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E-commerce application development company that will make your business more efficient

MassMedia Group is a company that develops custom e-commerce applications for companies around the world for more than 13 years. We provide a complex solution including services on planning, developing, maintenance, and evolution of an IT-product. This is what makes us more than just a technical implementer; this makes us a reliable IT-partner that gives lifetime code warranty for our clients.

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E-commerce application solves the following business problems


Implementation of your unique idea


Getting a competitive advantage


Increasing profits


Reducing costs and payments


Creation of additional marketing and sales channel


Increasing the number of clients


Business processes automatization and optimization


Customer service and maintenance improvements


Complex innovative evolution


Getting technical and business expertise in the process of project creation


Possibility of scaling an IT-product


Cyber security level

What our e-commerce app development company can offer

MassMedia Group is an e-commerce application development company that creates software products for companies around the world. What we offer is much more than just a code creation. We transform your ideas, goals, and requirements into the custom software that’ll fit into the needs of your company from both technical and business points of view. We also provide you with a lifetime code warranty that’ll indicate the quality of our development.

Moreover, our specialists maintain e-commerce application on each and every stage of its life. We provide you with complex consulting, we get ourselves involve in product development to achieve the maximum result. We also offer advanced customer service and communication to develop software that’ll fit your business needs and requirements in the best way possible. Challenge us to know what we’re capable of!

E-commerce application development company: advantages of MassMedia Group


An e-commerce app of high business value


Security and reliability




Customer service and communication


The business approach


Lifetime code warranty

E-commerce app development services by MassMedia Group

Marketplace development

MassMedia Group team will develop a marketplace platform where buying and selling will be comfortable both for customers and sellers. Qualitative software solutions for e-commerce, along with competent and thoughtful UI/UX design, custom functionality based on your ideas and our expertise will help you to achieve this result. Besides, custom software allows you to integrate innovative technologies in e-commerce application work which guarantees implementation of all ideas and features you wanted to be included in your IT-product. This will help your company with scaling and expanding the client base, taking into account your company’s individual business needs.

Custom online shopping

For today, one of the most useful ways to run a trading business is online shops. It allows your company to show off its fortes through qualitative software and application design. Custom online shops will have the exact specific characteristics that will help to emphasize your company’s strongest features. Optimization of the financial processes, client relations management, and simplifying of reporting will help your company to work more efficiently and continuously in every circumstance.

Payment systems

Applications that allow making transactions remotely via smartphone are comfortable for users. This technology becomes more popular; the more features for digital transactions it has, the more likely it would succeed. Custom online banking applications will grant you an opportunity to demonstrate your competitive advantage and fortes to your customers. The application’s functionality will be set based on your requirements to fulfil your unique business ideas, goals, and needs. Besides, those apps have features that are needed for your company to outstanding competitors.

E-commerce SaaS platform

E-commerce SaaS platforms are created individually for scaling your business, expanding the clients base, and creating new sales channels. Custom e-commerce SaaS platform development will allow your customers to speed up sales and improve customer service. In addition, SaaS features give you the opportunity to focus on the most important deeds, meanwhile our company will keep track of software qualitative performance.

Our technologies


E-commerce application development process in MassMedia Group


  • With the help of our IT-consulting service we’re finding out what are your ideas, requirements and desired competitive advantages;
  • We're doing a comprehensive business assessment to find out what e-commerce application; will fit your company best. Implementing the desired features and maximizing workflow optimisation;
  • Alongside with you we decide decide on the e-commerce application and it's configuration, that will fit your company the best;
  • Approving the strategy of the e-commerce application creation, implementation and development;
  • Estimating the work and resources required to develop the e-commerce application.
You'll get:
  • Your business ideas transformed into the understandable technical step-by-step plan of creating a unique e-commerce application suitable for your company;
  • Estimates and recommendations on the most fitting IT-products for your business based on your ideas, unique business needs, goals and requirements analysis;
  • Detailed plan of work with estimates and deadlines;
  • Full implementation plan to integrate your product into your company’s workflow.


  • Creating a calendar plan of development;
  • Approve the costs of works;
  • Discuss additional legal and business requirements with you;
  • Sign a contract.
You'll get:
  • A contract that includes all results of the planning stage;
  • A contract that is build according to international standards and can be corrected to fit your country’s law, if needed;
  • NDA build according to international standards;
  • Lifetime code warranty that is included in the contract.

Design & prototyping

  • Work on every aspect of the application, from internal logics to UI design;
  • Writing the plan on e-commerce application integration into the workflow that is aiming to maximize business-process optimization;
  • Creating the product integration and optimization tactics.
You'll get:
  • Finished product that is developed to be fully fitting into your ideas, goals, needs and requirements;
  • E-commerce application prototype which is legally your property;
  • High level of cyber security and reliability of your prototype;
  • A possibility to evolve the prototype into a full-fledged IT-product with the exact configuration and functionality your business needs.


