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MassMedia Group not only helps to develop your software, but also to develop your business using its experience and expertise

What our custom software development team offers

Costs reduce

To provide you with a clear plan of action we offer IT-Consulting - a service that allows to understand precisely the specific needs of your business, provide evaluation, planning and recommendations to develop a product that will bring the ultimative result. All in all, you get exactly what you’ve expected so, let’s discuss every single detail and nuance of your project.
Efficiency increase
software development
Our company creates of high-quality integrated IT solutions that are fully customized to meet your needs and provide a complete software product. We provide our clients with a complete custom development process, which includes design, testing, deployment and further support of the application. As a result, you get a ready individual product that meets all the requirements and expectations.
Risk Mitigation
Get supervision and support of the system, high performance as well as security & stability with our technical maintenance and timely support to increase your enterprise productivity and seize significant opportunities for growth. Moreover, for our customers we provide lifetime code warranty absolutely free of charge.
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app development
We develop native mobile applications, individually or in combination with the web aps, to make your product accessible in all environments. We will create a solution which will help users to solve problems from literally any device.
Efficiency increase
app development
We have extensive experience in developing applications for the web environment. We plan and develop functional applications that bring amazing results for business. Our experience in building web applications is gained through cooperation with companies that follow various business models and operate in various business domains, including FinTech, Healthcare, e-Commerce/Retail and others.
Risk Mitigation
UX/UI Design

Our UI/UX design team’s expertise and creativity will help you to get the comprehensible and usable product. We rely on our vision and your suggestions, as well as on established standards, proven tools and deep understanding of your objectives while designing your product
Costs reduce
We guarantee that your client will receive the most convenient and trouble-free experience. After all, proper testing is one of the many elements, that allow us to be so sure while providing a lifetime code warranty. We run manual and automated tests and use various testing approaches during the entire development life-cycle to eliminate all possible problems and bugs before they manage to bother end user, enhance performance of your product, as well as refine its business logic and design.

How we do and that's
how the whole thing works

Planning stage

What do you get?

  • Ready to use product or prototype
  • A detailed plan for product development, with estimates and timing
  • Tech-problem solving
  • Comprehensive consulting, including an assessment of business processes and needs for IT products
  • A detailed plan for implementation of the product into your business
Approval stage

What do you get?

  • A signed contract relevant to US laws
  • Flexibility in drawing up parts of the contract, which takes all your wishes into consideration
  • NDA at your request
  • A guarantee of an appropriate performance
  • Lifetime warranty on our code

What do you get?

  • Control of the development process:
  • A work process using SCRUM and AGILE methodologies, or any others, which will maximize efficiency and are convenient for you
  • Constant communication with the team, project managers, teamleads, allowing you to provide quality feedback, regardless of the difference in time zones
  • Your wishes considered on each development stage
    - Detection and correction of all possible bugs on each stage
  • Final testing
  • Detailed consulting at various stages of development, as well as solutions for the problems found
  • Strict compliance with the contract and approved stages of development
  • A product that meets all your requirements, both in terms of functionality and logic
Finished product

What do you get?

  • A fully tested and ready to use product
  • Integration of the product into your company processes
  • Additional services to help make the product more efficient
  • A lifetime warranty on our company's code, which serves as an indicator of our confidence in the quality of our services
Additional services & Maintenance

What do you get?

  • Setting up the analytics
  • Search engine optimization
  • Full technical support 
  • Analytics
  • System's testing


We are ready to work with projects from any industry. Here are some areas in which we have significant experience
Always in touch
Finance and
Our custom IT solutions allow you to implement individual financial applications as well as easily and qualitatively generate financial statements, including financial management, accounting, financial budgeting and key performance management. Our team has accomplished many of our clients' diverse challenges in the industry, creating about a dozen quality projects.
Custom solutions

We develop software that enables healthcare providers to implement their plans and goals in the digital form. That allows our clients to efficiently collect and analyze patient health data, provide information to patients, and generally improve their business, including management, data sharing, electronic billing software, document automation and more. Personal data protection is first and foremost, so our software team pays special attention to the data protection system in software development.
We respect your privacy
Banking and
We work with financial services representatives and use all our experience to create and improve their software tech products: online and mobile banking, payment card processing solutions, online trading platforms, pattern recognition, decision support, risk and position management, management assets. Our team is ready to develop custom software that will meet all the specific needs and goals of your company or bank.
Custom solutions
Law & 
MassMedia Group has successfully developed legal projects that precisely meet the needs and goals of our clients and make their work much more efficient. We are proud of our good experience in developing software for contract design, billing software, document automation, digital contract systems and digital signatures. We pay a lot of attention to data protection systems. We love challenges and are ready to face new challenges. Our expertise in this area will help take your business to a whole new level.
Custom solutions
Education &
Human Resources
Our specialists also apply their knowledge in the development of IT products for the education industry. Our team has created websites and web applications for a variety of purposes - to educate adults and children, teachers and beginners in specific fields, as well as to develop their careers.
Always in touch

We have extensive experience in developing products such as online marketplaces, payment systems, e-procurement, shopping cart software, etc. We have successfully created several dozen online stores, marketplaces, and customer relationship optimization platforms. Thanks to our solutions, our customers now easily and conveniently manage retail and optimize their profits, since all processes are as automated and customized as possible.
We respect your privacy

Our team creates unique platforms and services to effectively promote your product and reach your target audience. Platforms provide customers with direct access to your products and services and collect a database of registered clients. We are also ready to help you promote your business with software products such as online platforms, landing pages, and SEO-optimized websites.
Always in touch
Entertainment is an integral part of everyone's life. Experience of MassMedia Group in this branch includes a variety of applications to support certain types of hobbies, educational and entertainment apps, and more that help users to spend time in traffic or relax during lunch breaks.


Many of them are ready to vouch for us.



Financial application

Defero is a service that allows authorised users to receive a report on financial activity. The report is updated on a monthly basis using a statistical and objective assessment. During registration, user undergoes a two-step registration procedure, which first confirms identity through authorization in the bankID system, and then adds a phone number and password to the system.This way it's possible to register only 1 time and only under a real name. After the log in procedure clients can see their own Score, as well as the average Score in the place of living in particular and in Norway in general. The user can also view the dynamics of the Score during the selected period, as well as see the statistics of income and expenses.
SaaS Legal Tech Platform

A SaaS platform which helps companies and lawyers solve their legal problems. Sket provides a way to automate the creation of advanced legal documents, liberating matter intake and client information exchange from email, and offering subscription based legal service models. They also provide an innovative way to automate legal process outsourcing offerings and volume claims, which allow your firm to deliver solutions for online legal process outsourcing, or make volume claims handling a reality.

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Our professional team provides a wide range of software development services related to the creation, improvement and support of both ready-made and custom solutions for wide range of industries. More than 40 experienced experts engaged in the field of programming will bring to life all your ideas, regardless of their complexity. Qualified developers, project managers, QA-testers and designers will make sure that you get exactly what you need. The MassMedia Group team has experts in a huge variety of different areas who are fluent in both more common programming languages, such as Ruby and PHP, as well as less popular solutions. In addition, you can always count on help of experienced managers from our sales department, with whom you can discuss all the nuances and aspects of the solution you need for the optimal price


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