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Blockchain development for your business efficiency

For more than 13 years we develop IT-projects for companies all around the world, provide maintenance, and guarantee the quality of our work. With our business-oriented approach, we’re ready to provide expertise on every stage of blockchain-powered software development along with qualitative customer service. Even if all you’ve got is just an idea we can transform it into a blockchain-powered software for your business to succeed. We do it through our complex service that includes planning, development, maintenance, and evolution of an IT-solution to level up your company’s workflow. Working with MassMedia Group you get more than a technical implementer - you get a technical partner who strives for your success.

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What are business problems that blockchain-powered software development solves?


Transaction transparency


Decentralization and more convenient system operation


Quicker payments and the possibility of business continuity


Automation and digitalization of business processes


Implementation of your unique idea


Gaining a competitive advantage


Company’s profits increasing


The decrease in expenses


Enhanced level of cybersecurity

In which industries blockchain-powered software can be used


In the retail segment, blockchain can significantly increase the speed of business workflow thanks to the absence of middlemen services and commission-less transactions.


Enhanced cybersecurity measures and work-speed increase the customers’ trust in the blockchain-powered banking application.


Blockchain in education significantly reduces the likelihood of poor quality work by students and teachers. This is achieved through data verification and its secure transmission.


In the entertainment industry, blockchain-powered solutions can reduce piracy through more secured data transferring from the creator to the buyer directly.

Forecasting and analytics

Since blockchain is a decentralized system it can simplify reports and analytics because it tracks down every single transmission.

Real estate

All records of transactions stay unaltered and every net user can have access to them. This is why blockchain in the real estate business helps to build clients’ loyalty.


Blockchain can be an intermediary in the insurance industry. It allows the provider and the insured to exchange valuable assets through a common transaction channel. The technology also reduces the risk of data theft through cryptographic encryption.


In blockchain-powered healthcare applications, each patient will have a unique number by which they can pay for services through the software without worrying about privacy.

What can we offer

MassMedia Group has been developing software products for more than 13 years, and now we have over 400 diverse projects released. Working with us is much more than just coding. Working with us means transforming your business ideas, goals, and requirements into custom blockchain-powered software that will meet your requirements from both technical and business points of view.

In addition, our company offers a lifetime warranty on the code, as a quality indicator of our work. We provide maintenance for our project development at all stages, as well as qualitative customer service and reliable communication. All this is aimed at creating a blockchain-powered software product, which will meet the requirements and needs of your business to the fullest. Challenge us! We can!

Software Development Company: benefits of MassMedia Group in blockchain implementation

Blockchain powered solution's high business value

We always work so that our clients would recommend us. Developing a blockchain-powered software solution, we use the methodology that suits your business the best. This way, software products can fit into your company's work processes. We maintain the project at all stages of planning, creation, and support. And thanks to our quality customer service, you can get answers to your questions at any time. Our blockchain-powered projects are designed to deliver maximum business results. You can see it by looking at our feedback on Clutch or Extract.

Reliability and security

Indicators of our reliability are our customers’ recommendations, our extensive experience, and NDA signed by every employee. One of the main rules of our corporate policy is to work with maximum transparency and involvement in each project. We care about every project as if it was our own, and this is what defines our work. That's why we sign a detailed contract that outlines all our responsibilities and your requirements. The contract is drawn up according to your country's law or international standards. In addition, our team reports on the work done and planned, and our lifetime code warranty is what truly shows our reliability.


IT consulting service helps to evaluate, analyze, and plan the development of a blockchain-powered software to the smallest detail. This is how we build an approach from both business and technical point of view, which reduces the probability of errors during the work. In addition, our experts will help you assess the need for blockchain implementation. Professional business and technical expertise at all stages and analysis of your business from our company will help you decide on modules and functions you need in your blockchain-powered software solution. In this way, we will create the IT-product which will have only the most necessary functions and nothing less. Our team is ready to analyze the level of cybersecurity and enhance it for the most efficient and safe operation of our software.

