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Our team includes self-taught creatives and clever university geeks with CS degree. We develop, optimize and implement technological solutions for business problems daily. It eases you taking care of your business and increases your revenue.

Our primary goal


is to increase your revenue and let you gain your business recognition

Our Team

  • Natalia
    NataliaQA engineer
    • Vadim
      VadimLead Developer
      • Alexey
        Alexeyfrontend developer
        • Andrii
          AndriiROR PHP developer
          • ARTEM
            ARTEMROR developer
            • Roman
              RomanRoR developer
              • Homer
                Homernuclear reactor operator
                • Anton
                  Antonphp developer
                  • Yaroslav
                    Yaroslav php developer
                    • Vladislav
                      Vladislavphp developer
                      • Ivan
                        Ivanapps developer
                        • Anastasia
                          Anastasiacontent writer
                          • Alex
                            AlexHR MANAGER
                            • Alena
                              • Chili
                                ChiliDesignated Office Cat
                                • Olga
                                  • Roman
                                    • Igor
                                      Igorproject manager
                                      • Anna
                                        Annacommercial director
                                        • Jaroslav
                                          Jaroslavjust a very busy person
                                          • Alice
                                            Aliceproject executive
                                            • Alex
                                              • Sergio
                                                • Andriy

                                                  Why choosing to work with us?

                                                  • We eliminate all the shortcomings and inconsistencies with the project specifications (without changing the functionality) at our own expense within a year after the project delivery.
                                                  • If you find any bug or an error, it’s our task to fix it without additional fees.
                                                  • We will connect and configure Google Analytics or any other web analytics tools for free to help you optimize ads and the website. It helps you to track the sources of traffic, the customers’ behavior, to gather the statistics, to measure the ROI and more…
                                                  • We will index your website free of charge for the major search systems like Google, Bing etc.
                                                  • We will complete for free basic search engine optimization or SEO before the launch.
                                                  • We will connect Google Webmaster system for free, which will enable you to track errors and to fine-tune your website.
                                                  • We install the website on the client’s equipment (servers) for free.
                                                  • Bold, innovative and original solutions for your projects.
                                                    We will create an advantage your competitors don’t have.
                                                  • In our office, you will always find a nice cup of tea or coffee with cookies and a friendly conversation :)

                                                  Do not believe us to create cool IT-solutions

                                                  Believe our customers!

                                                  • About 10 years ago we ordered a flower theme site for our wedding floristic studio "Natali" in MassMedia Group. The guys coped with the task in a high-quality manner, taking into account many nuances and, in general, created the website that we wanted to see. In fact, even better. A few years later, we again turned to MassMedia Group to update the design of the wedding floristic and decor studio "Natali" - everything was done perfectly.

                                                    Studio manager, Yuri Ryabchun
                                                    Studio manager, Yuri RyabchunStudio wedding floristry «Natali»
                                                  • We’ve been working with Massmedia Group for almost 10 years. A lot of projects and tasks have been accomplished in close cooperation  - the job done is always a high-quality one. There is a full understanding and they even meet us halfway. Now we are finalizing another project and not the last!

                                                    Vladislav Medvedchikov, manager of internet projects of
                                                    Vladislav Medvedchikov, manager of internet projects of Alcohol company Olymp
                                                  • I am grateful to you for the development of our website. A lot of my partners and tourists say that the website is easy to use and obtain information. It is bright, attracts attention, and most importantly – is made with the soul! I am grateful to my friends from the Olympus Company who gave me your contacts. I thank you for the quick response to changes and adjustments, without which I could not run. You are customer oriented - and this is critical, this is what other similar companies lack. In the future, I hope to continue to cooperate with you in the provision of services to promote your site. Thank you for your cooperation.

                                                    Tatiana Ursulenko, manager of travel agency «Kavkasia»
                                                    Tatiana Ursulenko, manager of travel agency «Kavkasia»LLC «Kavkasia»
                                                  • We have asked the MassMedia Group for the development of the website on the recommendation of our friends. We have signed a contract for the development of the website and the Mass Media created it to us. We are satisfied with the work, the site effectively works to this day. We recommend working with Massmedia to our colleagues, friends!

