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Custom software developing: everything you should know about this process in MassMedia Group | C. S. S.

# Custom software developing: everything you should know about this process in MassMedia Group | C. S. S.

Custom software developing: everything you should know about this process in MassMedia Group | C. S. S.

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Anastasia Romanova


Anastasia Romanova

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There are three things you can watch forever: fire, water, and other people listing advantages of custom software for your business, And, of course, counting those can also take forever.

If the software you're looking for, should perfectly fit your business desirable requirements - then you're looking for custom software.

MassMedia Group as a company that develops software gives our clients a custom software solution, which includes custom IT solution development. And so, in this article, we will talk about what your business can get with custom software development in particular.


What is custom developed software and what’s its place in Custom Software Solution

First of all, we should figure out the definition of custom software development in general. This service concentrates on software development and deployment. It also stands for configuration specific applications to make them fit the client’s business needs in the best possible way.

Custom software development is one of C. S. S. components, along with IT-consulting, maintenance and evolution, cybersecurity, reliability, client’s service, and lifetime code warranty. To know more about these services we recommend you reading other thematic articles from this series on our blog.


Why it's worthy to develop custom software: top advantages


Beside obvious “fitting into your business needs and requirements” and “conformity with your company’s specialties”, there are other advantages that push you to develop a custom software. Take a look at the list of the pros we’re talking about:

  • .1 Getting a competitive advantage

    Custom software is known for being a unique solution for your company. That’s why you have an opportunity to choose the most important features for implementation into an IT-product. Hence, you’ll be able to analyze their influence on your business process and find exactly what you need to outrun the competitors.

  • .2 Business process digitization and automatization

    Your company’s distinctive processes will become much more effective due to the unique approach to all atypical needs and requirements of your business.

  • .3 Complex innovative evolution

    The turnkey solution considers each and every feature of your company. That’s why it’s capable of promoting your business, process optimization, advanced management, and control over every process. Hence, you get an opportunity to achieve strategic and innovative goals qualitatively, in short terms and more coordinated.

  • .4 Costs and payments reduction

    Custom software allows you to plan critical business processes more accurately, detect errors before they destroy the workflow smoothness. Thanks to such an approach you get a real chance to significantly reduce costs spending, therefore avoiding complications inside the company’s operation.

  • .5 Increase of the clients base

    Automatization of client relations and the enhancement of customer service improves clients loyalty. Aside from that, custom software gives your business an opportunity to scale and be distributed to new sales channels.

  • .6 Control and reporting improvements

    Custom software is a complex system that works with all of your company’s business processes. This can optimize the management and take your company to a next level of success.

  • .7 The raise of profits

    You will control every business element with your new software. Thus, you will enhance business effectiveness along with its income.

  • .8 A business-logic development

    A reliable development company will become more than just an implementer of your technical needs; they’ll be a technical partner of your business. With the right attitude, you’ll find a company that could help you analyse the business needs. Maximum involvement of an IT-company when they develop a custom software means that all the questions will be answered with their help; all the problems would be solved by their propositions.

Custom software development as a service

Now that you’ve acknowledged what it is to develop a custom software, let’s go further. There are two stages of custom software solution as a service in which custom software development is conducted, and we’ll talk about them more.

Design & Prototyping

At this stage of software creation the establishment of a design solution takes place. It’s based on a previously formed strategy of work. Along with that, development companies have to develop an IT-product prototype which the client can use right after it is created.


The creation and deployment of a fully-fledged IT-product, its architecture, and all the necessary testing - this is what this stage stands for. All the work involves expertise from a development company. They handle all difficulties and nullify those by suggesting the optimal solutions. Along with that, this stage has an educational service aimed to show the client how to work with new software. Not to forget about documentation - it’s given to the client right on this stage of work.

The development stage includes the following phases:

  1. Creation - the process of IT-product development;
  2. Testing - the testing is taking place on every development stage. It is to better the custom software and prevent its malfunction;
  3. Deployment, setup and training - deploying the product in the cloud or on client servers; commissioning, transferring the project and training the client team to work with the new software.

The custom software development as a service is presented differently on each of those stages. So we’ll look at it more closely.

How custom software is developed at the Design & Prototyping stage:

  • a high-level system design is being developed;
  • identification of development technologies, as well as methods and levels of cyber defence;
  • estimation of the necessary resources and finding an optimal team for the development are carried out;
  • pricing models and development methodologies (whether it's Agile, Waterfall or any other) are selected and approved;
  • design specifications are created - a document that defines the list of developed software components, interaction with third parties, program functional characteristics, databases used, and other components;
  • the creation of layouts and prototypes of the finished product.

