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Top 6 trends of entertainment apps to leverage your competition in 2020

# Top 6 trends of entertainment apps to leverage your competition in 2020

Top 6 trends of entertainment apps to leverage your competition in 2020

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Andrii Kuranov


Andrii Kuranov

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The concept of "entertainment apps" is very broad, because it includes gaming, media apps as well as software for more comfortable interaction with the real world entertainment. Primarily this is due to the fact, that everyone enjoy themselves in their own way. Nevertheless, in the entertainment apps industry there are certain trends that stand out from the others and if you want to succeed in this industry, you need to know them. So, today we will talk about fun things with a serious face! Let's go!


.1 Streaming platforms

Millions of people watch games or IRL-entertainment content (podcasts, entertainment shows and all sorts of events from real life) live. For streamers, this is a mass of opportunities to earn and prove themselves. Specialists often call streaming a media of the future. At the same time, popular streaming platforms are already included in the set of well-known digital tools, and the markets for e-sports and video game streaming are constantly getting the attention of the media.

Moreover, this area is beneficial to all interested parties. Users get their quality entertainment content, and streamers — authors and stream hosts — can earn on their channel through:

  • Affiliate program with streaming platform.
  • Subscriptions of users watching the streams of the author.
  • Donations.
  • Streamer channel ads.

Opportunities for streaming as an additional service are offered by the largest media platforms. Some platforms and services specialize exclusively in streaming. Popular streaming platforms in the world include:

  • twitch


    Largest streaming platform, according to Streamlabs. grew out of the resource, which was not limited to specializing in video games, but also broadcast live streams about animals, sports and politics.

  • youtube-live

    YouTube Live

    Broadcasting opportunities are also offered by the world's largest video hosting service.

  • facebook-live

    Facebook Live

    Using the service, you can directly contact subscribers. According to statistics, Facebook users comment on live broadcasts several times more often than regular videos.

  • mixer


    Mixer is a Microsoft-owned streaming platform, just like Twitch, which focuses on video gaming. The service is integrated into Xbox One and Windows 10.

  • periscope


    Periscope is a streaming service owned by Twitter. Periscope apps are available for Android and iOS.

And this is just the beginning! There are still lots and lots services, one way or another built on the broadcasting of video entertainment content. Starting with online cinemas like Netflix, ending with bookmakers broadcasting matches live. There are a lot of possibilities, just think what it would be interesting for people to watch, occupy your niche and go!


.2 Dating apps

Modern reality is extremely ambiguous. Technologies are developing so rapidly and stick so tightly into our lives that it’s becoming more and more difficult for modern people who are used to online communication to get to know each other in real life.

Many will agree that the perfect place to find a partner is a job, study or event, where people with similar interests gather, however, it is often difficult for a person to overcome shyness and leave home at all. This is partly due to the convenience and formation of new habits, as when you buy things on the Internet, order food on the Internet and also communicate with all your friends on the Internet — the search for a soulmate on the network seems to be taken for granted.

Online dating popularity has now reached its peak, simply because it is much easier. No need to sit for hours in a cafe and wait for the grass to grow. A few clicks — and your profile is ready. Moreover, in most apps, even a couple of clicks are odd, as the registration process implies the possibility of creating a profile through authorization via Facebook or Google.

Each day, there are more and more dating apps and this trend is not going to fade. At the same time, most existing solutions have a number of disadvantages. For example, in the most popular Badoo, Tinder, and Bumble, there is an extremely asymmetrical ratio of men and women. Less popular services, which are usually distinguished by an interesting concept, like Hater (an application that selects a partner based on things that you both hate) or JustLunch (an application for business dating, searching for business partners and investors) have an extremely meager user base. LGBTQ dating apps like Grindr and Hornet stand apart. This is not a whim but a necessity, as due to discrimination for the LGBTQ community this is often the safest and easiest way to find a partner.

The path to success in this niche is simple. Find your specific target audience segment and invest tons of money in advertising. And of course, do not forget about high-quality technical implementation and a user-friendly interface, if you do not want to scare away new arrivals.


.3 Digitalization of handicraft

The digitization process has influenced all areas, changing the usual way of communication, entertainment and obtaining new information. For example, before the advent of the Internet, a newspaper column of ads could attract new customers, and today the fact of paper newspapers existence seems archaism. Representatives of professions or suppliers of goods traditionally engaged in crafting goods felt relatively comfortable. At least they did until recently.

But today the trend is gaining momentum for something traditionally physical, but made using modern technologies. How do you like the idea of a service for writing beautifully designed postcards, written as if by hand (do not rush to the patent office, we have already developed it). And you must admit, having a figure printed on a 3D printer is cooler than skillfully carved from wood one. The evidence is right in our office.

3d printed head

Searching for ideas for this trend is quite simple, but on the technical side, things may not be so clear. It makes sense to consult with specialists. How to do this, read in our article How it works: IT consulting.


.4 Monetization of entertainment content

The digital format and network communications have brought their specificity to the triangle “media audience-advertiser”. In addition to the concept of “audience,” suggesting a category of loyalty, an entity called “traffic” plays a large role. This essence is important primarily for advertisers, but for the creators themselves it has a rather indirect value.

At the same time, Internet users are becoming more experienced: their requirements for the quality of the consumed entertainment content and the format of the broadcast information are growing, the spread of the practice of avoiding advertising is increasing. This stimulates the development of paid models for the distribution of entertainment content and creates broad prospects for its commercialization. For example, there are more and more sites that allow entertainment content creators to receive rewards. A striking example is Patreon and multiple services that allow content creators to access images for a small fee.


.5 Privacy

It's no secret that our apps know too much about us. Technical giants store a lot of personal data, including the history of search queries, the definition of geolocation, voice search data, etc. Thanks to this, services are improved, and users are “supplied” with advertising that meets their preferences. However, not everyone likes this state of things.

There is now a huge gap in trust, and the media and entertainment apps industry are at the center of this dilemma. In a recent study conducted by Futurum Research in partnership with SAS Software regarding privacy and digital trust, in which more than 4,000 global consumers and brands were surveyed, 61% of respondents said they completely lost control over their data and privacy.

People felt helpless in terms of their ability to protect themselves or their loved ones from leaks. This feeling causes significant dissonance in trust between consumers and brands. This is especially true for the media, as the same study showed that media related to the entertainment apps industry, along with social networks, were invariably among the three most distrusted industries (out of more than 20).

It is expected that in the near future, users will demand more privacy and transparency regarding the use of data about their lives. Partly this process has already begun with the adoption of GDPR in Europe, and constant leaks from the databases of major companies such as Facebook and Google only accelerate it.


.6 Smart personalization

Despite the fact that users are reluctant to share personal data, statistics say that most buyers would be happy with a personalized service. According to a Salesforce report, 40% of millennials and generation Z representatives are willing to pay for well-done personalization. They want a deeper interaction that can provide a well-executed digital conversion.

reasons for multiple ott subscriptions

In 2020, it is expected that companies will pay attention to what entertainment content they really know how to make and with what audience they communicate at a deeper level. We are likely to see more niche communications and entertainment content development targeted at this audience, rather than content that is free for everyone that we see now. Of course, this means a larger increase in AI and machine learning to isolate these connection points.


Now you know what to expect from the entertainment apps industry in 2020. The main thing to remember is that in this industry it makes no sense to use ready-made solutions or mindlessly copy competitors. Users will appreciate only a truly unique product. And we will help you in its creation, or at least share valuable tips! For example, here's an article about Perfect Software Development Team!