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Our artificial intelligence company is ready to enhance your software

Our AI solution company offers the implementation of advanced AI solutions in software we developed. Strengthen your business with machine learning, speech recognition, computer vision, chatbots and much more. We have been developing high-quality custom software for 13 years and know how important it is to keep pace with the times. The future has already happened and MassMedia Group will help you find your place in it.

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Why business needs artificial intelligence solutions


Personalized experience of working with clients


Providing virtual assistance


AI-based analytics


Supply Chain and Inventory Management


Improved maintenance and security of your equipment


Employee selection


Virtual sales assistance


Protection from cybercrime

Implement an AI solutions to boost your business

MassMedia Group has more than 13 years of experience in software development and more than 400 successfully completed projects in various industries. We don’t offer our customers a simple code. We provide a comprehensive approach to transforming your business ideas, goals and requirements into custom software that meets your needs from both a technical and business perspective. Our clients get a comprehensive set of services including consulting, development,

support and creation of new versions of the product along with a lifetime warranty on the code. Distinctive features of working with us are high-quality customer service, partnership relations with the client, maximum involvement and reliable communication. As a result, you get an AI-powered software product that meets all the requirements and needs of your business.

Here are the benefits of working with our AI solution company

Complete solution from one company

MassMedia Group offers a comprehensive range of services within the Custom Software Solution. This eliminates the effort and expense of searching for third-party contractors for each project’s stage. We treat our customers as partners by offering IT consulting, architecture planning, development, implementation, maintenance, support, staff training and assistance while learning to work with the platform.

Advanced AI services

Our AI solution company is ready to integrate into our software the most advanced AI solutions available at the moment. We can enhance your software with speech recognition technologies, computer vision, analytical AI solutions, machine learning and other advanced AI developments. Our arsenal includes a wide range of different AI solutions developed by industry giants such as Adobe, Microsoft, Google, IBM and so on.


IT-consulting service will provide you with quality project planning while helping to avoid reckless moves and unnecessary costs in the process of implementation. Our specialists will carefully analyze the need for implementation of the AI solution and, if the AI integration is appropriate, will provide a detailed list of recommendations, taking into account your needs, goals and requirements. Ultimately, you will get exactly the product you need, saving money, effort and time in the long run.


Our AI solution company applies all necessary measures regarding the protection of software. These include implementation of two-factor authentication, development of an individual admin panel with the required level of access protection, data placement on protected servers, etc. In addition, we conclude a NDA contract in accordance with generally accepted standards and peculiarities of your country's legislation, as well as guarantee the fulfilment of obligations and non-disclosure of commercial secrets.

Business oriented approach

Our business analytics will translate your goals, business needs and requirements into a technical language. It will help to form a clear technical task for our developers. This way, we can together develop an AI powered platform that suits your company perfectly and optimizes your business processes.

Code Warranty

We guarantee the quality of the code we have written and give a guarantee on it. Lifelong and free. This means that if bugs are detected in our code, we eliminate them at our own expense and in the shortest possible time. But only on the condition that no changes have been made by third-party developers in the code.

Advanced service and communication level

For us, the client is primarily a partner. That’s why we keep in constant communication and discuss the project even in spite of time zone differences. Moreover, our team is as involved in the project as possible and always offers solutions to potential business problems. We carefully analyze your feedback and form an individual approach based on it. In addition, you can always watch our work in real time by clicking the Watch Online button on our website. MassMedia Group always accompanies a project at all stages of its lifecycle and actively participates in its improvement, offering several solutions to the problem. Our specialists treat customer projects as their own, and you can personally check the quality of our work in our portfolio and customer testimonials on our website or Clutch.

Our AI Solution Services:

IT Consulting

Implementation of AI solutions requires careful planning for selection of innovative approaches in the context of solving real business tasks. Our AI solution company will thoroughly analyze your business needs, requirements, goals, transforming them into the most effective solutions, optimizing processes and providing expertise to develop a strategy for achieving the best results throughout the cooperation.

Implementation of AI recommendatory systems

Recommendatory systems are a large class of AI models that aim to improve business performance by providing relevant recommendations to the user in the right place, at the right time, and through the right channel of communication. The objectives of recommendation systems are simple and straightforward - they are used to offer customers products or services that are highly likely to interest them. Scopes of application of recommendatory systems are diverse: search for films, music, scientific articles, retail, social networks, e-commerce, online banking, etc.

