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Future is closer than you think: 20 years in 20 minutes

# Future is closer than you think: 20 years in 20 minutes

Future is closer than you think: 20 years in 20 minutes

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Andrii Kuranov


Andrii Kuranov

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Everyone likes to make predictions about the future, whether they’re sitting on the couch or working as a business analyst. About tonight, bitcoin’s rate at the end of the year, the exact date of the apocalypse and so on. And now try to think about 2030-2040 and tell us what you imagine.

Do you see a brave new world, a Mad Max-styled desert, or maybe it’s similar to ours today? Now think about it, as far as two decades ago (most likely if you are reading this article you were born earlier than that) such technological breakthroughs as IoT, AI and VR was something even the most progressively thinking professionals considered to be a fantasy, and nowadays they have already become a part of our everyday life!

In this article, we would like to tell you about the expected, but nevertheless exciting, changes of the world's future in different spheres. Let this webpage be your time machine which will help you see what the future is going to look like. Just promise to behave yourself and don’t try to save Kennedy anymore.



Jobs in the future

Even though we bet our grandparents would be shocked to hear such a dialog, it might become a very common thing in around 10 years. And below there are even more breathtaking jobs for the future!

  • AI Engineer

    It's probably obvious that the biggest thing you have to deal with in this job is Artificial Intelligence. You’d be responsible for deploying AI models into production, analyzing all the most relevant artificial intelligence research, estimating the perspectives of their use, etc. And if Skynet takes over the world, I guess we'll have you to blame.It's probably obvious that the biggest thing you have to deal with in this job is Artificial Intelligence. You’d be responsible for deploying AI models into production, analyzing all the most relevant artificial intelligence research, estimating the perspectives of their use, etc. And if Skynet takes over the world, I guess we'll have you to blame.

  • Robotics Technology Specialist

    Did you like to build LEGO Bionicle robots when you were a kid? If so, the profession of a robotics engineering technician is for you! Your main tasks would be building, maintaining, and repairing robots. Even though accomplishing these tasks require something more than just the ability to build LEGOS, you will most likely still end up just attaching different plastic parts to each other. Just be sure to get an appropriate education as well, as you'll need to be an expert in programming and have engineering skills in electromechanics. Who knows, maybe your robot could finally write a symphony to put an end to all these outdated memes.

  • Nano-medic

    With the development of modern nanotechnology the world of medicine is also transforming rapidly. Nanomedicine is becoming extremely popular even now. Ordinary doctors might be replaced by those medical experts who can deal with health care issues at a molecular and submolecular level. However, they wouldn’t help you with your hypochondria issues anyways.

  • Body-part maker

    This job is #1 in the Top 10 Jobs of the Future by 2030 list. And there is nothing strange about it, as printable body parts have the potential to save millions of lives. By the way, it’s predicted that in the not-too-distant future body-part makers will be able to create so-called “cyber-organs” (body parts with the specific sensors that can transmit information about their functional capabilities). We know what you’re thinking “Will Google and Facebook collect data from my liver for more ads relevance?” Only time will tell...

  • Space-pilots and space-tour guides

    The breakthroughs in the space traveling industry will cause an uprise of these fascinating jobs. Who knows, maybe in several decades you’ll be able to make a quick tour to Mars and back? Don’t forget to steal a piece of Martian rock as a souvenir, you sneaky little collector :)




Thilo Koslowski
“We have to get smarter about using the infrastructure and innovate in passenger vehicles and mobility.” — The lead automotive analyst at research firm Gartner, expert on next-generation transportation
  • Hyperloop

    The closest breakthrough in transportation is expected to be Hyperloop, a “vacuum railroad” with the tubular system that shoots pod-like capsules between destinations at speeds of more than 1,200 km per hour. The idea was first presented by Elon Musk in 2014 and was considered to be too futuristic. And who’s laughing now as the California-based startup is planning to build 3 hyperloops by 2020. The superspeed Hyperloop transport systems are being built all around the world, in the US, United Arab Emirates, France, Indonesia, the Czech Republic, and more! By the way, Ukraine has recently joined the trend. On June 14th Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian and CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Dirk Ahlborn signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation on the Hyperloop project. It is expected, that Hyperloop will become completely operational by 2025. The only question is, will it deliver pizza?

  • Spaceports in super-tall buildings

    Nowadays scientists are working on super-strong carbon-based materials such as graphene. They plan to use them in the building of new-age skyscrapers up to 24 miles (38 kilometers) high. These giant structures are expected to be adopted as spaceports for the future interplanetary journeys by 2045.