  • Carry out multi-level product testing at each stage, its optimization and code quality control;
  • Develop the optimal architecture for custom e-commerce application taking into account all of your wishes and requirements;
  • Create your e-commerce application software code;
  • Provide you with an IT-consulting service that includes our team maintenance of e-commerce applications on every stage of the work.
You'll get:
  • Finished e-commerce application which functional and logics are fully fitting into your requirements;
  • Continuous control on every stage of the development process;
  • The ability to leave feedback no matter what the time difference is, thanks to constant communication with our team;
  • Your requirements are agreed and considered on every stage of the development;
  • Product quality assurance on each stage to prevent bugs;
  • Consultations from the team on every detail about e-commerce application creation, evolution, maintenance, and managing at every project stage;
  • Offering an implementation of the best possible solution in case of problems arising;
  • Work on the project is organized based strictly on the contract.


  • Carry out a presentation with recommendations on your e-commerce application new versions creating, based on market and competitors analysis;
  • Release and delivery of the e-commerce application to the end users;
  • Forming of the e-commerce application documentation;
  • If needed, we conduct the staff training on how to work with a e-commerce application that is created.
You'll get:
  • Unique e-commerce application built basing on your business ideas and needs, and focused on its solution;
  • Full training of your team on how to work with the new software;
  • Additional measures on data security and users verification;
  • Demonstration of the custom soft capabilities, as well as its compliance with requirements;
  • Unique IT-product that is created individually for your company and is your property;
  • Business processes optimization and automation of the online trading;
  • Innovative technologies implementing; the advantages of AI, ML and Blockchain in your e-commerce application;
  • Reducing costs when integrating the custom e-commerce application into your company.


Our team is working in the “support service” mode and providing you with lifetime warranty on the e-commerce application we created. Alongside with it we maintain the software products even after the project is delivered. We can help you define the quality of e-commerce application productivity by setting up analytical instruments.

You'll get:
  • Lifetime code warranty as an indicator of our work quality;
  • Enhanced measures to ensure the reliability and security of the custom e-commerce applications work;
  • Customized tools for gathering customer experience and analytics;
  • 3 modes of maintenance from our company: immediately, urgently and on schedule;
  • Services on e-commerce application performance alongside with adaptive, preventive and corrective maintenance;
  • Custom e-commerce application effectiveness analysis for your business.

New versions development

  • Analyzing your needs and requirements for new versions of an e-commerce application;
  • Analysing your market and competitors research to find the best solution for your company;
  • Our business analyst creates a presentation with recommendations on e-commerce application new versions development. The presentation is based on our analysis of your competitors and market alongside with your recommendations and explorations;
  • Developing new improved versions of an e-commerce application according to your business needs.
You'll get:
  • New versions of the/your IT-product;
  • Maximum accordance of the product with your goals, needs and requirements;
  • Adoption of an IT-product on the market;
  • Implementing a number of innovative solutions if needed;
  • Improved competitive position.

E-commerce app development: portfolio

Aristocrat Kids

Aristocrat Kids

The goal of the project was to create a design and develop a software product for online store of the company that produces premium-quality children's clothing. We were challenged to develop a website that could convey the atmosphere and emphasize the beauty and sophistication of client's product, while at the same time being simple and convenient for customers. All in all, we created a modern and fully responsive e-store.




Inkasso is a system for employees of financial companies which helps them account for debtors of banks and other institutions. The system allows them to contain and manage various types of data about debtors, track payments, send messages and create reports. It has the ability to synchronize with banks, insurance organizations and mail services and import data from .xls or .csv files. Inkasso's functional features include implementation with single page application approach, AMD API which allows to download additional scripts if needed, and more.



A SaaS platform which helps companies and lawyers solve their legal problems. Sket provides a way to automate the creation of advanced legal documents, liberating matter intake and client information exchange from email, and offering subscription based legal service models. They also provide an innovative way to automate legal process outsourcing offerings and volume claims, which allow your firm to deliver solutions for online legal process outsourcing, or make volume claims handling a reality

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I don't know what e-commerce app my company needs. Can you help me decide?


Yes! IT-consulting service includes expertise and consultation from our specialists. It will help you define the functions you need to implement in your e-commerce application in accordance with your business needs. We’ll help you choose the best solutions for maximising the effectiveness of your software operating.

Are you really a reliable company? What guarantees would I have?


We provide a lifetime warranty on the code. This means that we’re always online and if any software malfunctions will arise you can contact us anytime. Also we guarantee data security and strict contract compliance.

Can you help my employees familiarise to work with e-commerce application?


Yes, we can. Our company provides the services on software integrating into the company’s workflow. We will train your staff to work with the software and also help with right setting of all the functions and nuances. All to better the e-commerce application effectiveness!

Off-the-shelf e-commerce application I have doesn't meet my requirements. Can you improve it?


No. we don’t work with off-the-shelf solutions. However, we can finalize the custom application and develop a new version of an app for you.

Is my data really secured if I’m working with you?


Cast away all your worries about data security. We sign an NDA with you and every employee within our company. Our server storage and user verification measures make our solutions more secure than other competitive options.

Why should I choose your company for cooperation?


Because what you can get from us is more than simple development - it’s constant support and maintenance. We live through every project and have a business point of view development approach to increase the efficiency of software in the future. We are always in touch, providing a full range of services, including IT consulting, development, support and finished IT product evolution. MassMedia Group is a reliable IT partner for more than 400 projects and provides the quality indicator in the form of a lifetime code warranty.

Contacts and Info

Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi, Stepana Bandery Street 1/1, 4th floor, BC “PARUS”

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