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We will maintain the project after the release

because in fact this is only the beginning

IT-project launch guidance

Project maintenance services include

Tech support

One of the main functions of software maintenance is to ensure the smooth operation of your product. We carefully monitor user experience to ensure the work with the software runs smoothly, and all problems, if any, are eliminated as soon as possible. The specialists of the MassMedia Group continue to work responsibly with the software after its deployment.

New versions and features

If a product is released with certain functionality, it doesn't mean that a new one can no longer be added. The final solution is always should be accomplished with new features, new versions are being released, and we, in our turn, are willing to develop them for our customers so their business could always stay competitive.


The concept of software maintenance also includes regular analysis of its performance and effectiveness. We use advanced analytical tools to measure software success rates. We can also provide collection and analysis of user experience to measure success and improve the performance if necessary.

Depending on the urgency, maintenance services may be provided

  • Immediately

    We also work in troubleshooting mode when it’s crucial to solve the problem immediately. MassMedia Group employs real masters who do not give up in critical situations. If something went wrong and fixing the problem is urgent, we will immediately take on the fix.

  • Urgently

    You need to add the feature as soon as possible, but it is not spelled out in the maintenance schedule? No problem! We can carry out additional works, make changes to the contract and implement the feature at the time you need.

  • On schedule

    Scheduled maintenance, which is carried out according to a predetermined plan. The frequency of these works is written down in the contract. They are usually held at short intervals.

A free lifetime code warranty is the key to the quality work of your software

A free lifetime code warranty is the key to the quality work of your software
Before reaching the end user, any code written in the Mass Media Group goes through many stages of testing. However, can a sudden bug be detected in the code, even after verification?
Unlikely, but yes!
There is no vendor who will say with confidence that 2-3 years after the release of the product, there is a 0% probability for some kind of malfunction to show up.
Is this a reason to leave the client to deal with this problem on their own?
We believe it is not!

That's why we provide a lifetime and free warranty on our code, as long as no changes have been made to it. We are confident in the quality of our code and want our customers not to worry about the future of their product.