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Enterprise software development for your business to succeed

Do you have an idea and need for business digitalization? You found what you were looking for! Trust a company with 13 years of experience in quality and reliable custom enterprise software development to let your business grow.

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What business problems does enterprise software development solve?

Custom enterprise software is a unique IT product for your business that increases the efficiency of your company's work. ERP-software is also capable of solving complex tasks that your company is facing.


Automation and digitalization of processes for the individual needs of your enterprise

A proprietary enterprise-level system that will make your company's unique processes more efficient and manageable is the key to your business developing and improving.


Integrating innovative development (implementation of innovative strategies)

The IT product, which is created as part of enterprise software development, takes into account all the features of the company for its promotion and optimization of work processes. Custom enterprise software also improves management and control, in order to achieve strategic and innovative goals faster, better and cheaper.


Gaining a competitive advantage

Enterprise software allows you to make a comprehensive increase in the productivity of your business. It also allows you to outperform your competitors by improving supply chains, resource management, business planning and other processes. This is software that 100% meets your needs and requirements.

Enterprise software solves a number of other business problems, but in more comprehensive, individual way and better than ready-made solutions.

Therefore, if you want to help your business grow, and get an advanced innovative solution that will belong exclusively to you, appreciate the other advantages that ESD provides.


Reducing costs and payments

Custom enterprise software controls the supply chains, accelerates production and identifies problems before they become a serious obstacle to your business. It allows you to plan and automate processes in the production plan, thereby reducing costs.


Improving user service and maintenance

Enterprise software systems can increase customer satisfaction by up to 50%. CRM systems segment the client base, automate the client relations management, which is improving mass emailing and organizing convenient advertising campaigns.


Improving control

A custom IT solution works comprehensively with your business, improving your control over all the processes of the enterprise, from customer relations to supply chain management.


Increasing in the number of customers

Enterprise software automates and accelerates the process of interaction with the client, which improves the quality of data processing and the amount of information needed. As a result, it is possible to achieve greater loyalty and increase the number of customers.


Increasing company’s profit

Custom enterprise software improves the business by controlling every element - from the supply chain to business plans. It makes your company work process faster, more profitable and more efficient


Improving manageability and reporting

More accurate work with custom technology data that is individually tailored to your business, fully meets its needs, reduces reporting errors and speeds up the process


Improving company training

Automation of business needs and improved control over work processes allow you to control the training of your employees and improve their work efficiency.


Implementing user experience management

CRM systems manage user experience by storing their ratings and reviews, thereby improving customer experience.


Brand image improvement

Custom enterprise software is the intellectual property of your company. It will increase the brand reputation, as well as well-established work relationships with customers and employees.

Enterprise software development company: benefits of MassMedia Group

MassMedia Group is a reliable digital transformation partner, that creates enterprise software for companies all around the world. We’re not only writing the code. We transform clients’ business logic into an individual IT solution.


We provide expertise at all stages of IT product life cycle - from planning to developing new versions. This includes evaluation, planning and expert advice on the creation, implementation, development and integration of enterprise software to increase the efficiency and quality of its implementation.

As part of IT consulting, we also evaluate the compatibility of certain software solutions for customer needs, analyze the IT environment, and the level of cybersecurity. Based on this, we formulate technical solutions to ensure maximum efficiency of the created enterprise software.

Business oriented approach

We transform your goals, business needs and requirements into a technical language. It’s the job of our business analyst who dissects clients’ business and. Together with the technical team they create high-quality technical specifications that our specialists work with. This allows us to develop an IT product that is ideal for your company and optimizes the work of your business.

Safety and reliability

We work under the NDA that is formed according to the laws of USA or our clients' country. It is also signed by everyone who works on this project. Our custom solution, unlike the ready-made one, has an increased level of cyber protection (double authentication, development of an individual admin panel with the necessary level of access protection). Our company's work is conducted through American and European storage and data exchange servers. We are always online through Stream Watch Online on our website, and are ready to answer your questions and provide a report on the work done.

Lifetime Code Warranty

This is a quality indicator of our software. We are so confident in the quality that if you experience difficulties in the process of working with our IT product due to errors in the code, we are ready to fix them at the company's expense.

Advanced service and communication

We treat our client as partners, maintaining constant communication and discussing their projects. Our team works as a “support services”, readily answering all customer questions, working with both technical and business challenges of our clients. The involvement of our team in the project makes us not just a technical implementer, but a real IT partner for our clients' businesses.

You can check the quality of our work by looking at our portfolio and our customers reviews.

