if any, at our expense provided that the code was not modified by third parties.

Do you have any experience in developing FinTech projects?


Yes. MassMedia Group has successfully developed numerous financial solutions. You can take a look at them on rating sources and in the Portfolio section.

Contacts and Info

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