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How to Make a Successful Web App in 2020

How to Make a Successful Web App in 2020

How to Make a Successful Web App in 2020
Andrii Kuranov


Andrii Kuranov

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The beginning of a new decade always marks a major change. For example, in 2010, Google made a presentation of its first phone, as well as Apple its first tablets. Back then, this seemed like a huge step forward in the development of electronic devices, but today it has become commonplace.

In 2020 we also expect something extraordinary, including the field of web development. However, in fact, the near future of web applications creation is already known today, as some trends have already appeared earlier. And although the world should not expect something radically new, an entrepreneur who plans to make a web application should understand that the role of certain technologies and development methods will grow significantly. So what are those development trend and how to make a successful web application in 2020?



Obviously PWA


Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a new approach to web application creation, based on a combination of all the best that is in web applications and mobile applications.

What is PWA? Basically, you can treat it as a site built using web technologies, but which interacts with the user as an application. Advances in the development of browsers, caches and Push-interfaces allowed installing the application on the home screen directly from the browser, receiving pop-up notifications and even working offline. The key differences between PWA and native applications are as follows:

  1. In the browsers Google, Opera, Firefox and Edge PWA can be downloaded on any gadgets, regardless of screen size or other specifications. Additionally, developers of these browsers will offer users to install PWA the second time they visit the website.
  2. Application developers note that creating a progressive web application is easier and faster than creating a regular website.
  3. No need for API with compatibility support. In case of PWA, users run the same version of the website code (unlike in classic applications).

Most software developers are passionate about the idea of building a single cross-platform PWA which allows them, to put it simply, to achieve the same results as before, but at the same time spend less time on making it and so earn more. To put it clear, just look at the growth dynamics of queries regarding progressive web apps in Google searches over the past 5 years.

Google search statistics for ‘progressive web apps’ query 2014-2019



Mobile first approach


You don’t have to be a marketing analyst to see that trading through desktop versions of online store sites, although keep growing every year, is not so dynamic as in the first half of the 2010s.

The situation is completely opposite in mobile trading - its growth is accelerating every year. So, according to BI Intelligence, mobile sales in 2020 will be 2 times higher than desktop online trading. This is due to the fact that in 2015-2017, the mobile phones have completely changed the habits of buyers - in the second half of the decade, about 2.31 billion people made purchases from smartphones and new I-Want-To-Buy nuances of purchase appeared. Some of the users of these mobile web applications in the 2020s will no longer want to change their new advanced habits and return to the aging forms of online sales - they will prefer to keep using mobile online stores applications only.

It is expected that a slightly more conservative part of online shoppers will still prefer to work using PC’s and laptops, but focusing exclusively on them is a deliberately losing strategy. And the dynamics of increasing the number of web pages shown on mobile devices only reinforces all written above.

Percentage of all global web pages served to mobile statistics



Pay attention to web application architecture


This stage of web app creation is especially important for building a successful web application. Architecture is the foundation on which all further functionality and logic of interaction will be built. The architecture of every single web application is based on the client and server parts and due to the competent construction of their work with each other, you can not only reduce the complexity of development, but also improve the user experience. At the same time, it is impossible to build a competent web apps architecture without proper expertise. That is why it makes sense to turn to professionals.



Take care of the online component


The main interaction between the user and the web application occurs online. Your task in this case is to build the most optimal and innovative methods for this interaction. For example, you can implement voice input. Previously, products with high-quality voice input were disproportionately expensive. However, now this is one of the key trends. Voice search is not as fast as text input, because the browser needs time to clearly recognize speech. But it takes on a new look and affects the building of most web apps, for example, the SEO of many sites is based on voice queries.

For more information on voice search, see our article Voice Search is Becoming a Thing Recently - Let’s Take a Closer Look.

In addition, you can implement communication with the chat bot. Many online stores today exist without real support, as bots have completely replaced the “live” consultants. They are ready to answer any question and at the request of the client can choose the right product and place an order.



Offline mode


Although this approach has been used for a long time, do not forget that offline mode is a very important thing, and you should think about it from the very beginning while creating a web application, and do not expect to add it later when there will be more time. Mobile versions of online stores are unstable during high demand peaks. If you have ever tried to buy something during Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday - you know what it’s all about. Moreover, the availability of offline mode is incredibly useful in creation of business-oriented web applications, such as CRM systems or document processing services. To get an example, just take a look at Google Docs.

Simple web sites without applications are ineffective with poor Wi-Fi quality or bad mobile connection such as in airplanes. In addition, in some regions, including some popular among tourists, a slow 2G connection is still a common thing. Downloading applications instead of having to visit the website to select a product can significantly increase conversion. Otherwise, you can wait until 2027, when there is a launch of the system for distributing the ubiquitous high-speed Internet ‘Starlink’ from Elon Musk is scheduled.



Artificial Intelligence


Smart technologies is the world’s future as even today, artificial intelligence gets into our lives much deeper and in a much larger number of spheres. Just take a look at the image below.

Artificial intelligence spheres

Smart Home, voice search, housekeeping robots, autopilot and other similar technologies - all that is AI-based. Each of them already has its own embodiment in the market. But this is far from the end.

AI facilitates any action by hundreds of times. First of all, it will be widely used during the creation of web apps. Software developers know that most actions can be safely transferred to AI without losing quality, while deadlines can be significantly reduced. Also, AI will be implemented in user-oriented products. Artificial intelligence will help to improve the user experience. That’s why it will be the core of most web development of the future.

However, do not forget that half the success of a creating web application depends on the professionalism of those who implement the idea, about a quarter more on post-release support and product development, and the rest on competent business planning and management by the owner. In this case, the search for professional developers is especially important for making a web app and we understand this. That’s why we have prepared some useful tips for you in the article How to choose software development company. Check it out!