Our enterprise software development services


Customer relationship management

CRM systems will evaluate customer service, increasing the efficiency of services provided by the company. Software solution will simplify interaction with customers, maintaining a customer base and business documentation. It automates sales processes, therefore provides constant profit, even in the minutes of your absence. Unlike a ready-made solution, a custom system will fully take into account your specific client base, contain the necessary functionality and 100% close the requirements that the system faces.


Enterprise resource planning

Custom ERP-system will ideally fit into your business processes, will help speed up inventory management, business processes and finances. With a help of a modern and custom IT-solution your organization will become more coordinated. It will help reduce the production time of your product and increase revenue.


Supply chain management

If you need to improve supply chain efficiency, this is what you are looking for. A custom IT solution will allow you to manage all business processes according to the needs of your business: from warehouse to suppliers. Thanks to custom software, your business will adapt to the market, carry out work processes more efficiently and quickly and gain a competitive advantage.


Business process management

Your personal tool for automating business processes, which helps you identify and eliminate errors in the company. Also, business process management will help you to control the costs of your business and make each process as efficient as possible by supervising the involvement of each employee in the work.


Enterprise application integration

We will help you to integrate the developed software into your company in order to optimize business processes as much as possible without making significant changes to the usual work process.


Modernization of existing enterprise software

If you already have a custom IT solution that is outdated and can no longer cope with the needs of your business, don’t worry. MassMedia Group team is ready to upgrade and improve your software, maximizing its productivity.


Implementation of AI, ML, Blockchain technologies in enterprise software

We're working with innovative technologies, and if you are looking for a high-tech custom solution that can increase productivity, speed up work and increase the efficiency of your business with AI, ML, Blockchain - challenge us!

Our technologies


Enterprise software development process


  • We sign NDA with clients according to their country’s law.
  • Using the approaches of IT consulting, we analyse clients’ ideas, requirements, desired competitive advantages.
  • We carry out a comprehensive assessment. It helps understanding what enterprise software is needed to implement the desired functions and optimize work processes.
  • We make a decision with the client about what enterprise software and in what configuration is suitable for their business needs.
  • We approve the strategy for the implementation and development of enterprise software.
  • We estimate the cost of work and the necessary resources.
You'll get:
  • An understandable technical action plan for creating an enterprise software that is ideally suitable for your business. The plan is made by transforming your business goals into it.
  • Assessment and recommendations of the most suitable IT products for the client, based on an analysis of their ideas, business needs, goals and requirements.
  • A detailed development plan with estimate and deadlines.
  • A detailed plan for integrating the product into the work process of your company.


  • Create a development schedule
  • Affirm the cost of work
  • Discuss additional legal and business requirements on the part of the customer
  • Sign a contract
You'll get:
  • An agreement that includes all the results of the planning stage
  • An agreement that meets international standards; if necessary adjusted according to clients country's law
  • Non-disclosure agreement on recognized international designs
  • A lifetime warranty on our code, which is enshrined in the contract

Design & prototyping

  • Developing the internal architecture of the software, taking into account your requirements and wishes.
  • Creating a business process optimization plan considering the implementation of the created IT product.
  • Creating tactics for integration into work and product optimization. We work on everything from internal logic to UI.
  • Creation and conversion of program code.
  • Multilevel testing, optimization and quality control.
  • IT consulting and customer service accompanying the development of enterprise software.
You'll get:
  • A ready-to-use prototype that fully meets your ideas, goals, needs and requirements;
  • fully yours prototype that officially is your property;
  • a prototype that has a high level of cyber security and reliability;
  • a prototype that can be improved and developed into a full-fledged IT product, with needed the configuration and functionality.


  • Creation and conversion of program code.
  • Multilevel testing, optimization and quality control.
  • IT consulting and customer service accompanying the development of enterprise software.
You'll get:
  • A product with functionality and logic which fully meet your requirements;
  • control over the development process at all stages;
  • constant communication with our team, which will allow you to leave feedback regardless of the time zone;
  • your requirements and wishes will be considered at each stage of development;
  • testing at all stages of product development to prevent errors and a lifetime warranty on the code;
  • consultations on the creation, development, support and product management at each stage of the project, with the proposal and implementation of solutions;
  • optimal solutions in case of imperfections;
  • strict concordance to the contract during development;

Finished product

  • Preparation and presentation for the client
  • Release and transfer of IT-product to end users
  • Formation of IT product documentation
  • Teaching the team to work on the created IT product
You'll get:
  • The conversion of business ideas and needs into an IT product aimed at solving them
  • A trained team in your company working with a software product
  • Additional measures for data protection and user verification
  • Demonstration of IT product capabilities and compliance
  • Flexible to further development IT-product, which is client's property and made individually for them
  • Optimization and automation of business processes
  • The introduction of new technologies, the benefits of AI, ML and Blockchain
  • Cost reduction when implementing an IT product in a client’s business

Software maintenance

We support our developments even after the completion of the project. Also setting up analytical tools, working in the “Support Service” mode, and providing you with a lifetime warranty on the product we created.

