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СRM developers from MassMedia Group - your dream team to boost your business

MassMedia Group makes businesses all around the world more efficient by providing quality CRM development. With our custom developed systems, your business will have the chance to automate your work process, enhance profits, and gain a competitive advantage. Our secret to success in software development is a business-oriented approach, quality client service, and a lifetime code warranty.

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CRM development : solving business problems

Business processes automatization

With a CRM system, you’ll have the ability to systematically organize your client base by automating customer relations, analyzing feedback, and mass-emailing. Additionally, it will drastically reduce your analyst’s workload since the large amount of data will be gathered by an application. You also have the ability to integrate machine learning algorithms into the CRM system to analyze customer satisfaction alongside other important indicators.

Cutting costs

CRM development leads to improved customer service. Your employees will be able to see the full sales cycle while working with the software to create a more efficient workflow. Fewer errors and delays with customer service will increase the satisfaction rate and attract new clients by gradually scaling up the business. A well-established and continuous workflow provides transparency and reduces the amount of money spent on bugfix. Having a more efficient sales cycle will attract new customers faster and cheaper.

Gaining a competitive advantage

Custom CRM developers alongside all our experts will provide you with a competitive advantage in a form of unique software that corresponds to your business needs. The company’s workflow and customer service optimization will be achieved within approximately 1-2 months after the software implementation. This allows your company to work more efficiently while maintaining workflow accuracy through the clients’ requirements analysis. Custom software can be perfected and modified as needed to fit industry standards. New unique features and innovative technologies integration will allow you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

High business value

Our CRM development is based on your unique needs, ideas, and goals. According to the analysis of the business software we conduct, most of our projects experience user growth of more than 90% in the first two months after the solution deployment. Such high numbers are a result of our business-oriented approach with maximum commitment to the project's development. Our team of developers is always ready to add new features and technologies into the CRM as needed.

CRM development company: benefits you receive from working with MassMedia Group

Complex solution within one company

Our company provides a full range of services on CRM development. Our developers, BA, and other experts will schedule time to provide you with consultation and analysis of your business ideas and goals along with planning, development, and a post-release evolution of an IT product. All of these services are available within one company! We’re ready to start this journey with you from the first consultation down to training your staff on how to work with the software.

Implementation of your unique idea from scratch

The largest part of our projects, due to their unique nature, is implementing them from scratch while taking into account all of a client’s requirements and needs. Such an approach allows the developers to provide you with not only complex solutions but also to make the software’s architecture and features correspond with your needs completely. With MassMedia Group, everything you’ve dreamt about for your business’ software can become a reality.

Lifetime warranty on the code

MassMedia Group’s developers provide a lifetime warranty on the code, hence giving you the confidence in our software solution’s quality. Our development team will fix code malfunctions caused by our error as soon as possible at our company’s expense.

Top notch customer service

We’re deeply committed to each project we work on. Our developers and other experts send reports on all of the work done and planned on demand and every week/month regularly. We offer several options to solve our clients' problems in order to ensure maximum quality and efficiency of our software. MassMedia Group’s developers, BA’s and others provide our clients with personal support service and maintain communication on all stages of development. Time zones and language barriers aren’t a problem for us!

Business-oriented approach

Our team of developers think not only about the technical side but also about the business side of CRM development. Developers in our team make decisions based on your business and market specifics along with your competitors’ analysis. This approach provides you with the most effective software to meet your requirements, goals and needs. You’re guaranteed to get a CRM software that is the best for your company’s unique needs.

Work and estimates transparency

In addition to reports, we also generate estimates, form detailed plans and create reference terms as detailed as possible. Together with our clients, we plan the budget, tasks, and all other resources necessary for CRM development. Our CRM developers are perfectly coordinated with your project. Every person on our development team is irreplaceable! Our team helps clients navigate and select the appropriate pricing model that makes the most sense based on the project’s individual needs.

CRM Development Services


Strategic CRM systems

These CRM systems are developed to focus on the client and their customers’ service needs. A software like this is designed to provide you with insights and gather all the necessary data to give you the highest level of customer service. This is the best type of CRM system for a business that focuses on long-term relationships with the customers.


Cooperative CRM systems

Cooperative CRM systems development aims for multi-stakeholder grouping. This allows your business to get more information about customers and analyze this data. For example, your analysts will be able to conduct a thorough analysis of incoming calls to the support service or directly from customer feedback.


Analytical CRM systems

MassMedia Group’s developers can create this type of CRM system for you to improve the analysis of your customers’ interests and preferences. It will also improve the analysis of indicators such as distribution channels, supplier reliability, customer satisfaction and many others. This type of CRM system allows enterprises to better understand their client’s needs. This software will guarantee you better control over sales by analyzing trends and market demand.


Operational CRM systems

With this system, you are able to operate more efficiently with data and provide your clients with a high quality support service. In addition to providing top tier customer service, you’ll have the ability to create more efficient marketing campaigns and have a smoother sales cycle with customers. For example, your most popular items will be automatically uploaded into the system which gives you the opportunity to promote them at the right time in the sales cycle.

