How IT Consulting Can Help Your Tech Startup

How IT Consulting Can Help Your Tech Startup

A startup is not a walk across a field. A startup is not clear sailing in calm waters and not even a bed of roses. It is also not all peaches and cream. You can endlessly list quotes from the book “A Thousand and One Banalities”, but they rather vividly depict work on new business projects, each of which, like our life, has its own risks, difficulties, challenges, and routine.

10½ True Tips for Startup Success in 2019

10½ True Tips for Startup Success in 2019

"The market is extremely competitive, and there are plenty of reasons why your startup might go the way of the dodo." -

How to pick IT solution and make your business run

What makes your business successful? We bet some of you could give TED talks sharing your vast experience and giving valuable advice. Others are taking their first steps on the race. But you know who really wins? Those, who can’t help searching and digging. These people are open to new ideas, searching for how to make their businesses run better. They analyze the market, their workflows. They assess where they can improve - and they act.

Voice Search is Becoming a Thing Recently - Let’s Take a Closer Look

Let's assume that you need to find some information. How exactly will you do this? Type on the keyboard? Use handwriting input? Or maybe you will use voice search?

By the way, which of the above methods is the most convenient and natural? Perhaps the option with a voice is going to win this race. After all, conversations have been the main way to find out about the desired information for many millennia.

Technology predictions for 2019

Technology predictions for 2019

People are always eager to know what’s gonna happen in the near future, and any given industry connected with technology is one of the most popular search engine requests. Predicting is not an exact science, but if you’re interested in technology, it is possible to identify which things will make the biggest impact on businesses in 2019.


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