  • Self-driving cars

    In 20 years, owning a car without self-driving capabilities will be a lot like owning a horse, Elon Musk said during Tesla's third-quarter earnings call in 2015. Even though owning a horse is obviously much cooler than a regular boring car, tech giants such as Google and Uber might disagree as they are already working on autonomous cars alongside such traditional automakers as General Motors, Volkswagen, and Toyota. The latter is going to create fully functional self-driving cars by 2020. We will only have to choose the starting and final destinations for our journey, and the smart automation system will take care of the rest!




Dr. Anne Lise Kjaer
“The improvement to our physical well-being is exciting, but what excites me, even more, is the parallel development of apps that meet our underserved mental health needs.” — The founder of London-based trend forecasting agency Kjaer Global
  • Smart pills

    The FDA has approved the first smart pill that tracks drug regimen compliance from the inside for use in the US, and it is predicted that in next 5-7 years such pills will be able to transmit the state of your well-being to smartphones and other electronic devices, so you could know for sure if it’s just a hangover or kidney failure.

  • 3D printing cells

    The team of University of Utah biomedical engineers has developed a method, that enables 3D printers to produce human tissue such as ligaments or tendons. "This is a technique in a very controlled manner to create a pattern and organizations of cells that you couldn't create with previous technologies," scientists say about the printing process. As the method will be developing, it may allow us to receive replacements of human tissues and even organs without waiting for the organ donor for the next 10 years! Maybe you could even finally enlarge your… neck.



The human in the future

No doubt that the rapid development of technologies significantly impacts the way we live. It is expected that by 2030 people will face a lot of changes that will transform their bodies, thinking process and behavior. Here’s what we found in various researches on this topic!

  • Super skills

    Experts anticipate the creation of microchips that would make people smarter and exo-suits that would give people maximum strength. We already have a working prototype in Ukraine, by the way. Moreover, it's expected that contact lenses which would be able to take photos and videos will be in our future (remember that Black Mirror episode?). We still don’t know if it will show ads, but Instagram users will be on cloud nine.

  • Unprecedented empathy

    Thanks to VR technologies, people would be able to carefully analyze the consequences of their behavior and understand what other people feel. Thanks to neural interfaces people might be able to transmit their emotions and understanding of situations right to the other person’s brain. Then the government will make all these things mandatory and one day you might find yourself unexpectedly kind.

  • Extra personalization

    In the nearest future personalization might become the key thing in every sphere of our life. Good news for marketing managers: besides information about the location and previous purchases of their clients, they would be able to use special “emotional filters” which are able to change the “tone” of the message according to the client’s mood. Imagine receiving an inspiring job offer after a bad day or a sad notification about sales while visiting a funeral.

  • Total robotization

    It is expected that by 2030 robots will replace approximately 800 millions workers! Quite shocking, isn’t it? It’s high time to build a wall from these filthy robots, and they will pay for it! Moreover, by 2026 the board of directors in every country might contain at least one AI vehicle, scientists predict. Are you ready to give up your CEO position in favor of a robot? Can you believe that a robot could be your boss? Don’t answer, just bow upon over future overlords.

  • Every successful technical

    Thanks to the development of custom software solution, your ideal team takes into account all the features, business processes and wishes. Due to this, your business project receives a competitive advantage.

  • High-tech religion

    In 2017 the notorious Anthony Levandowski told journalists from Wired about his intention to create a new church, named the Way of the Future. The main idea of this religion is that with the advancement of AI it would become a new god. The AI would be all-seeing and all-knowing and people would worship it. AI would be considered a “computer messiah”.The only question is… Oh wait, there is much more than one question!

And while you are still amazed by the incredible prospects that are waiting for us tomorrow, we will try to sum everything up. Unlike many speculations on the subject, examples given in this material are not only quite realistic, but also practically ready, or at least their implementation doesn’t seem to be impossible. Some of them cause enthusiasm, others - distrust and fear. But every single one of them is amazing.

You will most likely have to face these pieces of technologies one way or another. And it's in your best interests to prepare for this moment properly. Of course, you will need a company that will assist you in these preparations. A company, which is no doubt the best at the engineering and maintenance of custom software. Be sure to contact MassMedia Group now, as tomorrow it may be too late!

Now the tour is over. Leave Delorean, please. Thank you.