You'll get:
  • Lifetime warranty on the code as an quality indicator of our services;
  • ensuring reliability and safety of enterprise software;
  • customization of analytics and tools for collecting customer experience;
  • 3 modes of product support: immediately urgently and on schedule;
  • corrective, adaptive, preventative and improvement services;
  • software performance analysis.

New versions development

  • Analysis of customer requirements for new versions of enterprise software
  • Analysis of customer materials by market, competitors and competitive solutions
  • Creating a presentation by the business analyst with recommendations for developing new versions of the product - based on our market research and competitors, existing customer research and recommendations
  • Development of new, improved versions of enterprise software
You'll get:
Creation of new versions of an IT product that:
  • Will be based on your company’s goals, needs and requirements
  • Will make IT product relevant to the market
  • Will introduce innovations in IT-product
  • Will take into account the collected and analyzed customer experience, and the requirements of the market in which your company works
  • Will help you win the competitive advantage

Our clients reviews on enterprise software development

Todd Zusman

Todd Zusman

CTO, Greek Life Finance Management Co.

MassMedia delivers high-quality code that requires few iterations. Highly proactive and timely in their approach, they continue to be valued partners. Their expertise and proven success has acquired a lot of trust to work across the company's development projects.

Marcell Raczek

Marcell Raczek

CMO, Pentroy.

The results are positive so far. Despite a few small bugs, MassMedia Group has developed a quality product. They are communicative and responsive. Their dedication to understanding their clients’ goals is noteworthy. Customers can expect a readily accessible development team.

Syed S. Hussain

Syed S. Hussain

Chairman of the Board, Myscore AS.

The team consistently is able to share their expertise and input with the client in order to make difficult project decisions. They organized the project into three distinctive phases to keep all parties on track toward completion. Their ability to comprehend company operations added value.



It allows registered users to report their financial activity. The report is updated monthly based on statistical and objective estimates.


It helps companies and lawyers solve their legal problems. Sket provides a way to automate the creation of advanced legal documents, liberating matter intake and client information exchange from email, and offering subscription-based legal service models as well as automate legal process outsourcing offerings and volume claims.


It was designed to manage the internal organizations of various universities. It allows you to work with an organization's data and employees while ensuring the security of the stored data.

Get white paper enterprise software development

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We do not know what we need. Can you help us decide?


If you do not have ready-made requirements for the project, our experts will analyze the business, evaluate your goals, needs, requirements in order to offer the best solution. So you can choose the best IT product with the necessary set of features for your business.

We already have enterprise software, but it is outdated. Can you modify it?


Our company can develop new versions of your existing custom enterprise software, taking into account the business needs of your enterprise.

How to evaluate if your solution suits our business?


MassMedia Group has an IT consulting service to help you with it. This allows you to transform your business goals, needs, requirements into a clear technical action plan, offer the best technical solutions, architecture and functionality. We present and discuss all the aspects of the project with you. This allows you to be sure that you will get exactly what you expect.

How can we evaluate the IT-solution effectiveness after its implementation?


Our services include software support after the end of work. We help in the installation and configuration of enterprise software analysis systems in order to qualitatively collect user experience and find out how efficient the software solution is.

How to be sure in your reliability as a enterprise software development company?


We are so confident in our code that we provide you with a lifetime warranty on it. In addition, we support the product after release and its support at all stages of work. You can also check our work by looking at the reviews about us and our cases and portfolio. We always work our best to be recommended by our clients.

Why is it worth contacting you and not other enterprise software development company?


MassMedia Group is not just a development company that transforms coffee into the code. MassMedia Group is a company that transforms your business ideas, goals, needs and requirements into a unique IT product that can give you a competitive advantage. This is what we call Custom software solution. You will receive a full cycle of services for the development of an IT product within the framework of one company. We'll become your reliable technical partner that analyzes, plans and gives IT solutions in terms of business logic. MassMedia Group is so confident in the quality of its services that it provides you with a lifetime warranty on your code so that you are always sure that everything will work as it should.

Contacts and Info

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