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Our statement on COVID-19

# Our statement on COVID-19

Our statement on COVID-19

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MassMedia Group

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Time to put technology at the service of your business

For 13 years of existence our company has faced many difficult situations both in our country and in the world. But fortunately, we have always managed to set up the work process so that no external circumstances affect the quality of our services.

Undoubtedly, the current situation with COVID-19 has become a challenge to each of us personally, and to the global business community as a whole. Nevertheless, we’re sure that thanks to our company's coordinated work as a single mechanism, and your trust for us as an IT-partner we’ll be able to go through these complicated times together.

Yes, the conditions this virus put us in have fundamentally changed the course of our lives, forcing us to temporarily transfer our employees to remote work. But some things remain untouched - it’s our responsible and high-quality work on your projects. We still carefully structure the workflow to meet the stipulated deadlines. Our developers are still looking for the most advanced custom solutions for your software, and we are still, as always, open to communication with you. Everything happens in our usual, sustained rhythm. Except, the next line of code is now written by a person sitting at a computer in funny plush slippers, and PM or sales-manager is stroking a cat under the table while answering your questions :)

But this is not so important.

What matters is that despite the global panic, distraction and uncertainty in the future, we’re trying to be fully prepared. Now, as never before, we all need to act in a particularly cohesive manner, as it is time to actively respond to changes and put technology at the service of your business. It is time to create or develop your applications and online products. Therefore, we not just continue to do what we love most - to create high-quality software for existing and new projects. Today we try to be even better and more productive, to look for even more innovative technological solutions for the new needs of your business.

The best we can do for ourselves and our loved ones is to stay home. The best we can do for the world now is to take care of the technological opportunity to adapt to new realities.

Are you with us?