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Software development partner reliability: how we provide it at MassMedia Group? | C.S.S.

# Software development partner reliability: how we provide it at MassMedia Group? | C.S.S.

Software development partner reliability: how we provide it at MassMedia Group? | C.S.S.

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Anastasia Romanova


Anastasia Romanova

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Let’s imagine that you have already chosen the one among the best outsourcing countries. Now it’s time to select  the software development company. Do you believe that it is possible to find a reliable software development partner you can trust 100%? It might seem as impossible as finding the Unicorn. But we know that it can happen in reality!

Perhaps this is why you’re here. In our new article from a Custom Software Solution series you’ll learn how to check the reliability of a software development partner , what is the role of technical partner and what MassMedia Group can do to be the software development company you can rely on.

So, without further ado, let's proceed to overlook the main difference between technical partner and implementer.


What is the difference between software development partner and technical implementer?

The main difference lies in the definition of both terms. Let’s have a closer look at it.

Technical Implementer is the one who works on the technical part of the project. Most often they adhere to the recommendations of the customer without offering other possible options that would make the project’s operation better. The technical implementer generally won’t look for more profitable solutions. Their main goal is to fulfill the order not to help the customer to make the development more profitable.

The technical implementer won’t provide you with post-release maintenance and less likely will perform the post-release evolution. They can’t guarantee the complex solution since they only achieve those goals which were set by the customer.

A technical partner in most cases is a company - a whole team that can advise you on IT-solutions to improve the software, solve the existing business problems, and provides you with some ideas for post-release evolution. A software development partner aims to make the development process more beneficial for you. They take on all the aspects of the development, hence their services include everything that is needed for qualitative work on the project creation. This means that they provide you with the range of services for successful project release within one company.

A reliable software development partner has a maximum commitment to the project so you will feel like they’re not only developing software but are interested in your success. They conduct a business analysis, examining market trends and tendencies, your position in it, and the main competitors.

This way you’ll have to only think about your idea! As a result, you’ll have a well-thought-out solution that is fully balanced and includes everything necessary to provide a full competitive advantage.

Oleksandr Sendulskyi
“In the definition of software development partner the juice is “partner” because you need to find someone committed to your project for maximum results. They should strive for the same goals as you, so, when looking for a technical partner, find the one who’ll be genuinely interested in your project and be focused on the end result in all their actions.” - CMO at MassMedia Group

So, why do you need a reliable software development partner? Because if you don’t have any technical background and you want your product to be developed with business logic and specific goals of your business in mind - nobody can do it better. With a reliable software development partner, you’ll be able to find out your business needs and avoid unnecessary spendings on the features and technologies you have no demand on.

Hence, you can also find ways to implement your ideas, requirements and goals in your custom software solution.

But what is the role of a technical development partner? Let’s figure this out!



Where to look for and how to choose a reliable software development partner?

Nobody invented anything better than good old “look it up on the Internet”. You can find information about software development partners on a wide number of resources as well as on their own website. We also advise you to ask someone you know - maybe there are startupers among them who can recommend a development company to work with?

For example, we had a client who recommended us to his friends. It was a Norwegian fintech project we worked on with him before. One day he said that he knows someone who needs technical partnership for the project. It was MyScore AS that we took on successfully and delivered the project to the client. Now we even have an article on our blog about this so you can read how we worked on it.

Among the resources where you could look for a development company are:

Firstly, look at the info these websites provide about various companies and make your choice from it. Look at the experience, field of work, their projects and portfolio.


MassMedia Group Summary on

Most of the reliable software development companies have a profile on resources like these. Let’s take as an example. Here on the summary page, you can find anything that you’re interested in about the development company: hourly rates, number of employees, the main qualification and the evaluation of performance. Besides, every review on Clutch is verified by the platform so you can be ensured in its honesty.


Here you can find real feedback from customers, as well as see the company's portfolio. After you studied the profiles of different companies, you should make a list of the most suitable ones. We advise those who have appropriate rates for you and the best marks on projects in the industry where your project is based. Also, look at those companies which provide a full range of services.

The optimal rate is in the middle because if you will be short on budget you’ll have to pause or delay your project, and if the company you choose promises you everything for a low-cost - they might be not experienced enough.

