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Lifetime Code Warranty for a Startup: Quality mark of a mature company

# Lifetime Code Warranty for a Startup: Quality mark of a mature company

Lifetime Code Warranty for a Startup: Quality mark of a mature company

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Andrii Kuranov


Andrii Kuranov

Content Manager

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How to distinguish good code from bad one? Tech guys like us will tell you that the main criteria for a good, high-quality code are its readability, cleanliness and stability. But these words won’t say anything to the user, however, he does not need to delve into such subtleties. It will be enough to note that a good, high-quality code is when everything works without failures.

To make it more let's draw an analogy. Software development is somewhat similar to building a house. In both construction and programming, an increase in the complexity and scale of the project is accompanied by an increase in the price of errors. Of course, rather expensive materials are needed to create a home, however, the salary of workers and specialists is also an essential expense item. Moving the wall by 15 cm will be expensive not because of materials spent, but because you will have to pay, among other things, for the extra time the builders work. Unless, of course, they are ready to move the unsuccessfully placed wall at their own expense, but hold on to this thought, we will come back to it later. Anyway, in order not to waste time correcting errors that can be avoided, you should perform the design as best as possible.


Let us show, how we do it

Before reaching the end user, any code written in our company goes through several stages of verification.

  • Right after a sequence of commands is written, the developer conducts the so-called unit test, or to make it clear, writes a code that independently tests another code.
  • Then a code review occurs where more experienced team member, a team lead, checks the work.
  • If the code was this text, then this would be the end of a testing. However, software products are not articles for our blog, and therefore the code goes through another stage of testing with a specially trained person - a QA engineer (sometimes even several of them). Testers examine it from the perspective of the end user and carefully check for bugs and undocumented features.
  • After that, the software, or part of it, is sent to the client along with the documentation (instructions). The client on his own, or with the help of beta testers, once again makes sure that everything works as it should.

You may find our scheme of work visualised on the picture below.

Can a sudden bug be detected in the code, even after so many stages of verification? Unlikely, but YES! There is no vendor in the world who will confidently say that 2-3 years after the release of the product there won’t be any kind of malfunction, especially if the product is popular.

Is this a solid reason to leave the client face to face with this problem? Most negatively NO!

We believe that a good code should be like a Swiss watch. That is why, as in the case of the latter, we provide a warranty on it. Lifetime-long and absolutely free warranty.

By a lifetime code warranty we mean the obligation throughout the whole lifecycle of the program to fix for free any errors found during the system’s post-development. Thus, we not only show confidence in the quality of work that we achieve thanks to our process of designing solutions along with constant attention to details, but also focus on the optimal user experience. The lifetime warranty on the code is specified directly in the contract drawn up according to the internationally recognized template.

Lifetime Code Warranty for a Startup

REMEMBER: Warranty applies only to code written by MassMedia Group specialists. The warranty expires if third-party developers make changes to the code.

  • Customer confidence in quality

    You must admit that the fact such an option is available already speaks of confidence in the quality of the final product on our part. And we are more than anyone interested that everything on your side would also be without problems.

  • No overpayments due to possible bugs fixing

    Warranty is free. This means that its value is already included in the development price (developers’ rate). You do not have to pay extra or hire third-party specialists to correct the error. Moreover, we strongly advise you not to do this, as practice shows that no one understands the code better than the person who wrote it.

  • Lifetime warranty, not limited

    We won’t stop the maintenance of the product until you decide so.

    If creating high-quality software products was an easy task, no one would ever have heard so many complaints about poor software. There are even entire companies that are exclusively engaged in testing software and demand for their services is high.

At the same time, quality has always been one of our key values. That is why each of our products goes through many stages of testing. That is why we pay so much attention to improving the skills of our developers. We regularly spend time and money on studying and improving the tools we use, as well as on the conditions and technologies which we work with. These practices help us to be confident in the quality of the final product and we want our customers to have this confidence as well, therefore we provide a lifetime warranty on the code.

Sometimes bugs can appear in completely unexpected places, but this is not a reason to put up with their existence, that’s what we believe. Therefore, when problems are discovered, we are ready to fix them. Absolutely free and in the shortest term possible.

IMPORTANT: We can fix the code, but not the person who broke it in an attempt to fix the bug on their own. Warranty no longer covers such a product. Remember, you can always trust the professionals from the MassMedia Group. We are already on our way! :)