What do you get?

  • Ready to use product or prototype
  • A detailed plan for product development, with estimates and timing
  • Tech-problem solving
  • Comprehensive consulting, including an assessment of business processes and needs for IT products
  • A detailed plan for implementation of the product into your business
What do you get?

  • A signed contract relevant to US laws
  • Flexibility in drawing up parts of the contract, which takes all your wishes into consideration
  • NDA at your request
  • A guarantee of an appropriate performance
  • Lifetime warranty on our code
What do you get?

  • Control of the development process:
  • A work process using SCRUM and AGILE methodologies, or any others, which will maximize efficiency and are convenient for you
  • Constant communication with the team, project managers, teamleads, allowing you to provide quality feedback, regardless of the difference in time zones
  • Your wishes considered on each development stage
  • Detection and correction of all possible bugs on each stage
  • Final testing
  • Detailed consulting at various stages of development, as well as solutions for the problems found
  • Strict compliance with the contract and approved stages of development
  • A product that meets all your requirements, both in terms of functionality and logic
What do you get?

  • A fully tested and ready to use product
  • Integration of the product into your company processes
  • Additional services to help make the product more efficient
  • A lifetime warranty on our company's code, which serves as an indicator of our confidence in the quality of our services



Our software development company works hard to do our best in terms of communication, as we perfectly understand that both us and our clients need to always be in touch for the most effective work on the project.

To achieve this, we use both planned communication, which includes meetings, brain storms and reporting, as well as unscheduled communication, such as prompt answers to urgent questions, work with client requests etc. Basically, we are always in touch through the Watch online button, as by clicking it our customers can personally see how we work on their project. Otherwise, we sleep and gain strength for new day:)

Legal aspects (Legal aspects (questions))

Mass Media Group knows how important for our customers are the guarantees of quality and integrity of their corporate data. That is why we always document all the nuances, requirements and obligations.

To be precise, we offer signing an internationally recognized contract where everything will be spelled out, from a variety of small nuances and customer’s wishes to the methodology and application architecture. The contract also includes the result of IT consulting, namely, detailed estimates on time and money in order to ensure maximum transparency in matters of pricing.

In addition, we sign a non-disclosure agreement guaranteeing that your data will not fall into the hands of competitors, and also offer a free lifetime code warranty so the client could be confident in our willingness to be responsible for product’s quality and operation.


We guarantee a responsible attitude to the implementation of the project in work. In Mass Media Group, timely and high-quality task execution is monitored at 3 levels.

  • CEO and CTO actively use special tools to monitor the implementation of global tasks.
  • Stories, sprints and tasks are monitored by project managers who, among other things, are constantly reporting on progress.
  • And finally, the developers involved in the project in work are supervised by team leads who help them if necessary and ensure high-quality performance.
  • To eliminate possible errors and bugs in the code completely, the project goes through many stages of testing by our experienced QA-engineers.


You decide which type of сooperation suits your project best

Fixed price
Fixed price

The fixed price engagement model is ideal for small and medium-sized projects, where requirements, specifications and schedules can be clearly defined before the start of project development. After the customer’s request, the service provider analyzes the scope and complexity of the project, provides a project implementation schedule and a fixed budget for the full product development for approval by the client.

If it becomes necessary to make changes, then such changes are additionally agreed upon and the introduction of such changes is made out by an additional agreement to the contract.


  • The price remains fixed for the client;
  • Fixed terms;
  • Constant scope of the project;
  • No customer control needed.


  • Making changes to the project requires additional coordination regarding cost as well as additional changes to the contract;
  • Requires very detailed documentation;
  • Not applicable to large and complex projects.
Time and Materials
Time and Materials

This is an engagement model where the price is formed according to the time spent by the team and materials spent on the development of the software.

The project is divided into tasks, the performer estimates the first task and provides data - how many man-hours are needed to implement it, multiply the man-hours by the rate(s) of the developer(s) and get the cost of the task. Payment occurs after the completion of a task or sprint.


  • Flexibility of the engagement model - the client can make changes at any stage of development;
  • Quick start - there is no need for detailed documentation for the entire project at once;
  • Focused on agile development methodologies;
  • Pay as software developers complete tasks.


  • Constant monitoring by the client is required in this engagement model;
  • Time for coordination needed;
  • Possible difficulties in assessing the cost of the project in advance.
Time and Materials
Dedicated Team

This is an engagement model in which both parties mutually agree with the workload and requirements for the project, indicating the necessary amount of time. Then outsourcing software development company provides IT specialists that meet the requirements of the customer, which fully concentrate on a projects.

The client manages the process and makes decisions on the development of the project independently. An outsourcing software development company can help them only in certain organizational matters.


  • Direct communication and control of the team;
  • The greatest engagement model in terms of reliability;
  • The software ddevelopment team works on a long-term basis and is interested in quality;
  • High work efficiency - the software development team is familiar with the product and works on it for a long time;
  • Suitable for long and complex projects.


  • The most expensive of the engagement models;
  • Requires costs and time for proper team management.