Communication and client service

Our level of customer service is our willingness to help customers at any time and always maintain our projects. We stay tuned to analyze your feedback, and based on it we create an approach for improving the released software. In addition, you will always have the opportunity to observe how we work through the Watch Online button on our website. Our company maintains projects throughout their life, supports them after implementation, and trains your employees to work with new software. This is especially important when the project uses innovative technologies such as blockchain. In case of any problems with the software, we offer you various solutions to fix them. Our approach with maximum involvement is what defines us as an IT partner.

The business approach to the development

We develop blockchain-powered projects so that all your business needs, goals, and requirements would be properly transformed into the software. This kind of workflow organization allows us to create the highest quality and detailed TOR that will help our specialists better understand your interests. This determines the final quality of an IT-product, which in the future will be able to optimize your company's performance. MassMedia Group provides a complex of services for planning, development, support, and development of a software product. We have business analysts who can assess your business and competitors in the market in order to find a unique and best solution for your company.

Complex innovative development

Custom blockchain-powered software solution takes all your needs, ideas, and requirements into account for the creation of a product you need. The strategic and innovative goals of your company will be achieved faster, cheaper, and more qualitative with our technical and business expertise. MassMedia Group specialists are ready to make the blockchain-powered solution we develop better through the product evolution according to the changing market conditions. We’re ready to work with maximum involvement in order to customize software development to your business needs and reduce the chances of errors.

Lifetime code warranty

MassMedia Group is ready to provide a lifetime warranty on the code written by us. It is written in the contract and if you have any problems with blockchain-based software we will fix them at the company's expense. Of course, all this on the condition that no one else interfered with the product we created.

Our Blockchain-Powered Development Services

Smart Contracts

Secure protocols for data transmissions that allow you to manage transactions automatically. Thanks to the smart contracts in the blockchain-powered solution you’ll be able to have full control over transactions. As well as make all money transfers within and outside of the company automated.

Secure Data Storage

Crypto-encryption of data and its distribution in the network allows you to store information without worrying about its safety. An open blockchain network ensures the confidentiality of the information stored in it. As long as the network is in use, the data cannot be altered; and every record keeps an accurate timestamp for the transaction.

Payment Processing and Money Transfers

International transactions will no longer be a complex and costly process. With the help of the blockchain-powered software, money transfers will be carried out directly from the buyer to the seller, without any intermediary, and, accordingly, without commissions.

Control of supply chains, production links

Blockchain-powered software has a wide range of usage. It can be used for financial transactions with maximum transparency inside and outside the company. As well as for controlling the movement of goods, registering the state of the product and its quality. Thanks to the high capacity of the Blockchain network, you can record all the information you need to control the supply chain. This way, this information will remain safe thanks to cryptographic encryption.

Our technologies

Amazon managed Blockchain

MassMedia Group Blockchain-Powered Development process


  • we analyze your ideas, requirements and desired competitive advantages as part of our IT consulting service;
  • evaluation of your business to assess the need for blockchain integration into the software and its potential effectiveness; figure out what necessary blocks and modules must be in-app to maximize your company performance;
  • along with you, we decide to implement blockchain to the software;
  • approval of the strategy of creation, realization, and development of the blockchain-powered product;
  • evaluation of the work and resources required to develop the blockchain-powered solution;
You'll get:
  • transformation of your business goals into a technical action plan to implement and ensure its effectiveness;
  • estimation of the need for a blockchain-powered solution in your business based on an analysis of your unique business ideas, requirements and needs;
  • detailed work plan, with deadlines and estimates;
  • a detailed plan of a blockchain-powered product implementation into your business workflow.


  • creating a development schedule;
  • cost of works approval;
  • discussing additional legal and business requirements from the customer;
  • contract signing.
You'll get:
  • a contract that includes all of the planning phase results;
  • a contract that meets international standards; can be established in accordance with your country's law if necessary;
  • international NDA agreement;
  • lifetime warranty on our code, which is stated in the contract.

Design & prototyping

  • work on all aspects of qualitative blockchain-powered implementation according to internal logic and software architecture;
  • demonstrate MVP of blockchain-powered software;
  • creating the tactic of blockchain-powered software integration into the workflow and its further optimization.
You'll get:
  • a unique blockchain-powered software product designed according to your ideas, goals, needs, and requirements;
  • a prototype of the blockchain-powered software, which is legally your property;
  • high reliability and cyber-security level of the prototype;
  • the ability of further prototype development into a full-fledged IT product, with the configuration and functionality your business needs.