It is all unique for every software development partner, though. But looking through different options can help you find the One development company that’ll be flexible enough to work with your specific project.

After this is done, we recommend you to look at software development companies’ websites. Browsing through it you can assess their reliability and the quality of their work. You also can look for a blog on the software development partner site - if they have one it means that they have the experience that they want to share.

It is important that the content on the website is up to date and the functionality works without major malfunctions. The better the website of the development company is,the better their services are.

And to the final straw - meetings and calls. Find those chosen ones who you’re planning to contact and do it whenever you feel ready. This way you’ll be able to assess their communication skills, find the answers to all the questions you have, learn if your software development partner speaks English good enough (if you’re planning on working with offshore companies), and even take a little peek at their office.


Why MassMedia Group is a reliable software development partner?

First of all, through our custom software solution service. It is our “all-inclusive” service where we provide everything from a consultation to post-release maintenance within one company. In terms of this service, we provide additional measures for the security and reliability of software development. We have post-release software maintenance and we always check on our products’ stable work.

In case of malfunctions we don’t deny it but do everything we can to fix it as soon as possible. We also analyze customers’ feedback and the market situation to ensure the relevance of our clients’ software. This way we can say that we work with maximum commitments to provide you with the best software solution possible.

Our team is ready to take on all issues related to the analysis of each new function potential effectiveness, conclusions about the need for each decision made, and ways for project optimization. Every detail is part of our comprehensive service.

So what makes us a reliable software development partner? It is our services, yes, but it is also our corporate culture. The measures of reliability that we take in MassMedia Group are as follows:

.1 Ensuring security

This is achieved by storing project data only on secured servers. Thanks to this, our clients don’t have to worry about confidential information leaks. We also use a multilevel system of access and permissions, which allows only employees with a signed NDA to access projects and information about them. Besides, our company organizes the entire work process by the laws of the client's country.

.2 Development transparency

We ensure transparency of our work with the client through planning and discussion of project along with budget. It is cooperative, which means our customer also participates in it. Our team draws up a detailed project plan and creation (along with implementation) strategy. Thanks to this, our clients are always confident that we are on the same page with them. We are the true software development partner and we support our customers’ interests by helping them to achieve their desired goals and meet their business needs. We also work according to the software development pricing model, which allows us to achieve better results and choose the optimal type of cooperation. Besides - we send reports once a day/month/week (depending on project needs) on all planned and done work.

.3 Reliability

Our reliability as a software development partner can be verified by feedback from our customers at Clutch and Extract. We also sign up a contract with a detailed description of our obligations and work with strict adherence to it. This contract is drawn up in compliance with international standards or the client's country law. The code warranty is also an important indicator of our reliability.

.4 Lifetime warranty on the code

Lifetime warranty on our code is written out in the contract and assumes that in case of problems with the IT product due to bugs in our code we commit to fix them at our own expense. And, of course, as soon as possible. Yet, there is one "but" - if no one else interfered in our code.

It is time to wrap it up. In the end, we’d like to say that it is complicated to evaluate the reliability based on the reviews only.

In many aspects to trust, someone with software development is a leap of faith. Therefore your software development partner must be committed to your project from the very first minute.This is exactly what determines their attitude towards your project.

We believe you’ll find the one software development partner that will help you to achieve maximum effectiveness. Maybe we’ll be the one for you?

Challenge us to find out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a software development partner?


A technical partner in most cases is a company - a whole team that can advise you on IT-solutions to improve the software, solve the existing business problems, and provides you with some ideas for post-release evolution.

Why do you need a software development partner?


With a reliable software development partner, you’ll be able to find out your business needs and avoid unnecessary spendings on the features and technologies you have no demand on.

Where to find a reliable software development partner?


Among the resources where you could look for a development company are: <br> ▪ Clutch <br> ▪ Extract <br> ▪ GoodFirms <br> ▪ Glassdoor<br> and many others.

How to be sure in a software development partner reliability?


Look up their site and reviews about them on reliable sources. You can also check on the services they provide - look for a complex service such as a custom software solution.

How is MassMedia Group a reliable software development partner?


We provide our clients with additional data security measures, development transparency and lifetime warranty on the code. This means that we maintain our project after release and are committed to our client projects as our own. And this is exactly the thing that defines a reliable software development partner.