Future is closer than you think: 20 years in 20 minutes

Future is closer than you think: 20 years in 20 minutes

Everyone likes to make predictions about the future, whether they’re sitting on the couch or working as a business analyst. About tonight, bitcoin’s rate at the end of the year, the exact date of the apocalypse and so on. And now try to think about 2030-2040 and tell us what you imagine.

Virtual Reality: Are You Ready To Discover The Future?

Try to imagine this scene: you’re walking down the Cannes Films’ Festival red carpet. There are hundreds of people staring at you and photographers are trying to take your picture.

IT outsourcing in Ukraine: Troubleshooters In Action

“Outsourcing is in the air, everywhere I look around”. With the popularization of outsourcing even the songs of John Paul Young are getting a new modern sound.

We just picked up the camera, and everything happened on its own

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