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Mass Media Group is your ultimate tool for identification, research and elimination of business problems. No matter how complex they may seem - they have no chance to withstand our superior custom IT-solutions.

We are a team of IT specialists that develops software solutions and provides IT services for customers from all over the world. In our arsenal there are more than 50 skilled developers, as well as QA testers, project managers and other important employees. Add here fluency in a various technologies, up to the latest frameworks, and of course 12 years of experience in the IT solutions development industry. Climbing the steep mountain of success is always a challenge. Here is the route of our ascent.

MassMedia Group initially was a team created in 2007 and has since developed into an IT services agency that has hundreds of successfully completed IT solutions projects from clients all around the world. Today, we have more than 70 experienced and skilled employees in our arsenal, including developers, PMs, team leads, testers and designers. This is MassMedia Group’s main asset, which helps to develop a truly high-quality IT solutions and services, while taking into account all the requirements of our customers and even exceed them.

MassMedia Group provides Custom Software Development, as well as a more advanced service - Custom Software Solution. This implies not only development, but also IT consulting and solution’s maintenance. Custom Software Solution allows you to get a full range of IT services and develop applications from scratch, avoiding possible errors in planning, getting transparent pricing, a clear and understandable task stack, and quality development. Such an integrated approach allows our information technology services firm to be confident in the job done and even provide a lifetime guarantee on our code, and move closer to the completion of MassMedia Group’s mission - to make the world better and more technological place through embodying creative ideas, and creation of high-quality and comprehensive IT solutions for our customers.


Foundation of MassMedia Group IT services company. The initial number of employees is 2. The main programming language is PHP. Clients are residents of Ukraine and the Baltic countries. Major projects: Websites
Continued work in the field of software development, IT services, and web design. Number of employees: 12. Getting started with the Symfony and Laravel frameworks. Major projects: web and mobile applications
The number of employees has doubled. The number of projects has exceeded 140. Our IT services company entered the markets of Europe and the USA. Getting started with Ruby and RoR.
30 employees, including 16 professional developers. The number of projects in foreign markets increased to 207. Getting started with Big Data and Blockchain. Introducing the =new NDA agreement.
The number of employees increased to 50 people. Due to the increase, the company moved to a new office. Launch of the Custom Software Solutions service. Lifetime code warranty implemented.
MassMedia Group continues its rapid growth and improves the quality of IT solutions. Start of preparation for IoT and AI projects. Today, our information technology services company employs more than 70 people, and this figure continues to grow!


While choosing our IT solutions company you get:

12 years of work
12 years of work experience with clients all around the world
Detailed  IT consulting
IT consulting
Lifetime code  warranty
Lifetime code
Transparent  pricing
Security of your  data
Security of your
Excellent price-to-quality ratio (Top quality/Fair price)
Excellent price-to-quality ratio (Top quality/Fair price)
Reliable  partnership
Quality  communication


What makes IT solutions company truly the best

Focus on quality
Focus on
Constant self  development
Constant self
Transparency and  reliability
Transparency and
Result  oriented
Solve client's problems
Solve client's