Our CRM development technologies


CRM development Process


  • Work with IT consulting to elaborate on your ideas, requirements and desired competitive advantage;
  • Evaluating your business to find out which type of CRM development implements the desired functions and optimizes workflows;
  • Together with you, we make a decision about the best type of CRM system for your business;
  • We approve the strategy of CRM system creation, implementation and development;
  • We estimate the work and resources necessary for CRM development.
You'll get:
  • A list of your business goals formulated into a clear technical action plan to create a unique CRM system;
  • Evaluation and recommendations of the most suitable type of CRM system for your business;
  • A detailed plan of work with deadlines and estimates;
  • A detailed plan of CRM system integration into the workflow of your company.


  • Creating a CRM development schedule;
  • Approving the cost of work;
  • Discussing client’s additional legal and business requirements;
  • Signing a contract.
You'll get:
  • A contract that includes all of the planning stage results;
  • A contract that meets international standards; if necessary, adjusted to your country's legislation;
  • Non-disclosure agreement on recognized international standards;
  • A lifetime warranty on our code, which is included in the contract.

Design & prototyping

  • We work on all aspects of CRM system, from internal logic to UI;
  • Outline the plan of CRM system implementation into the company's operation;
  • Create a plan for the CRM system optimization.
You'll get:
  • CRM development that fully meets your ideas, goals, and needs;
  • CRM system prototype which is legally your property;
  • High level of prototype cyber security;
  • Possibility to evolve a prototype into a full-fledged IT product with the desired configuration and functionality.


  • Carrying out multi-level testing, optimization and quality control of the CRM system at every stage of development;
  • Developers work on an optimal CRM system architecture according to your requirements and expectations;
  • Writing a CRM system software code;
  • Providing CRM system support by our specialists at all stages of work.
You'll get:
  • A developed custom CRM system, with the functionality and logic that meet your requirements;
  • Constant control over all CRM development process stages;
  • Opportunity to leave feedback regardless of time zones’ differences;
  • Consideration and approval of your requirements at each stage of CRM development;
  • Ensuring the quality of CRM system to avoid errors and software malfunctions;
  • Consultations from the CRM developers on issues related to the development, support, management, and post-release evolution of a CRM system;
  • Solution to any problems arising in the CRM development process to ensure its maximum efficiency;
  • Work process on the CRM system development strictly according to the contract.


  • Carrying out a presentation with recommendations for new versions of CRM system creation;
  • Release and transfer CRM system to end users;
  • Forming the documentation of the developed CRM system;
  • We train your staff to work with the CRM system if necessary.
You'll get:
  • Unique software to match your business ideas and needs;
  • Full training for your team to work with developed software product;
  • Additional measures for data protection and users verification;
  • CRM system capabilities and compliance demonstration;
  • IT product which is made individually for your business;
  • Optimization and automation of business processes;
  • New technologies implementation, advantages of AI, ML and Blockchain in CRM systems;
  • Reducing costs on CRM system implementation into the business

Post-release maintenance

Our developers and other experts work in the " Support Service" mode and give you a lifetime warranty on the developed CRM system. In addition, we provide post-release maintenance to help you determine the quality and effectiveness of your CRM system. We can configure analytical tools to help you do this.

You'll get:
  • Lifetime warranty on the code as an indicator of our work’s quality;
  • Enhanced measures to ensure the CRM system’s reliability and security;
  • Customized tools for gathering and analysis of customer’s experience;
  • 3 product support modes from our developers and other staff: immediate, urgent and on schedule;
  • CRM system improvement, adaptive, preventive, and corrective maintenance.

Post-release evolution:

  • Analyzing your requirements and needs for CRM system’s new versions development;
  • Reviewing your analytics data to find the best way to improve CRM system;
  • Our business analyst creates a presentation with recommendations for developing CRM system new versions;
  • Develop new versions of CRM system according to your business needs.
You'll get:
  • New versions of the CRM system development;
  • The CRM system that meets your goals and needs;
  • More relevant to the market CRM system;
  • Innovative technologies (such as AI, ML, blockchain) implementation;
  • Improved competitive position.


Why do I need a CRM system?


For automation of business processes related to customer service, there is no better instrument than a quality developed CRM system. Thanks to a software like this, you’ll have an opportunity to find bottlenecks in the sales channels and nullify them to improve the sales process. CRM system development will allow you to work with your customers faster with a more accurate analysis of their needs and desires.

How to choose the right type of CRM system?


Analyze your business and it’s unique needs. If what you’re looking for is improved analytics, you need an Analytical CRM system. If you’re looking for an “all in one” solution, you need an Operational CRM system. But in general, the ultimate solution is to have a consultation with your technical partner and choose the most appropriate type of CRM development for your company’s budget and overall needs.

Will the CRM system optimize my business processes?


Yes! Automatization of customer relations, feedback, needs, and demand analysis will be optimized. You will have an opportunity to work with customers faster and with more transparency with our customized CRM system.

Why should I order a CRM system from you specifically?


Our company has years of experience in different types of CRM developed systems. We developed a software like this for fitech, legaltech and other industries. We have worked on more than 400 projects in which our clients have experienced 90% new sales growth in 2 months of work.

How do I know that your company provides a quality solution?


We provide you with a high level of customer service, transparent estimates, and you will get to know the team of developers you’ll be working directly with. Our company keeps track of the latest market trends, so you will have the opportunity to improve your CRM during the post-release evolution. In addition, we provide a lifetime warranty on the code which means that any defects in the code can be fixed as soon as possible and at our expense (provided that no one else interfered with the code).

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