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Custom Software Solution

is a complex software service that suits your
business perfectly!

IT-project launch guidance

Custom software solutions

The custom software solution is a special service that provides the turn-key product development from scratch or a substantial revision of existing software. Its distinctive feature is the provision of development services to the client. As well as, detailed planning, technical expertise at all stages. recommendations for the product implementation, and maintenance.

Our team is not simply writing code, we become the real IT-partner of your projects. Our approach with maximum involvement and genuine interest in your success means that we offer you the best solutions to all problems, as well as warn you about all possible risks. All in all, you get an individual web-app, mobile app, or other software product that fully meets your requirements and fits your business perfectly.

Custom software solutions consist of 3 key steps:


Strategic and tactical IT consulting are components of custom software solutions. They provide your business project with high-quality development preparation, a detailed plan, assessment of tasks, and necessary resources. You will also receive experts’ aid during all development stages - architecture creation, development, and maintenance. This service allows you to identify and eliminate potential errors before the development process starts.


Custom Software Development is part of a custom software solution. It includes the development and deployment of a unique application that is tailored to your individual needs. The MassMedia Group experts guarantee maximum involvement approach, qualitative communication, and fast troubleshooting during the entire development process.


Post-release maintenance of your custom software solution. It includes technical support, the addition of new functionality, as well as performance analysis, and user experience collection. Thus, we will provide your software with maximum efficiency and minimize possible problems.

Advanced custom software solution's technologies


Every company must find ways to do business better than competitors. We offer AI-based custom software solutions for this goal. Artificial intelligence provides companies with better customer service, faster production and process automation. Our customers implement AI to simplify their daily routine tasks and achieve more.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is used to reduce the processing time of requests, operate with a large amount of data, and significantly cut production costs. Our company uses machine learning to create truly functional and modern applications for our customers.


With a custom blockchain-based software solution, you can build processes in almost every industry from government and business to everyday life. First of all, the blockchain significantly reduces costs meanwhile increases the level of transaction control and security. Using blockchain-powered software our customers get a decentralized and reliable solution to their business problems.

Advantages of Custom Software Solution

Gives a competitive advantage

Full compliance with customer requirements

Full adaptability for business processes

The ability to customize and add new functions

Price in the long run (more than 6 months)

No monthly fees per user

No setup and integration fees

Customer Owned

person read

Easy learning

Data security