Implementation of speech recognition technologies

Technologies of natural language processing have been solving narrow tasks for quite a long time: search engines process queries taking into account the semantics of the language, translation services not badly reflect the general meaning of a phrase in another language, speech recognition technologies make fewer and fewer errors, and some specific neural network architectures allow to extract the necessary information from arbitrary texts. Speech recognition technologies include a wide variety of voice user interfaces such as voice dialling , call routing, device management, search, easy data entry, preparation of structured documents, speech processing into text and much more.

Implementation of computer vision technologies

Computer Vision (CV), including machine vision, is the automatic capture and processing of images of both fixed and moving objects by computer means. Today, computer vision is widely used in many industries, such as video surveillance, smart city systems, autonomous cars and driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous aerial vehicles, high-tech agriculture, healthcare and many others. Our AI solution company will help you integrate this technology into your software and get the most out of it.

Implementation of machine learning technologies

ML helps Artificial Intelligence systems independently learn how to solve the problems they are faced with, and identify patterns in data sets. A whole study is required to describe each and every way machine learning can be applied, but it is possible to allocate some basic areas. These are predictive analytics (scoring, outflow, definition of the best offer, related products, etc.), text analysis (reviews on the Internet, content moderation, topics of references, etc.), speech analytics and video analytics. Successful implementation of machine learning requires a holistic strategy that will involve all business functions at all management levels and our AI solution company is ready to provide you with all this.

Continuous support and service

Technology doesn’t stand still and in the case of artificial intelligence it is particularly obvious. What seemed to be science fiction yesterday is now being actively introduced into businesses around the world. This technology will continue to develop rapidly, so it’s crucial to have a team of specialists around to help you get the most out of it. Our AI solution company is ready to help your business with this: from simple patches to full-scale updates.

Training for your employees

Today's world situation is an unprecedented event for businesses of all sizes and industries. The introduction of artificial intelligence is a very important step in testing the ability of organizations to quickly adapt to new realities. The digital transformation has accelerated many times, and we see that it is artificial intelligence technology that helps businesses remain flexible and competitive. To fully use the potential of AI, companies need to pay special attention to training their employees in technology and we are ready to help. Our specialists will explain the specifics of artificial intelligence to your employees in all details.

Our AI technologies:

Microsoft Bing Speech API
Dragon Speech Recognition Software
Google Cloud Speech-to-Text
IBM Watson Speech to Text
Amazon Transcribe
Amazon Rekognition
Microsoft Computer Vision API
Google Cloud Vision API
IBM Watson Visual Recognition
Dynamic Yield
Adobe Target
TIBCO Data Science
AWS SageMaker
Google Cloud Auto ML
IBM Watson Studio

AI implementation stages


  • As part of our IT consulting service, we find out your ideas, requirements and desired competitive advantages;
  • Examine your business to assess the need to integrate AI into the software solution and its potential effectiveness; we also estimate the necessary application blocks and modules to maximize your company's performance;
  • We make a decision to implement AI in your software product with you;
  • Approve the creation strategy, implementation and development of the product with AI implemented;
  • Evaluate the work and resources required to implement AI during development.
You'll get:
  • Transformation of your business goals into a technical action plan to implement AI and ensure its effectiveness;
  • Assessment of the need to integrate AI into your business based on the analysis of your unique business ideas, requirements and needs;
  • Detailed work plan, with deadlines and estimates;
  • A detailed plan to integrate the product with the implemented AI into your business operations.


  • We create a development schedule;
  • We approve the cost of works;
  • Discuss additional legal and business requirements from the customer;
  • Sign a contract.
You'll get:
  • A contract that includes all the results of the planning phase;
  • A contract that meets international standards; it can be drafted according to your country's legislation if necessary;
  • NDA agreement;
  • Lifetime warranty on our code, which is set out in the contract.

Design & prototyping

  • We work on quality implementation of AI in the software product according to the internal logic and architecture of the software;
  • Demonstrate the MVP product with integrated AI;
  • We create a tactic of integrating the software into the workflow and its subsequent optimization.
You'll get:
  • A unique AI powered software product designed in compliance with your ideas, goals, needs and requirements;
  • An AI-based software prototype that is legally your property;
  • High reliability and cyber-protection of the prototype;
  • The ability to develop a prototype into a full-fledged IT product, with the configuration and functionality that suit your business needs.


