Technology predictions for 2019

Technology predictions for 2019

People are always eager to know what’s gonna happen in the near future, and any given industry connected with technology is one of the most popular search engine requests. Predicting is not an exact science, but if you’re interested in technology, it is possible to identify which things will make the biggest impact on businesses in 2019.

We’ve looked into our magical crystal ball, and here’s what we saw:

5G will kill cable

After all, speed is an extremely important factor in processing and transmitting information. Large cities will be equipped with small “intermediate” data centers for collecting primary information and transferring it to original storage areas. 5G brings enormous data capacity, rapid speeds, and incredibly low latency. This is great news for business owners. They will feel relieved using 5G Fixed Wireless Access, as it allows greater capabilities and – most importantly – more productivity.

Virtual assistants are just like our helper-outer

Such programs are already actively used in business, as they allow people to collect large amounts of information and predict the simplest actions and decisions. But in 2019, this trend is going to become a part of our ordinary life. After all, it is much easier to shift part of the routine work to a virtual assistant, instructing him to control calories in our diet, draw up a to-do list for today, plan further decisions and voice our received messages while driving to work.

Blockchain will pose a threat to banks

In 2019, blockchain will make a comeback and start being successful in various areas once again, offering innovative possibilities for the protection and organization of distributed transactions of almost any kind. Electronic transactions are around every corner. And people want to keep their personal data, medical records and legal documents safe. So, implementing software protection would allow us to take security to a whole new level from the very beginning.

Big Data will change the world

We can see Big data everywhere these days: from fashion to transportation, enterprise to small business. Today, companies take preference to automating their business processes. Big Data shows great promise. In the future, Big Data will predict and inform the best potential result for every problem humans run into.

Today, people make decisions according to their own experience or their capacity to research. Thanks to Big Data, everybody will have access to the experience of every related process and result that has been statistically evaluated, so that the next choice we make is better and more appropriate for the situation we face, whether it be in our personal of professional lives.

The world is changing rapidly and the main thing we need to do is keep up with it, using all the possible tools for this, and we’re sure that one of them is software.

P.S Dear programmers, you will surely be provided with work. A number of technologies will grow steadily, so you will have to learn more than ever before. Try not to lose your mind. But that's another story.