                                                    Boris, CEO of SCF «Aton»
                                                    Boris, CEO of SCF «Aton»SCF «Aton»
                                                  • Our company is a medical one. Finding professionals on website creation is not a problem nowadays, but not all of them would agree to a medical-themed work. The guys from MassMedia Group agreed. We were greatly satisfied with the website design quality and professional filling. The site works for us and our customers perfectly. Thank you!

                                                    Matyash Oleksandr
                                                    Matyash OleksandrMedical clinic
                                                  • We express our gratitude to you for the professionalism and high quality of work and competent, flexible and businesslike approach to cooperation. Ability to create individual project, the maximum involvement of specialists in the progress of the order development (from detailed consultation to the stage of finalizing) and quick response in creating site visualizations made our interaction very effective. We greatly appreciate our relationship and look forward to our future cooperation. We thank those who worked with us for their kindness and understanding.

                                                    Labazyuk Sergiy
                                                    Labazyuk SergiyPersonal site of the deputy of Ukraine
                                                  • Our company first addressed the Massmedia group company four years ago with the goal to develop a site that actually generates sales, and not just hanging as a dead weight, killing the budget. All of our expectations have surpassed themselves, sales growth amounted to + 90%, even not in the season, when normally we were losing. We plan to order some more websites for the related projects in the Massmedia group company.

                                                    Yaroslav Kashtan, manager
                                                    Yaroslav Kashtan, managerOnline store «Dance Planet»
                                                  • You can really trust this company! In the process of our continued cooperation you have always managed to meet our requirements and satisfy our desires. Your amazing ability to turn ideas into something material arouses only admiration! We are very grateful to you for your cooperation, we’ll recommend Massmedia group to all our friends.

                                                    Vishinsky Petro, manager
                                                    Vishinsky Petro, managerFast-food restaurants «Big Burger»
                                                  • The hotel complex "Fortetsia" has long been using the services offered by Massmedia group. Thanks to competent solving of our problems and professional counseling, we have succeeded in developing of our business. We consider it necessary to note that all of the above mentioned indicates a high level of professionalism of the team in advertising and website development. We recommend Massmedia group company as a reliable and professional partner for the websites development.

                                                    Pilipchuk R.M., manager
                                                    Pilipchuk R.M., managerHotel and restaurant complex «Fortetsia»
                                                  • Travel agency SABRINA has been cooperating with Massmedia group for not a long time, but during this time your company has already established itself as a worthy partner. We work mainly in the field of sales. Since then, the number of customers has rather increased, thanks to you. We worked with a manager who clearly explained your company’s services, as well as helped us in solving of our problems. It's nice to work with a team of courteous professionals who are always ready to help.

                                                    Travel agency «Sabrina»
                                                    Travel agency «Sabrina»

                                                  Our clients – either they love us or hate  us

                                                  This is how we, the MassMedia Group, approach work processes.

                                                  • Our team uses flexible methods of project management, such as Scrum, Agile, Kanban or their combination.
                                                  • In the beginning, our project manager puts together confirmed requirements according to your specifications.
                                                  • At each stage, our team starts with prototyping to discuss its results with a client. Having obtained the complete understanding of the approved task and processes, we move to the next stage.
                                                  • Then, we design the architecture, outline the logic of functionality, figure out the algorithms.
                                                  • All these processes are documented into Wiki.
                                                  • The programming code goes together with the comprehensive comments.
                                                  • At each stage of development, we carry out the automated and user tests.
                                                  • Having tested all the parts of a project, we deliver it to our client.

                                                  Dashboard studio

                                                  have drunk cups of coffee
                                                  particular but satisfied clients
                                                  successful projects
                                                  sleepless nights for our programmers

                                                  Our certificates and awards

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