  • We implement the AI solution in the software product;
  • We test the product at each stage of its lifecycle, conduct multi-level testing of its optimization and code quality control;
  • Provide IT consulting and quality customer service, accompany the project at all stages of business and technical analysis.
You'll get:
  • A software product with integrated AI solution ready to use. Its functionality and logic will fully meet your requirements;
  • Full and constant supervision over all stages of product development;
  • The ability to leave feedback through any channel of communication convenient to you, constant communication with our team;
  • Compliance with your requirements at each stage of the workflow with their further transfer into the project;
  • Special attention to the quality ensuring processes at all stages of its lifecycle to reduce potential errors and malfunctions;
  • Consultation from the team on everything from creation to AI powered product maintenance;
  • Suggestions and implementation of the best solutions in case of software problems;
  • Full contract compliance.

Deployment, setup and training

  • We make a presentation with recommendations for improving the performance of AI powered software based on market and competitor analysis;
  • Release and transfer of the finished software product to the end user;
  • Generation of AI-powered product documentation;
  • Training of the client’s team to work with the created software if necessary.
You'll get:
  • Unique software, built in compliance with your business ideas and needs, and needs aimed at solving them;
  • Full training of your team on working with the new software product;
  • Additional measures for data protection and user verification;
  • Demonstration of the capabilities of the AI-powered software and its compliance with the requirements;
  • Optimization and automation of data transmission and financial transactions;
  • Innovative AI technology that works for your company's success.

Finished Product Maintenance

While working in the "tech support" mode, our team is always ready to stay in touch and support the software product even after its deployment. We can customize analytical tools specifically to evaluate the performance of the AI integrated into your custom software. The last but not the least important element of our maintenance is a lifetime code warranty.

You'll get:
  • Lifetime warranty on the code as an indicator of the service quality;
  • Extra measures to ensure safety and reliability of the software with AI implemented;
  • Customized elements for analytical tools and customer experience collection;
  • Support from our team in 3 modes: immediate, urgent and on schedule;
  • Adaptive, preventive, corrective and perfective services for the created software product;
  • Performance analysis of the AI implemented in your software solution.

Finished Product Development

  • We analyze your requirements and needs and also perform market and competitor analysis for the development of software with implemented AI;
  • We assess the effectiveness of the software solution and offer additional options to improve its work if necessary;
  • We analyze your materials, as well as conduct our own survey to decide on adding functionality and provide additional customization;
  • Our business analysts prepare a presentation with recommendations for the further development of AI solution.
You'll get:
  • Maximum AI powered product compliance with your goals, needs and requirements;
  • Actualization of an IT product in the market;
  • Introduction of a number of innovative solutions;
  • Improved of competitive position.

Contact us to learn more about the potential of integrating AI solution into your software

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Do you program neural networks or implement ready-made AI solutions?


Currently, only industry giants such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, IBM, etc. have the capacity to develop their own neural networks from scratch. At this stage, we are implementing already existing AI solution into software, but in the future we may well start developing our own. Only time will show.

Can you integrate an AI solution into software?


It depends on which software we are talking about. We won't interfere in the code of an already off-the-shelf program, however, we will gladly introduce advanced AI solutions into our developed program or other custom software, if according to the results of IT-consulting, our analysts will make a conclusion about the expediency of this approach.

What are the benefits of integrating AI solutions into the software?


The main advantages of existing AI solutions are the ability to automate many areas of activity with the minimization of human participation and the expansion of areas where it is possible to use the software instead of human labor. Especially well AI handles analysis of large amounts of data where a person would need too much time, and conventional programs that do not use machine learning could not achieve the necessary accuracy.

How is Custom Software Solution different from Custom Software Development?


Custom Software Development only involves writing a program code and putting it into operation, while Custom Software Solution is a service that provides the most comprehensive business approach to software creation. Custom Software Development is part of Custom Software Solution along with IT consulting, comprehensive product maintenance, and development of new versions of software.

What quality guarantees does MassMedia Group have?


First and foremost, we have 13 years of experience in software development and a lot of feedback from our customers, which you can find on trusted rating sources such as Clutch, Goodfirms, and others. However, we are ready to be responsible for the quality of the solution we create at the legal level and therefore provide our clients with a free and lifetime warranty on the code, which is stated in the contract.

Contacts and Info

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