How custom software is developed at the Development stage:

.1 The creation

  • the algorithms creation - the creation of company's workflow logic;
  • the software code is written;
  • machine code conversion (compilation);
  • the Unit-tests writing by the developers to run on their own code;

.2 The testing

  • integration testing - the check of program modules that are united in one group. The main goal of this stage is to test the interconnection between program components for compliance with all functional requirements. This data is used later on to perform system testing;
  • system testing - screening of the functional and nonfunctional system requirements. It’s possible to identify after these tests are done if the system is using sources correctly, if it’s compatible with other systems and is comfortable to use. The cyber security is also tested on this stage;
  • acceptance testing - software and/or it’s components are tested from both clients and developers side;
  • field testing - is running by the customers when they work with the software directly. Some companies, MassMedia Group included, provide their clients with a lifetime warranty on the code. We think that bugs and imperfections are possible and hence we want to level them down immediately.

.3 Deployment, setup and training

  • a software release and delivery to its end customers;
  • Hot-fix - the information of all post-release requirements and modifications is transferred to the technical partner in form of reports. It makes the problem fixing and modifications releasing possible in the short term.

Creation and delivery

  • project (architectural) documentation - documents that describe the models, methodologies, instruments and development tools that were chose for the software;
  • technical documentations - all files that were included in the software development (for example, docs explaining how the system works at the individual module level);
  • user - explanatory materials which are crucial for the user to work with the software (e.g., the program help section).

And we’re heading to the next block of this article. Now that you understand how the custom software is developed on different stages, we can talk about what you’ll get as a result of this service.


What your business can get from developing a custom software

To better understand whether your business needs a custom software - you can take a look at the following graph. If your company experiences one of the following changes - cust away all your doubts. You definitely need custom software.


But you’ll need a specialist's aid on this matter to achieve maximum results. So if you are thinking about such a solution, you should find a reliable IT-partner and contact them as soon as possible!

Now let’s figure out what you’ll get as a result of custom software development service.

  1. A fully fledged and ready for work software, that perfectly fits into your business ideas, goals, needs and requirements.
  2. An IT-product that, thanks to an individual approach for the business, can make your company’s workflow more smooth and automate it. All this thanks to its implementation with accurate evaluation of your business-needs.
  3. A software that is your company’s property, both de facto and de jure.
  4. High level the reliability and cybersecurity for your software and data.
  5. A fully fledged software that can be adapted, perfected and scaled later on. The process of its modernization will be implemented in the configuration you need.
  6. A competitive advantage your business will have thanks to a unique custom IT solution, that fits perfectly into your business needs and frames of work.
  7. An option for innovative technologies implementation in your custom software (such as AI, ML, Blockchain) if needed after the development is finished.

However, working with us will give you a few extra benefits aside from those we've already highlighted.


What you’ll get as a result of custom software development in cooperation with MassMedia Group

Different IT-companies can give you different benefits and bonuses in the course of working with them. Collaboration with MassMedia Group as your technical partner, for example, will give you the following pros:

.1 Quality software development from a company with 13-years experience on the market

We have an expert team of professional developers and QA-engineers who manifest all the complications of an application architecture creation and its embodiment in the software code. Beside them we have talented account managers, project managers and business analysts, who’re working on every project. It is them who can find and identify your business problems and needs to create a software from the business logic point of view.

And all this is aiming to transform all your business requirements into the software code.

.2 Confidence in your data security

You will have confidence in your data security thanks to:

  • data storage on a secured server;
  • all staff working on the project has signed NDA’s;
  • the creation process is organized according to your country's law.

Our work is transparent thanks to:

  • mutual planning and negotiation of rates;
  • detailed planning along with estimation of tasks and evaluation of the necessary resources for its implementation;
  • regular reports on all work done and planned;
  • choosing the best type of cooperation thanks to optimal pricing model.

You won’t have second thoughts on our reliability because:

  • we sign NDA with you and all our staff;
  • all obligations are written in our contracts;
  • our company provides the client with lifetime code warranty and it’s also written in our contracts.

Aside from these you can find reviews from our clients on Clutch and Extract.

.3 Advanced level of communication and reporting

  • our team is involved in the project thus we not only write the code; we advise you several options to find an optimal solution on possible software problems;
  • our PM’s and account-managers have great English, and that’ll save you from communication troubles. We also reply to our client’s messages in 30 minutes maximum;
  • MassMedia Group has an US phone number and we can use almost any messaging tool that would be comfortable for yout;
  • we report on the work done and planned every day/week/month or on your requirement;
  • you can watch us working on your projects in the office through streaming service Watch Online.

Aside from that, we provide our clients with lifetime warranty on the code and quality customer service. MassMedia Group treats our clients as partners, working with maximum involvement and in “support service” mode so to answer all your questions about software whenever you have to ask.

Nowadays, demand for custom software is not exclusive for big companies, as it was a couple years ago. Today businesses of all industries and sizes can have a demand for custom software due to a need of increasing the profits, cut costs, improve customer service, and expand the client base. If it’s your case and you feel like converting your business ideas into the software - don’t hesitate. Find yourself a technical implementer and go on creating your future successful project.

We recommend you cooperating with a reliable IT-partner because only high-quality expertise (both technical and business) can assure you in the practical success of your potential successful investment. That'll save your company costs and will help avoid typical mistakes.

In case you’ll need us - we’re always here for you, ready to help and work on your fantastical projects! :)