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Tech innovations why custom software is a MUST

# Tech innovations why custom software is a MUST

Tech innovations why custom software is a MUST

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Andrii Kuranov


Andrii Kuranov

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What is the key to the success of implementing an innovative solution? Firstly, this is of course the idea itself - its potential, novelty and relevance in the market. Secondly, it is the ability to successfully implement this innovative idea.

Obviously, today it is impossible to talk about the implementation of technological innovations in isolation from digital technologies. And in this case, many innovators are faced with the realization that the capabilities of conventional digital tools and software are not enough to help the innovator create true breakthrough and gain a competitive advantage.

One of the possible and most effective ways out of this situation is the use of custom solution in the innovation process, which makes it possible to fully reveal the potential of advanced technologies at all stages of innovation implementation - from the formation of an idea to the implementation and support of a product.

Using custom software in the context of creating and implementing innovative solutions has a lot of advantages. Here are just a few of them:


The implementation of unique ideas

idea implementation

Custom software allows organizations to collect, evaluate and implement actionable ideas from their employees, customers and partners. Thanks to quick adaptation, easy-to-use functions, opportunities for joint work in different departments of autonomous programs for innovation oriented to employees, it guarantees a high level of involvement and a serious commitment to your innovative efforts.

In addition, custom solution makes it possible to take into account the specifics of a business that has decided to introduce innovation in order to gain a competitive advantage. In other words, custom solutions allows you to implement an innovative strategy and fits perfectly into the business processes and workflow of a company that innovate. A significant advantage of tailor made solution is also that it adapts and maintains the strategy, and does not force you to adjust the strategy and processes for a ready-made software solution.

Also, in the case of custom software, a direct relationship is established between you and the development company. High-skilled developers can more easily adapt to changes in your requirements and collaborate with you, and often offer their own expertise and experience, which helps to think through and implement innovations.


The latest technology use

the latest technology

When developing custom solution, the latest and best technologies are used, which is the key to the innovativeness of the final product. In this case, we mean a combination of the best programming languages ​​that can help to fully realize the innovative idea, the best platforms (such as cloud computing platforms) and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, etc. After all, ordinary software is often sharpened to solve common, rather than individual problems of organizations - this is done so that the demand for it is as wide as possible. Innovative ideas are often atypical, so custom solution is the best choice in this situation.

With tailor made software, you have what you need and you can better focus on implementing your innovative solution. This can provide a higher degree of flexibility, bring potential profit in the long term, become your "chip" and give you a competitive advantage. In addition, using software tailored to your needs, your team will feel more confident and complete tasks faster and more efficiently.




The use of standard software is fraught with risks for an innovative project, since during an attack by hackers all personal data will be lost. Custom solution is more secure because it is developed specifically for a particular enterprise. In addition, no one restricts the customer in adding additional security measures.

The main reason for hacking software is that hackers get the source code of a particular program. Custom applications have much less problems like this, since hacking it requires much more effort and time. Thus, custom applications are much better protected from external threats, such as data leaks, which is an extremely important factor for an innovative project.




In the context of introducing a tech innovative solution, custom software is more scalable than an existing solution. This is due to the fact that a tailor made application is being developed with an eye to the long term. Thus, it can be conveniently scaled in accordance with the requirements of an innovative project, and its architecture is initially built for a specific strategy and plans, which allows us to talk not about a short-term solution, but about an integrated one and lay everything that may be needed there later.

Scalability can be easily integrated into tailor made solution to ensure that it meets any changing needs of your tech innovative project. On the other hand, the characteristics of the finished application remain more or less constant and cannot be easily changed. With ready-made software, you have to wait until some other company improves its functions to make your innovative project better.

In the case of custom solution, you have a team that can accept all your requests at any time and expand the possibilities for your innovative project on demand. Custom solution can satisfy any of your requirements while remaining flexible and easy to use. Instead of relying on ready-made solutions, innovators can get benefits that are fully consistent with various goals. You can even get various benefits that ready-made software does not provide, for example, the opportunity for technical improvement of a product in parallel with the development of tech innovation.


Technical (and not only) support

support and maintenance

The effective development of an innovative project is associated not only with the process of developing tailor made solution, but also with regular maintenance and support. Technical support for tailor made software is a set of measures aimed at updating software, repelling malware attacks, that is, round-the-clock monitoring of how the project functions.

In addition, not only software support is important in the later stages of its development, but also informational support at the design stage of an innovative project, which will help to avoid possible errors in the future. Almost all innovators sooner or later face the need for informational and technical support to ensure the reliable operation of the project. That is why constant communication with a team that is well aware of all the technical features of your product, at all stages of innovation development, makes it possible to deal with potential problems as efficiently as possible. This is especially important for tech innovative products in which the potential for development is laid and as a result they are constantly tested and improved.


Today, solutions that can bring competitive advantages and distinguish you from competitors are not just a desirable scenario, but an urgent need. Nevertheless, much depends on the implementation of such a product and the involvement of performers in the process. That is why, in the end, we recommend you choose carefully a company that will help you implement tech innovative solution using custom software, and valuable tips on this issue can be found in our article How to choose software development company.