  • implement blockchain solution into the software / create a blockchain-powered software;
  • we test the product at each stage of its life cycle, conduct multi-level testing of its optimization and code quality control;
  • IT consulting and quality customer service, maintenance of the project at all stages along with business and technical analysis.
You'll get:
  • blockchain-powered solution ready to work with. Its functionality and logic will fully meet your requirements;
  • full and constant control over all stages of product development;
  • the ability to leave feedback through any channel of communication convenient to you; constant communication with our team;
  • your requirements are taken into account at each stage of the work and transformed fully into the project;
  • product quality assurance at all stages of its lifecycle to reduce errors and malfunctions;
  • advice from the team on all your questions, from creation to product support with integrated blockchain;
  • suggestions and implementation of the best solutions in case of malfunctions;
  • contract compliance.

Product deployment

  • a presentation with recommendations for improving blockchain-powered software based on market and competitor analysis;
  • release and transfer the finished software product to the end-user;
  • form the blockchain-powered software product documentation;
  • we train the team to work with the created software if it’s necessary.
You'll get:
  • unique software built according to your business ideas and needs and aimed at solving them;
  • full training of your team on the work with new software product;
  • additional measures for data protection and user verification;
  • the created blockchain-powered software capabilities demonstration and its compliance with the requirements;
  • optimization and automation of data transmission and financial transactions business processes;
  • the innovative blockchain technology that works for your company's success.

Post-release maintenance

Working in the "customer support" mode, our team is always ready to stay in touch and maintain the software product even after it is delivered. We can set analytical tools specifically to evaluate the performance of the blockchain-powered custom software solution. Last but not least, a lifetime code warranty is an equally important element of our support.

You'll get:
  • lifetime warranty on the code as an indicator of the quality of our services;
  • additional measures to ensure safe and reliable operation of the blockchain-powered software;
  • configured elements for customer experience and analytical tools;
  • support from our team in 3 modes: immediate, urgent and on schedule;
  • adaptive, preventive, corrective and improvement services for the created software product;
  • performance analysis of the blockchain-powered software solution.

Post-release evolution

  • analyze your requirements and needs, as well as market and competitors for the blockchain-powered software development;
  • analyze the effectiveness of the software solution and offer additional options to improve its work if necessary;
  • analyze your materials, as well as conducting our own analysis to decide on adding functionality and further customization;
  • a presentation with recommendations for further development of blockchain-powered software by our business analysts.
You'll get:
  • maximum compliance of the blockchain-powered product with your goals, needs, and requirements;
  • market adoption of your blockchain-powered solution;
  • innovative technology in the service of your business;
  • improved competitive position.

Get white paper on blockchain-powered software development

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How do I know if my company needs a blockchain?


With the help of an IT consulting service you will be able to understand the need for blockchain implementation. Our work in terms of business and technical logic will allow you to determine which solution and in what configuration your business needs.

Can you implement blockchain into ready-made software?


If it is an off-the-shelf solution or a software product from another developer, we cannot and will not interfere with someone else's code. However, if this product was previously created by us, we can analyze the likely effectiveness of implementing blockchain and embed it into the product. Besides, you always have an opportunity to order a custom blockchain-powered solution from us which will meet your requirements better than ready-made ones.

How to understand that you are a reliable development company?


We have been a reliable IT partner for companies around the world for more than 13 years. The feedback from our customers along with the code guarantee is the best confirmation of the quality and reliability of our work.

Why should I work with you?


What MassMedia Group provides is not just software development, but constant support and quality customer service. We work both from a business and technical point of view when developing blockchain-powered software. Our custom software solution service includes the whole complex of IT consulting, development, support, and post-release evolution of the IT product. We are ready to support the development at all stages, and even after delivery of the project we stay in touch with you.

Contacts and Info

Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi, Stepana Bandery Street 1/1, 4th floor, BC “PARUS”

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